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  • I have watched EVERY episode (some, more than once!) and while some were a tad weaker than others... none deserved the demise the network apparently seems to plan for it.

    The Christmas episode I watched once for pure delight, once to let the import of what was being brought up for thought sink in - and at least once more time just for the delight of good writing and great acting... etc.

    The Christmas episode in particular was perhaps some of the best television in the history of the media and reminded me just why it is so very important to support "free" tv (what we used to call it a looong time ago). Makes me wonder if the network isn't undermining it's own show because it's touching a too sensitive nerve. I don't want to see this show go away. There is a place in tvland for intelligent, witty, timely and cogent programming... not all of us are in love with "Earl" (gag me) - please don't forget the viewers with a brain and keep this show afloat. Several episodes and a reported cancellation later:

    Monday night USED to be one of my favorite television nights of the week. Rules of Engagement (I love Patrick Warburton), Heroes and Studio 60! Funny well written sitcom stuff, well written out there sci-fi stuff and poignant, timely GREAT writing more accolades to Studio 60.

    Monday night is virtually dead to me now - it's DVD or history channel night now... sigh. When NBC moved the final few episodes to Thursday (with no fanfare, mind you) I followed like a lost puppy.

    This show was a gem in the last ten years of network broadcasting. NBC is making a big mistake in cancelling.
  • Like the classification: Mildly interesting

    This show is ok, I guess, I have only seen a couple episodes of this show but I really don't know how much I like it because it can be interesting and funny but it doesn't top some of my favorite shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although it isn't one of my favorites it is one good show! It does make me laugh and there really aren't any dull parts in it. This show is a show that I would most likely watch if there was nothing else on tv. Its a good show but I don't think I could ever really get into it, its not a show that I would remember to watch only because its not that interesting to me. Overall I would give this show a high C to a low low B.
  • A show that is either too ahead of its time or a bit too late. Unfortunately for the people who enjoyed this show it is too witty and intelligent for the mindless multitudes that keeps up the ratings.

    Personally I think if the NBC gives it a vote of confidence and go for a second season it will pick up more ratings in the way of word of mouth etc. Its sad to see that the US is also becoming like japan (I lived in japan and if anyone with a morsel of a brain see the japanese tv programming they will be appalled at the depths that these once intelligent people have fallen). By living in the luxuries created by our forefathers and not having to do much thinking ourselves we are ensuring that we will suffer the same fate.
  • You can't have an intellegent show on the north american airwaves. They just don't want to think.

    Yes, I really mean it, you moron americans can't appreciate a quality show like this that brings up real issues. You can't stand any show that isn't the right wing religous 50's blowback or ironically enough some reality show with good looking people crying and talking about how hard their life is.

    And I am not discounting Canadians in this etheir, we are becomming as bad as the US as well as many intellegent Canadian shows have goen by the wayside due to lack of interest.

    Why hasn't Aaron Sorkin tried to sell this show to HBO? Or to some smaller network or maybe Sky in britian. If North America wants to sink into it's vegetative state and obsesses over nudity and religon then dump them.
  • Witty, liberal, well-written!

    Too bad this show has ended. I understand ratings were perhaps not the best but the discussion on the show mirrors the show itself. There are many out there who enjoy the fast-paced witty, intelligent dialogue that a show like West Wing and now Studio 60 can offer. While there are plenty of "guilty pleasure" shows on the air, this stands as a true example of what quality television can be. It's fast, witty, well-written, and unafraid of voicing its liberal opinions. It also wasn't afraid to tackle the religious right in the form of Harriet Hayes and, rather importantly, pointing out the humanity of EVERYONE, regardless of political and/or religious beliefs. It was a joy to watch and I will continue until its end. Too bad we didn't have a Jordan in the seat at NBC to keep the show on.
  • Too smart for today's mindless TV

    I like this show tells todays problems in a entertainment way, you get to know the charters, and there is some funny bits, that keeps the show from being too dry.

    This is one of those shows that would have been great if the network had some fate in their audience, given it a chance for word of month to spread then it would have worked out. But of course the ratings right off the bat, that is why it was cancelled.

    I hope some other network picks it up, but probably not, too bad, another smart shows bits the dust again.
  • I also have to ask those who are accusing the show as being Anti-Christen to count all the Christian characters you see on TV. Then with your other hand count how many Christian characters are presented in a positive light on TV.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I watched the pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with my wife and when it was over she said, "He's back". He being Aaron Sorkin the Emmy Award-winning executive producer-writer of The West Wing. Sorkin along with Emmy Award-winning executive producer-director of The West Wing Thomas Schlamme brings us an intelligent look at the television industry. To call Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a "backstage look at a late night comedy show" is not doing the show justice. This show examines Television's creative talent, decision-making executives, arbiters of standards & practices, the audience and that’s in the first five minutes. We open with Wes Mendell (Judd Hirsch) having an argument with Jerry Jones (Michael Stuhlbarg) the network censor over a smartly written sketch that could potentially offend religious people. After the censer pulls rank the controversial sketch is pulled and replaced something unfunny and lame. When the show goes on live, Wes walks on camera dismisses the cast and delivers a controversial rant similar to the "I'm as mad as hell" speech delivered by Peter Finch in the 1976 movie Network about the television industry.

    "Ah, it’s not going to be a very good show tonight and I think you should change the channel. Change the channel. Right, right now. Turn off the TV ok. No, no, I know it sounds like this is supposed to be funny but tomorrow you’re going to find out it wasn’t and by that time I’ll be fired. Now, this is not, this is not, this is not a sketch. This show used to be cutting edge political and social satire, but it’s gotten lobotomized by a candy ass broadcast network hell-bent on doing nothing that might challenge their audience. We were about to do a sketch that you’ve seen already about 500 times. Yeah, I know. Now no one is about to confuse George Bush with George Plimpton. Now we get it. We’re all being lobotomized by this country’s most influential industry. It’s just throwing in the towel on any endeavor to do anything that doesn’t include the courting of 12-year-old boys. Not even the smart 12-year-olds, the stupid ones, the idiots. Which there are plenty, thanks in no small measure to this network. So why don’t you just, change the channel, turn off the TV. Do it right now, go ahead. Oh, I get it. There is a struggle between art and commerce. Well there has always been a struggle between art and commerce. Now, I’m telling you, art is getting its ass kicked. And it’s making us mean. And it’s making us **** It’s making us cheap punks, that’s not who we are! People are having contests to see how much they can be like Donald Trump. We’re eating worms for money. Who wants to screw my sister! Guys are getting killed in a war that’s got theme music and a logo. That remote in your hand is a crack pipe. Oh yea, every once in a while we pretend to be appalled in some way. Pornographers, its not even good pornography, it’s just this side of snuff films. And friends, that’s what’s next because that’s all that’s left. And the two things that make them scared gutless are the FCC and every psycho religious cult that gets positively horny at the very mention at a boycott. These are the people that they’re afraid of. It’s prissy, feckless, off the charts, greed-filled whorehouse of a network. And you are watching this thoroughly unpatriotic..."

    Then the show’s director (Timothy Busfield), under pressure from the censer cuts to the show’s opening titles.

    I have three thoughts,
    1. I have been saying a lot of this stuff on my blog for the past two years.
    2. If you don’t like what you see, like the man said, "Turn off the TV". Why is this so hard to understand?
    3. When people say that Hollywood is out of touch with America, I know they mean the creative people in front of and behind the camera. My question is, are network’s Standards and Practices people any more in touch with America?

    Back to the show. Wes’s tirade gets him fired by the network chairman Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber) and the recently-promoted network president Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet) rehires Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) and Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford) who left the show four years prior over disagreements with network executives. To make things more complicated Danny has a history of drug problems and Matt has recently ended a relationship with on of the show’s performer Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson) who is also a devout Christian, but stood by the controversial sketch (Titled: Crazy Christians) because it was funny. The episode ends with Jordan telling Matt to air the sketch next week.

    The pilot struck a perfect balance between the premise and the introducing the main characters. I liked what I saw and feel that more shows should be like this, not a copy of this show but something that goes along with the spirit of the above rant. Still with all I just said I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    In the next episode we see the first day at work for Jordan, Matt and Danny. The Crazy Christians sketch is going to air. There are protests from Christian groups and some network affiliates are refusing to air the episode. We also get to meet the supporting cast including hack writers Ron Oswald (Evan Handler) and Ricky Beck (Carlos Jacott). The show (within the show) opens with a musical version of the shows recent problems sung to Gilbert and Sullivan’s I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General that proves to be a great closing to the show (that we are watching).

    The question has to be asked, "Why should I care about people who work on a late night comedy show?" It's true they don't save lives like the characters on E.R., run the country like the characters on The West Wing or keep the streets safe like the characters do on countless crime dramas. Instead the late night comedy shows make us laugh at the end of a long hard day. Through satire they show elected officials how the public sees them. Sadly, they are some people’s only source of news and in times of crisis they remind us that it is okay to laugh. I also have to ask those who are accusing the show as being Anti-Christen to count all the Christian characters you see on TV. Then with your other hand count how many Christian characters are presented in a positive light on TV. My hope is that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip becomes the next great water cooler show. Unlike other water cooler shows where people just talk about what the characters did, here we can shift topic of conversation to the issues discussed on the show. This show could be bigger than The West Wing, if Aaron Sorkin is kept in charge and left alone to do his job,

    To quote Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet), "Well, there are gonna be some horny psycho-religious cults tonight".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • I truly belive that this is a great show, that got here too early. The people didn't wanted a sophisticated show..

    Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is an exalent show.
    Its main problem is they were just trying too hard. It had a mazy storyline and sophisticated scripts that the average viewer diden't appreciate. Unfortunately, today viewers would rather watch shows that is not very hard to follow. They like light-headed shows, that you probablycan watch with your 8 year old kid.. I belive that the show could have been a huge success if it had been less sophisticated and more light-headed. But then, of curse, it maybe loss its charme and became another 'nice' show, and nothing more.

    Great show, but way Ahead of its time.. ;(
  • Studio 60 is a long running SNL-esque series on fictional network NBS-straight from the mind of Aaron Sorkin S60 was kind of going downhill The writing staff was trying to hard to be funny Wow this really is SNL and then their EP had a mental breakdown...

    I read today that my favorite new drama of the past tv season is basically dead-except for 7 final episodes due to start airing once again at the end of May...

    Back in fall 2006 NBC aired two similar series about what happens behind the scenes at network televison comedy skit shows- drama Studio 60 on the Strip, and comedy 30 Rock besides the obvious genre diffence a main difference between the shows is that 30 Rock has been picked up for a second season, this is ironic because 30 Rock sucked. Studio 60 was a masterpiece..30 Rock was a snorefest(It was so unfunny it was amazing) Critics at first hailed the new show saying Aaron Sorkin was a tv genius...and then changed their minds saying that the show went downhill...and when the critic-backing left so did the ratings. In June Studio 60 will come to a close....far to soon and though it wasn't a long was a good run...

  • This show could be a classic if it tried to do less.

    Studio 60 (which needs, by the way, to change its name to "Studio 60" and lose the clunky excess baggage of "on the Sunset Strip") has the cast, the sets, and the writers to be a classic -- witty, dramatic, funny, engaging.

    Everything that I like about Studio 60 happens off the stage of their Saturday Night Live clone show. Everything I think is poorly done or simply distracting happens on the stage of their fictional comedy show.

    West Wing, a magnificent offering I wish was still on the air, wasted little time showing the President being publicly presidential -- on stage, as it were. Its greatness was in keeping us behind the scenes with all the folks that worked hard to make the presidency a really great show.

    Studio 60 would do well to learn from that example. We don't want to see the comedy sketch show. If we did, we'd be watching SNL, not Studio 60. We love getting to know the folks that make it happen, and watching all the stuff that goes on in order for the show to get on the air and entertain. Now, that's interesting!
  • Studio 60 is constantly being compared to West Wing, but has gone so far beyond anything done before in television that it really doesn't have anything to compare it to! Each and every character is well defined and memorable.

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is definitely the best TV to hit the screen yet...ever... comparable to nothing that's come before. The characters are so well defined that I can reach out and touch them. I know them better than I know my own kin. Each episode has been original and powerful and built the character of the individuals. I don't have a favourite episode although the soldier in Iraq and the Christmas episodes were certainly emotional ones. My greatest fear is that there are people around me that just don't get it! They think that it's just more 'Friends' (Matthew Perry) and more 'West Wing', nothing wrong with that!)...but nothing could be less true, although these two actors have certainly come into their own. Good for them! Please give people enough time to get used to the pace of the show. You have to pay attention.

    Well, I can say more and will another time be more specific to up and coming episodes. I just hope that we have 10-15 more years of Studio 60.
  • Phenomenal show, but way too smart and fast-paced for the average tv viewer.

    This show is absolutely fantastic. It's smart, funny, witty, entertaining, intriguing...and yet for all of those exact same reasons, I can see why this show has such poor ratings.

    The average television viewer doesn't want "smart". They don't want "witty". They don't want "intrigue", or something they may have to pay attention to in order to keep up with the dialogue. The majority has spoken, and they'd rather be spoon-fed some "wife-swapping, karaoke-singing, smarter-than-a-5th-grader" reality crap than anything that would take an IQ above 74 to follow.

    And thus, Studio 60 falls by the wayside, to join Arrested Development as one of many comedies that were too smart for their audiences.
  • It was a really nice show, but it was.

    After having seen the pilot episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, I am left with a sudden sense of excitement for the series to begin. The show hits the gate hard as a veteran executive producer of a late night comedy show (Judd Hirsch) goes on a verbal assault on live television, a moment straight out of Network (which the news media quickly catches onto). The studio is in complete disarray only minutes after the show ends, especially since the network's new president (Amanda Peet) as only been on the job for one day. How can they repair the damage done? Why not call in the two men who made the show a hit (Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford), and have since been fired two years prior. But things aren't going to be so easy to fix since there are execs just waiting to shred all three of them to pieces.

    The show is pure Aaron Sorkin: it's witty, intelligent, and heart-felt about issues. It's also a blast to watch as a cast of incredibly talented actors and actresses work together to make Sorkin's words shine. But one thing Studio 60 isn't is a retread of either Sports Night or The West Wing. It's a completely different monster. This time, Sorkin's looking to dive deep into the worlds of Hollywood, Mass Media, and Big Business. With Perry and Whitford, we have televisions new odd couple, both incredibly funny both alone and together. Peet brings her A-game with her as she takes on her most ambitious part yet. And let's not forget some great contributions by D.L. Hughley, Timothy Busfield and Steven Webber. And this is coming straight from the pilot. Who knows where the show will go from here. But I know where I'm going to be on Monday nights.
  • Where the hell is this show???

    This show has a great cast, great chemistry, and a good story line...yes, it does have some of the West Wing flavor in it, but what do you expect when a lot of the same people are involved. I thought that the West Wing was an outstanding series to begin with, so I don't mind the flavor of that show show here at all.

    I think that the problem that too many peopl have with this show and other like it are that it tends to make you actually use that grey matter between your ears. People today are used to all that reality show crap that fills our airwaves and cable channels, where all they have to do is sit sit on the couch and think...if they actually sat down and bothered to expand their tiny little brains, they might find out that there is programming other than American Idol, Survivor and the Amazing Race...just to name a few of them...

    When the network finally decides to bring this show back, grab a friend, sit down and watch it, and find out what intelligent, thoughtful and well done tv is really like...
  • One of the best TV programs lately, to my surprise, but needs to break free of The West Wing

    The program Studio 60 caught me by surprise. I was expecting a mediocre program stacked with stars as the main attraction, but the acting and the script were great. The chemestry within the actors is appealing, and for once, there is a program that manages to keep me in the seat with my full attention to the monitor.

    The writing seems very similar to that used in The West Wing, and even the cast is largely similar. The role of The story line itself reminds me a lot of what goes on in real life, with a twist. The anicdotets are hilarious, and for the most, timely. The writing style seems similar to that used in the white, and even the role of Martha O'delle seems similar to that of CJ Cregg.

    The interaction between Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford is witty, with a dash of cinisizm. The only downside to this pair is that Whitford's acting is almost identical to his acting in The West Wing.

    All in all, the series is almost identical to The West Wing, and here I think I would like to see a little diversity. Both series, Studio 60 and The West Wing are series I like very much, but I would like to see Studio 60 take on a life of it's own, and try to be a re-incarnation of The West Wing.
  • Sorkin isn't funny

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip just goes to prove Aaron Sorkin isn't funny. I thought Sports Night proved it but apparently NBC didn't think so.

    S.60 o.t.S.S. has it's funny moments (the Rob Riener episode had me laughing during the sketch portions), but so did the West Wing. I think S.60 o.t.S.S.would work a lot better if it were set on a news magazine show instead of a sketch comedy show. The behind the scene bits would have transfered well. In my opinion Sorkin is atempting to disect comedy and like most disections, we don't need to see the ugly inside to enjoy the completed entity.

    Mr. Sorkin needs to stick to taunt political dramas and leave the comedy to the professionals. Now go and enjoy 30 Rock.
  • Aaron Sorkin did it again! He made another show that is both witty and funny however will it take the same dive as his brain child Sports Night did? I hope and think not because Sorkin has assembled a crack team to put Studio 60 together.

    The West Wing is in my opinion one of the greatest series in television history so when the man behind it was coming back with another show I knew it would be good. Studio 60 on the Sunset strip is the combination of the witty and great dialogue from Sports Night, an under appreciated show, and the award winning cast and writing from The West Wing to form one heck of a show.

    Studio 60 is an excellently written and produced show, the writers and Sorkin create dialogue that is truly unique and entertaining. The characters have such depth that you believe that they are almost real life people. Bradley Whitford and Matthew Perry are excellent as Danny and Matt. The two work well on screen and their chemistry is ignited even more when the supporting cast is teamed with them. Sorkin takes what he did with The West Wing and brings the world of behind the scenes live sketch comedy television into our living rooms. The stories are compelling and interesting which makes the show that much better. The talent that has been brought together on both sides of this show make it truly great television and a must see for everyone.
  • This show was too good for it's time.

    In a world where over half the shows on TV are moronic reality shows and just plain idiotic game shows, Studio 60 dared to be different. It dared to be exceptionally funny, extremely smart, and contain probably the best script and dialog between characters ever. I truly think that most people are too dumb to actually enjoy this show. I was heartbroken when I found it had been canceled. I'm sure if they hadn't aired it at 10 PM on a Monday night it would have gotten a lot more viewers, because the fact is, this show is inexplicably amazing.
  • Out of over 16,000 shows this ranks 33rd on this site, personally I think thats a good enough rating.

    Out of over 16,000 shows this ranks 33rd on this site, personally I think thats a good enough rating, This show is great, the one thing that might make it more popular is if it wasn't nearly all set inside the studio.
    There is very little insite into the Caracters lives as the show is mostly set around the making the show. I also think that there is too much time spent on Matthew Perrys caracter. He is great but this show has a lot more to offer.
    I would personally like to know how I can watch the rest of this serious and would like to see another. I seem to Like shows that keep getting cancelled.
  • I just watched the last episode and realized how muck I am going to miss this show if it gets canceled.

    As I was watching the last episode, I realized how much I really do enjoy this show. The hour just speeds by and I am always left wanting more, wishing that the show was more than an hour. I was not sure I would like this show, since I am not a fan of SNL, but I was surprised at how much I love this show...

    I do not understand why NBC is even hesitating with this show. Studio 60 will be one of the greatest shows in TV history. It started out a little slow, but then it began to find it nitch and it just clicked. There will definitely be a loss if this show just fades away after one season. This is the type of show that deserves a chance at a second season. There may not be a large following but there is definitely a following and I think it will get bigger over time. I think that this is the best new show from this season..
  • Studio 60 is the type of progam we are looking for! It is multi generational, my daughter loves it, my mother loves it, my husband looks for it everyweek. None of us live together, but Studio 60 has brought us together. Bring it back!

    This is the best show not on T.V.. Why is it to smart? Is it too polished!?
    Please NBC it is the smartest, freshest show since the WEST WING.
    Bring it back soon, it is the only show I watch on NBC. Smarter shows bring me to the television, this is that show!
  • Studio 60

    Studio 60 is a brillant series! We were hooked from the first episode. The plots were always so well developed and the cast had a chemistry that would not quit! We are mystified and terribly upset that this show has been cancelled. We definitely want it back on the air!!!
    Ron and Carol Ann Moose
  • Have you all run mad?....NBC NEED this show

    I have just, just discovered, to my grief that this show may not make it back for any further instalments. Having taken in the Black Donnellys as it's replacement I cannot fathom why, in earnest NBC feel that this will give them and their advertisers any sort of lift. Studio 60 for the first dozen episodes anyway was provoking, sharp and very funny. I can't see what the panic is. The lurv stuff is a bit churlish I'll admit but the tension between the Matthew and Harriet characters was some of the best I'd seen in an age. Once again we see some very good drama being hastened off to the side lines and graveyard shifts to make way for more reality shows (next american model, sorry how close to reality is that supposed to be??? gimme a break). Art imitating life ironically that Sorkin was characaturing so well in the show until I'm afraid one of tyhe execs got a little uncomfortable and decided the direction was wrong, quite clearly as mad as a march hare. More of this show will in the long run get us all watching decent drama again.
  • Fast paced, fast talking characters unravel the drama behind putting together a weekly and sometimes topical comedy show. Explores the ups, downs and character clashes of the main players.

    Witty, sharp and very very clever. The speed of dialogue never lets up. In the UK there is a feelinig that Americans don't get sarcasm, Studio 60 shows just how wrong we are. The show tackles some difficult story lines (drugs, drink, politics, religeon) but all handled with care using strong personalities and a string of excellent one liners. The only fault I could level is a lack of any strong thread of an overall story arc, in short where is it all going? It's the big questions that will keep the viewers tuning in but Studio 60 is failing to pose them. I hope it finds its way and continues.
  • If you like train wrecks, Studio 60 is the show for you.

    Aaron Sorkin has managed to turn a promising premise and a talented cast into be frank, what is a pile of dogs droppings. Where can I start?

    The show, which is about a 'sketch' show, has one problem. None of the sketches are even funny. We're talking about sketches worse than those on The 1/2 Hour News hour. The show is full of sexism, and intolerance of Christians. There are few likable characters.

    The plots are boring, and the subplots are even worse. The show comes across as being more pompous and self-righteous and self-congratulatory than an episode of The O'Reilly Factor. Ugh.
  • "SSOTSS" is absolutely the best new show to come out in 2006! Hurry up on the schedule! We're still waiting!

    This show within a show has the complete ingredients of being the most satisfying drama series on television. It features the purest of human emotions and principles in a setup that so few of us are very familiar with. It is how TV shows work. What better plot is there than one where we can witness a realistic interpretation of how normal talented people operate behind the scenes of the best form of daily entertainment. Since we are people who love watching TV, it should definitely have our attention and appreciation. The show also offers glimpses of well-written scripts within the script, which are such great bonuses that make it doubly entertaining. Obviously, the script/scripts is/are fantastic and the performances of the current cast fits in just perfectly to give the audience one well-spent hour every time they watch an episode.
  • Bring this awesome show back!

    This show is a must see! Every episode was great~! I really hope this show comes back on air. It's been a great source of laughter and tears. Every episode is a pleasant surprise. The acting is superb. The clever wit is beyond compare. I hope that more shows could be as smart. I am eagerly waiting for its return. I think this is one of the smartest television series yet. One of those quality shows that makes you laugh from pure witty humor since the Cosby show. Another plus is its pace. It is not overly drawn out like other shows. Each show makes you joyously ponder. Please come back asap!!
  • Aaron Sorkins sharp & witty dialogue is this shows trademark. It`s one of the best written shows on television, and it is sad that lesser shows win more audience than this intelligent one.

    I absolutely love this show. Since the first episode, I was mesmerized by the show`s appeal. Though as any movie or tv show; it is not clichè-less. But the clicheès and characters are written with such passion that it easaly surpasses the most other shows on tv. NBC picked up this show for a full season, but it doesn`t look like they`ll bring it back for a second one. NBC is in it`s desperate hour, shuffling it`s schedule around; it is not hard guess that many of the respective shows viewers ara appalled by whatching a show that is not "certain".
  • What Entourage did for the actor/movie scenario, Studio 60 does for TV. With a fantastic cast and an intelligently written script, what's not to like.

    I've been glued to this show since the first episode, and was extremely bummed to hear that NBC were going to can it after only a few shows.
    However the "powers that be" have decided to continue the show,(praise the gods)as they are trying to attract a particular demographic to the network. For whatever reason, I'm glad that it is continuing. A lot of shows don't get a chance, in Australia we don't get to see many of the shows from the USA, because they get canned so quickly due to the response they receive when aired. Would it be too much to ask that other countries be able to see what is on offer and to vote for shows to be continued/aired before the get sent to the rubbish heap?
    STUDIO 60 - keep up the stellar work......
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