Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • Loved it, loved it, //loved it//!

    There wasn't a moment of this production that didn't make me fall in love with television all over again, and [i]damn you[/i] NBC for adding yet another tjaddiction to your lineup.

    Judd Hirsch was phenomenal, and his breakdown and rant were outstanding (and [i]so[/i] needed to be said). The "Network" references were handled perfectly (hell, the "network's" even [i]called[/i] "NBS") The tension in the production office was exquisite, Huffman was a delightful and perfectly-used shoutout to "Sports Night" (especially that moment when everyone was looking for her -- [i]nice[/i]) Peet is a complete joy and Whitford and Perry both found completely different voices for their characters [i]instantly[/i].

    Sorkin seems to be completely at home with a pair of hip, clever guys playing off a hot, impossibly brilliant woman. He structured this perfectly -- Whitford's cooling his heels for 18 months and both he and Perry can absolutely use the money.

    The "he's never not been there" moment was perfect. The tape was perfect. The sketch we didn't see ... I wonder if we'll get to. The sense that I get is we're going to be seeing [i]so much more[/i] backstage than frontstage in "Studio 60," but I'm sure we'll occasionally see some "intentional" comedy as well (although the whole thing is so perfectly written that it's intentionally "accidentally-on-purpose" funny throughout anyway).

    I loved the exgirlfriend (Sorkin dropped some nuance into her character from the very start -- a woman with spiritual priorities but not a zealot), I loved the story Sorkin put on their breakup (and Perry's harder line on her 700 Club appearance), I loved the glimpse we got of the hack writers and the goofy actor (I loved how she shut him down: "You had two lines to deliver and you stepped on one of them) and am [i]very[/i] much looking forward to seeing their interaction with Whitford and Perry.

    The money, the budget, the priorities, the funny, the presentation and delivery -- these are all places Sorkin has been before, but somehow ... also entirely new and better.

    Let there be a hit! :D
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