Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 8

Nevada Day (2)

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • Great guest turn, Sorkin admits his shortcomings and a classic Jack moment make a terrific ep

    I've been harping on how the show does a poor job showing how people outside Hollywood are so I was overjoyed when Goodman makes that exact point: "Stop assuming everyone between 5th Avenue and the Hollywood Bowl is a barefoot hick!" I've been saying that for weeks! It's about time Sorkin recognized his problems and tries to fix them.

    There are still some problems. The stuff on gay rights was rather preachy although the twist of Harriet being uninvited to teh Christian thing because she tried to sound tolerant was a nice touch. I also liked matt's comment that "it's not like all of Hollywood meets every week to decide what to think!" And the bit of why Tom was speeding was a tad over the top.

    It was fun seeing Matt try to run the show, handling that female writer and the way he played the fill-in anchor was good. Of course, that had the pay off of Danny managing to have it all under control within seconds of his return, showing why he's the boss.

    We get more of the growing arc of Jordan's days perhaps numbered because she won't play ball. This leads to golden moments for Jack, once again trying to make people see that TV is a business and quality doesn't always equal money. His constant arguments with Danny build to that awesome moment where he goes off on the foreign businessman, defending Jordan and the network. That his daughter simply mistranslated was obvious but still a great moment that shows the wonders Weber has done. He's taken a character who on paper should be horrible and made him not only believable but sympathetic. So the show is finally hittings its stride and living up to its potential and if Sorkin keeps delievering on eps like this, we'll be in for more fun to come.
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