Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on NBC

Episode Recap

Studio 60 starts its warm up and the in-between sketches comedian asks how many people have been watching the show for the last 20 years. 'Guests' are 36Mafia and Felicity Huffman. The director of the show has some problems backstage with the person from the Broadcast Standards and Practices. He argues that living where there is free speech means that sometimes you get offended. Peripheral Vision Man is ready but it's never been funny. They fight about how Wes doesn't have the pull anymore to actually put the funny sketch that he wants on the show. 4A gets cut. The assistant gets to the control room and they say that PVM has been playing 20+ times and it's never funny. We see the dressing room and Felicity Huffman must decide between the "slutty, or VERY slutty" dress. She doesn't really want to do the "Desperate Housewives" sketch because it wasn't working. Wes says that they couldn't get to it and says that they couldn't spend more time and he's sorry. The show begins and the skit is about George Bush, but Wes can't take it for less than 30 seconds, the audience keeps laughing. Wes begins his rant about changing the channel, it's LIVE. The control room begins to be freaking out. He says that it's not supposed to be funny and he will probably be fired by the next time. The show is lobotomized and it's because the network will not challenge the audience, the actors and crew look on, the control room does it, as well. Art is 'getting it's ass kicked' by commerce. Too many shows about people wanting to be like Donald Trump and "Who wants to screw my sister?" The Broadcast Standards and Practices person is freaking out. Meanwhile the control room does not stop broadcasting Wes. Wes says that "That remote in your hand is a CRACK PIPE!" and "It's not even good pornography." The network is afraid because of the FCC and every psycho-religious cult that hears about a boycott. He's about to finish the word "mother*&(&*" when he's cut and the logo appears.

JORDAN -- The new president of the network. There is a big dinner table set and everyone is dressed for the evening. It's Jordan McDeere's big night. Jordan's resume is read and they expect nothing but success on her part. She thanks the people at the table, the hosts and the caterers. One of the caterer hands her a paper, it's her assistant. She's informed that something happened at Studio 60, asks for a phone, and she's sure that "nothing bad is going to happen on [her] first night." Several cell phones of the other executives begin to ring incessantly. Cut to the studio. Three 6 Mafia performs, people can't find a 1/2 inch tape and Jerry wants to fire the control room Director. Several guys in towels are getting ready to get into the stage. Jordan meets Mendell. The 'Network' allusions are unstoppable from the Media. Another executive meeting is in agenda; what are the repercussions? People are worried about the media, class action lawsuits, and the FCC. Jordan assures them that none of those things are worth worrying about. She is more worried about "The Big Three." No one else seems to know what they're talking about except, Jack who says that The Big Three are, "Harriet Hayes, Tom Jeter, and Simon Stiles. They're the leaders of the group." Jack says they're overreacting, Jordan says they're "dramatically UNDERreacting." Another 'Network' reference is made, but Jordan says that Wesley is not getting his own show, and she wants to talk in her office, except she doesn't know where it is. She wants to hire Matt Albie and Danny Tripp, Jack fired them a long time ago and cares too much about his b@!!$, but Jordan says that she doesn't care and he shouldn't either. Jack wants to interview them, but she says that they won't audition for him because he fired them. Jack says that she will be fired faster than Wesley Mendell if she screws it up. Then shows her her new office.

Matt & Danny -- Matt is on Vicodin and begins with his quirks and overdosed on it. He's calling i Mania as a side effect and he announces that he just broke up with Harriet Hayes. Harriet was singing the Star-Spangled Banner and said that she "got an standing ovation," to which he replied, "It was the the national anthem they were standing already." Matt wins the Writers' Guild Award for "Best Original Screenplay." Danny is pulled away by someone, he seems intrigued and wants to see a tape. Matt says that he wants to acknowledge Danny because, "he's never NOT been there for [him],] asks them to move the light to table 15. No one's there.

The Big Three -- Harriet is rushed by the paparazzi and everyone is asking her that she didn't want to do the sketch because she was a Christian. There are strict procedures for this kind of thing but he didn't follow them. Cal explains to Harriet what happened and Harriet says that they're going to stick together. Harry says she's offended, not by the sketch but because she wasn't in it and she doesn't want to talk about Matt, at all. Harry makes fun of a rookie that doesn't know his place; telling him that, "Until he accepts Jesus Christ as his lord and savior or makes somebody laugh he better not talk to [her.]" The Big Three are called into the Studio.

Matt doesn't wish to go into the Studio adn wants to wait outside for Danny. Danny watches the tape intensively. The show is offered to him and Matt. Jordan wants them to do it right away. Jordan wants them to make peace with Jack Rudolph. Danny wants to tell Matt about his failing of his test before she tells him and will not trust her at all because "You work on Television." Danny tells Matt that he needs to get cleaned up because he tested positive for cocaine, but Jordan online knows that he failed it, not why. Matt knows he's being extorted by the NBS and that's why they want him to run the show. They run into the Studio

Jack asks Jordan about whether or not they're coming in. Matt bursts him and bursts the bubble on Danny failing his DRUG test and want them to draw attention away from what happened on the show that night, except Jack didn't know about it and Matt apologizes by saying, "Sorry about that. That one was all me." Matt says that he's the one that is "high as a kite" and they agree to talk about the show. Jack wants to know what they thought about Wes' speech. Danny starts to answer, but when referred to Matt he goes to say, "You fired us four years ago from the number two spot. We went out and got famous and now you want us back because you're in a jam. Isn't that what's going on?" Jack replies by saying that they're also in a jam. Matt says they'll take the job. Matt and Jack argue about what happened four years ago and about how Wes was the one that fired them. Jack doesn't want them to make the show be embarrassing but Matt says that there are worse things that would embarrass them than him. Jordan makes a joke about it and Jack doesn't like it.

Harriet and Matt want to end the fight and argue about how she sang the National Anthem and that's not why they broke up. But rather when she went in "The 700 Club" and sang for "a bigot." Matt says that they "throw in the Halloween costume and they got a Klan rally." Their argument doesn't end.

Cut to Danny in a half cab. Matt asks him what happened and he says that he was clean for 11 years and now he only has 8 days. They argue that Matt didn't hear from him first. Matt says that it's their show and he only wants himself screwing up most of the time, so it can't be about both of them. Jordan announces herself and doesn't want them to keep having such meetings and says that about half the crew has the same time of attitude. Not a lot of people have confidence on her. They argue that "Beavis and Hackboy" are being paid too much. She says that if they want her to prove that she's "their dream come true" and that they have to open with the skit that got cut next week before Matt was the one who wrote it four years ago before he 'quit.' "Under Pressure" by Queen plays in the background. They talk to Cal and Cal says that they should do what they gotta do. They ask him to stay. He would have gotten a raise if he had let him on for 54 instead of 53 seconds. Matt says that the show and stage has a lot of history, and Danny says that it's their new home.