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    This show is excellent. The writing, the characters, and the acting is just great. My mondays are out of wack, bring it back!!! Please, please, please bring back this show. Cancel this 4 brothers..or whatever show. It is not interesting to watch. This show has a richness of characters. Brings you into the show. My 13 year old loves it and DVRs it each week. I have to catch her up on the characters if she's unable to watch the DVR. We laugh about Matt and the honor in the characters. Just the whole craziness of being in love at work, new writer sitcom/drama action. BRING IT BACK!!!!!
  • It is simply inconceivable that they can finish this series.

    The West Wing was the second best show on television when it ran its searing and utterly brilliant course (only bettered by the incomparable Six Feet Under) and Sorkin returns to us with a programme of the most uncommon technically genius and NBC end it? Are they taking the piss..... They'll end Studio 60 and allow Friday Night Lights to continue? NBC itself should canceled. Why can't the producers take the show to HBO or Showtime.... PLEASE
  • why dont you watch you pathetic morons we need ratings

    another reason to hate the american public, a show i love and watch with so much passion and anticipation is being cancelled because the stupid fat ass obese dum ass incompetent american public would rather watch some other sissy shows.
    i wonder why nbc cant leave it alone on a different airing slot but that crippled nbc owner took joey off the air too, so i guess he just likes to ruin the lives of big stars.
    if this show was cancelled i dont know what am going to watch other than house, but the sure thing is i aint watching nbc that crappy network again, if i like anymore shows they just might pull it off the air, those incompetent seneless pieces of sh*t, same as the public who didnt watch the show.
    i hate you all.
  • A great show that, like the title says, is completely under-appreciated. I am extremely angry that it has been put on a hiatus that will probably never end.

    The Black Donellys is no replacement for this awesome show.

    I've never really liked Matthew Perry in anything I've seen him in and I never was really into Sports Night or West Wing or anything Sorkin has done. Nevertheless, something about Studio 60 just makes my day.

    Studio 60 tells of a failing SNL-esque show that is saved by a genius writing/directing team comprised of Matt Albie and Danny Tripp. It's my second favorite show (after LOST) and I don't understand why there aren't more people that love it like I do. It is a smart, well-written, and funny show that garners more hatred than respect. The acting is top-notch in this show and I really think Matt Perrry, Bradley Whitford, and Amanda Peet should get some sort of nod for their work on the show.

    The writing in the last episode, 4 a.m., and The Christmas Show was phenomenal and it really showed where this show could go if it lasted longer.

    I really hope NBC decides to bring it back.
  • Please bring back Studio 60

    Studio 60 is a smart show that needs to be seen. Mr. Sorkin is the best thing to happen to tv in a long time. The West Wing to me is the greatest show ever and sure studio 60 is not yet in the same league as West Wing but it has a lot of promise and a lot of great actors. One thing I would love to see is Richard Schiff join the cast of Studio 60, he would have been a perfect fit for Steven Weber's part. I know there is no chance for this but if Studio 60 gets killed then please bring back The West Wing.
  • Just Bring it back... NBC would regret it later... it is the stupidest move ever... come on the show is fantastic... if nbc cancels it i wish the producers would take it to hbo or showtime or any other network that can value this great show.

    Just Bring it back... NBC would regret it later... it is the stupidest move ever... come on the show is fantastic... if nbc cancels it i wish the producers would take it to hbo or showtime or any other network that can value this great show.

    NBC always wanted their big break in drama and here it is .. why not give it the right day and time and wait on it for a season and just waaaaiiiiiiit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Smartly written, intellectually engaging television is hard to be found on network television these days ... and NBC has within it's grasp a show that could be The Next Big Thing! BRING IT BACK!!! And put it on a day and in a time slot that exposes it..

    Smartly written, intellectually engaging television is hard to be found on network television these days ... and NBC has within it's grasp a show that could be The Next Big Thing! BRING IT BACK!!! And put it on a day and in a time slot that exposes it to as many people as possible ... in other words, put that tired old "ER" out of it's (and our) misery and replace it with this genuinely fresh, thought provoking, funny, heartfelt show.
  • I loved this show – it brings back the feeling from The West Wing, with intelligent humour, which is not easily found in other shows.

    Studio 60 is a great way to sit back and enjoy a very talented cast and crew. The show is great scripted, with all that one has come to expect of a Sorkin show: intelligent humour, long camera shots with a lot of talking (in the good way that is), high class acting and directing. It brings up the problems that live shows face, in bringing in other elements that the fictive Studio 60 show – e.g. live news broadcasts. By doing this, it also shows the world (hopefully the show will air around the world in many years to come) that TV can be more that just fun – it can challenge your brain, make you think… and still keep you entertained in the best way.

    If a show is not going as planned on US television it’s dead. Why not take into count, that international sales – to TV stations and on DVD, could make it a big hit? Bring us more Studio 60 – not all series need lawyers, CSI guys or sci-fi effects!
  • i had hight hopes for Studio, seems that the heads of Nbc, really dont know what good shows are.

    cast, and the penmanship was tastefully done. i did admire how they criticize all of the heads of a local network, not everyone gets to see whats goes on in a network, maybe it shouldve been more focus on the characters, but the writers did their best, you have to admire it. i do hope that maybe some head execs. can give it a chance.
  • The weekly workings of a fictional television network and Saturday Night Live-type TV show.

    A great look at behind-the-scenes of a working weekly television show with a stellar cast.Can be like watching paint dry sometimes as some plotlines develop slowly but there are great moments where it is funny, usually in a quip or a brief snatch of the show being produced. The show does have great cameos like Sting and other stars who come and go into the storylines. The show would probably get higher viewership if they could pick the pace up a little and include more scenes from the actual show Studio 60. The last episode on 02/19/07 was called "A 4 A.M. Miracle" and it left a lot of loose ends. The show is currently on hiatus and I hope NBC gives it a chance to return.
  • Studio 60 is a show within a show. It tackles how every citizen's favorite series goes through an obstacle race just to reach the intended supremacy.

    Studio 60 is a microcosm of how a country runs... politics embrace the power and the influence in even the slightest sound you make in expressing reality or escapism. economy is always there computing how much it makes in diplomatic affairs (just as what democracy dictates). Rumors have it that Studio 60 will be cancelled. If this is to happen, it goes to say that it has affected the world. It has made an impact.
  • inconsistent but i'm sticking with it

    I love this show especially nevada day and the earlier episodes. I am however disappointed at the inconsistency of the episodes. It started so promisingly. I remember criticism at the beginning was about where they could go with the concept and I suppose that criticism is being tested now. The episodes sinces the christmas break have failed to live up to the earlier highs and while i love the cast and the makers, i fear we are coutning down to the end of our relationship with studio 60. I hope to be wrong as it is compulsive viewing.

    Great show
  • great show!!!

    Studio 60 is one of my favorate shows. Its is the frist show that shows the viewers what goes on behind the sences of a hit tv show .This is Matthew Perrys comeback to tv and I'm pretty sure that America thinks he choise the right show to do it with. I know i said it before but this is a great show:)

  • I have always wanted to be a writter and I enjoy a well written show. This is the greatist show because of so many things first of which is the writting.

    The best written show that is fast paced like an emergency room with writters being the doctors. There should never be a need to find writters for this show. this is a writters dream show. I am a closet writter but have opened the door and I am excited to try to sell, or give, some ideas to this show. I love it. Keep it up and I will write. Keep it airing and I will watch. Please Keep Putting smart creative shows like this more often I love it.I get the feeling that the writters won't have any problem finding new stories to put on this show. I expect a lot and the bar has been set high. Keep it up there and you'll have me till the end, which I hope will be after 10 years.
  • ... and for good reason, I'm french !

    Studio 60 could be (is) a show from outer space for us froggies. It deals with american television that we only know through Saturday Night Live (what a coincidence), the Late Show or Fox hard critics about our strange little country. I watched 3 or 4 episodes and I still don't understand how the system works.
    But yet, I love this show. Maybe it's just ethnological interest or english improvement atempt (sorry for it by the way). Maybe it's just the joy to finally know that Mr Perry could act something else than Chandler (and the sorrow to realise that I'll be one of the only persons to know it out The States).
    In fact, I think the true reasons are that's fun and clever (who said rare ?)
  • Good show. Watch while you still can.

    Studio 60 is a good show. It's the type of show the characters on the show would like to watch. And that is its problem. Studio 60's characters spend much of their time poking fun at reality TV and re-hash sitcoms while lamenting the general lack of quality content for thinking adults with a vocabulary larger than Koko the gorilla's. Unfortunately, I fear Studio 60 will suffer the same fate as so many other well written, well acted, well shot "smart" shows before it: one great season. Had studio 60 showed up on HBO or TNT, with a smaller name cast to fit the smaller budget, we could have been looking at a huge hit. But in a prime-time slot on a major network, Studio 60 may simply not be able to appeal to a broad enough audience to keep advertisers interested. Here's hoping I'm wrong, and here's to season 2 of Studio 60.
  • "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" is one of those series that doesn't stand a chance because of the excellent writing and the perfect ensemble acting. I'm afraid its days are numbered!

    "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" was my "Can't wait to see" show last fall, and Aaron Sorkin's masterful production of this "Hollywood Insider" series has never disappointed. The many strengths of Studio 60, however, are what will ring in its demise.

    Workplace shows (unless medical or crime) are always a tough sell in the flyover states... And a show that focuses on self-centered Hollywood types is a near-impossible sell. After all, the masses cry, who the heck cares about the trials and tribulations of those Saturday Night Live-type smart alecs, anyway. They're all too rich and too thin! In fact, the show recognizes this fact enough to have committed a two-part November sweeps storyline about this very subject (when guest star John Goodman played the role of a judge who could not care less about an impending broadcast threatened by the judge's hearing schedule).

    That said, how can Sorkin and Co. expect to excite the vast American public into good ratings when this otherwise excellent program zooms over the average Joe's head like the Concorde? (Case in point, an excellent scene in the reality programmer's office when the Network head (I think his name is Jack... aren't all network guys named Jack???) considers buying a new show. That scene is so full of jargon, delivered at the Sorkin-written rate of about 500 words per minute, that it is all but indecipherable by Joe and Jane TV. "What are the demos, they skew 18 to 49 and it'll cost 3.5 all in, and the O & O's love it, etc..." Astronauts are easier to understand. (BTW, "all in" means how much the program costs when every cost is figured including distribution and in-house ad charges, and future residual payments forecast for 5 years; O & O refers to the local network affiliates Owned and Operated by local owners or media groups... See what I mean?)

    But all that aside, the storylines are excellent, and producer/writer Sorkin gets to explore and come to terms with some of his past demons through his characters. It's an excellent show, and it takes about three weeks to get up to speed on it, but again, I don't think it will last much longer. And that's a shame. Especially when a network exec (like the ones portrayed on Studio 60) is quoted in a number of industry publications lamenting how he's "invested $39 million of the network's money for Studio 60, and it gets much lower ratings than the game show "One in a Million" which only cost $3.5 million to get up and running." With facts like that in today's splintered viewership, perhaps the man has a point. Much to our detriment. Oh, well. I already lost "Kidnapped" just when I was getting hooked on it, and last year the same thing happened with Geena Davis' "Commander in Chief." I loved David E. Kelly's "Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire," and it lasted six episodes. It's going to happen to "Studio 60" and I'm starting to get a complex now... If I like a show it's DOOMED!

    You all better hope I never watch "Lost" or "Desperate Housewives!"
  • Great writing, great acting, great direction, great humour. What could be more great?

    This is a seriously sophisticated show. The show has an edge - it is original in its episode plots, in its humour, and pretty much in its general concept. It's also brilliantly cast - Matt Perry, Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet suit their individual roles perfectly. My only concern is that the wide majority of the American audience with MTV sensibilities may find the show boring, since the humour is so subtle at times that strong concentration is quite honestly a prerequisite if you want to enjoy the show.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a drama series which follows the making of a fictional weekly live to air network comedy show. Created by Aaron Sorkin of the West Wing.

    Blood, gore, violence and crime, TV drama today is all about hospitals, police stations and courts of law. So what a refreshing change it is to switch on the TV and discover something slightly different. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip goes behind the medium we all spend time consuming ... Television. I have no interest in forensic investigations, or legal questioning or bizarre medical conditions, but I've grown up watching TV comedy shows so to my way of thinking, I find this type of subject matter a little more engaging. To sweeten the deal Sorkin has assembled a wonderful selection of original characters and created several complicated but interesting love interests. However he has also very cleverly build a very innocent looking structure which allows him to investigate such important issues as politics, religion and race. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a show which juggles a very interesting mix of elements and I hope it can find the audience it truly deserves.
  • I have a feeling I'm most interested in this show due to my Friends-inspired Matthew Perry obsession, but it's still good.

    I have a feeling I'm most interested in this show due to my Friends-inspired Matthew Perry obsession, but it's still good. The funny skits take away from the show quite a bit, so hopefully those will take a backseat to humor integrated into the dramatic story lines. The characters are all likeable and smart. The romantic love triangles truly draw me in, and I hope to see a few of them come together for some dramatic stories. It's unfortunate that the show doesn't get the attention it deserves and that it was almost cancelled. I hope to see more people give it a chance.
  • My previous review was harsh of this show, but I think I've seen the light. This is certainly not the West Wing, and it wasn't intended to be.

    I previously wrote a lengthy rant about this show about how it's just West Wing in Hollywood, how the plot was thin, how the believability was slim to none that a TV studio could become so influential in society.

    However, since then, both my perspective of the show and the show itself have changed. It's become less "West Wing" in that they've stopped making it seem like NBS is a huge deal in the media and in the public's eye. Jordan McDeere is no longer a national figure, just an important one in her own company, and the dynamic has changed as a whole similarly. The show is now much more insular, and doesn't try to pretend like a fake SNL would be incredibly influential in society. The acting is superb, the writing is typically Sorkin-esque in its brilliance, and I'm actually getting sucked in to the soap opera aspects of it, rooting for Danny all the way.

    I now watch the show avidly and have become a loyal fan.
  • Progression of Harriot/Matt and the Jordan/Danny love stories

    Although this is but the middle part of the trilogy of episodes, it was a much better episode than the first part. The progression of the romances of matt/harriot and jordan/danny is way too slow and I find myself caring less and less about it the more they continue to annoy each other in the show about it as well. The Tom/Lucy situation had promise though him lying to her made little sense to anyone, especially the chartacter himself. As far as the other story lines, Kim and Tom is a great reoccuring storyline from nevada day and adds more to the dinner scene itself. I find the character of Jack is comming into its own and really gives the show a guy you that can bust everyone else's stones. As for Cal and the storyline wit the snakes, honestly, any more time that Sorkin can give to Timothy Busfield will be much appriciated.
  • I don't know if I watch this because Matthew Perry is in it or if I realy like the show.

    I'm writing my first review here on so be nice. I'm sure I started watching the show because Perry was in it. I loved him in Friends, he was awsome in that Bruce Willis movie where Bruce is like a serial killer. Don't remember the name. Although I've started to like alot more then just Perry in Studio 60. Amanda Peet as Jordan is wonderfull, I understand Danny for falling in love with her. I could see Matthew Perry as a writer outside the show and for some reason I see this as being his future after television, writing comedy for movies or tv-shows, I'm pretty sure he would be good at it.

    Over and out.
  • Unimpressive, disappointing, Lethargic

    I have not been overly impressed with this show. I don't find that the story-line flows very well. The characters aren't all that intriguing. The tempo of the show is slow and lethargic. I'm just not really impressed by it. I don't think that the parts that are supposed to be humorous are timed very well. I'm so disappointed in the whole thing, I can hardly even stand to give it a second chance, but second chance it got. I watched the 1st two eppies and was not impressed, I thought it might take time to really get into it, understand the direction, so I gave it four more episodes, and I'm sorry to say, I just can't do it anymore, I'm just wholly unimpressed. No thumbs up for me on this one.
  • Great Show

    I love studio sixty! ITs such a great show. I love seeing Matthew Perry He's doing such a great job as usual. The cast is great and funny. Matt and Harrite need to start dateing or someone else. I think Danny and Jorden make a cute couple. I hope they bring more stars on the show also.
  • A fantastic find! I didn't really "get" the concept of a fictional NBC show about a fictional comedy sketch show based on an actual NBC comedy sketch show (or wasn't willing to listen when I did hear about it), but I'm SO happy I finally gave it a try.

    I just discovered "Studio 60" when there was a marathon on Bravo this past weekend. After catching a couple of shows, I was immediately hooked and quickly found the rest of the episodes online so I could get up to speed for the rest of the season.

    This show is intelligent, funny, and unafraid to challenge its viewers. They have fast-paced, timely and engaging storylines, and I genuinely like all of the characters. I think the show could very easily pick a "bad guy"--be it the Chairman played by Steven Weber or even the NBS President played by Amanda Peete (come on, a woman in power who isn't a b****?!?)--but the show is classy and doesn't stoop to that level.

    Additionally, I was so happy when I saw episodes where they fully embraced the issue of race representation on mainstream television/intra-race issues behind the scenes of mainstream television. I appreciate that D.L. Hughley's character was willing to speak up about the ability of a white character to write about the intricacies/subtelties of a life he is not familiar with or comfortable exposing in the way he can expose the experiences in his own life. And I equally appreciated the willingness of Matthew Perry's character to listen to D.L.'s character. Not to mention the wonderfully acted struggles between the (still only) black writer and the black actor who got him his job. "Studio 60" is a show whose characters talk like real people, who live in the real world (if you can call L.A. real, that is).

    This is a show where I find every actor's presence a real contribution to the show, which I think is a lot to say for such a large ensemble cast. This is truly one of those well-written, well-acted shows where I just want to crawl inside the world of the characters and stay for a good long while! I certainly hope it stays on the air and I'm able to visit or years and years...
  • Danny tries to out-bid Luke for a date with Harriet. Danny overwhelms Jordan with his phone calls and faxed references from, well, everyone he knows. The Chairman makes his intention clear to go head to head with the FCC.

    I could never sincerly critisise the writers of Studio 60. I am a West Wing nut, and I recognise the same intelligent banter and quick wit. However, Studio usually leaves me feeling pretty if I haven't wasted an evening. I still don't see it as wasted. Only this: The Christmas show was a cliffhanger of hope. The hope of new love, unbridled support for the homeless from New Orleans, and the feeling that the pieces of the puzzle were gravitating toward their rightful place. Unfortunately, it was about reality, tension, regection, and hurt. I prefer hope combined with reality.
  • This show just gets better with each episode. Matthew Perry is not only gorgeous, but the show really shows the great actor that he is. I love all the actors and hope the show continues to do well. It's fast and exciting and very, very enjoyable.

    This has become one of my very favorite programs. It just keeps getting better every episode. The actors are all superb and I especially love Matthew Perry - he's gorgeous and talented! I don't know why the critics keep saying there's no chemistry between Matthew Perry and Sarah Pollack - I think they are very good together. It is a very exciting and fast-paced show. I tape it each week so I don't miss it and I love being able to fastforward through the commercials because I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I hope the show stays on the same wavelength it now is - not too sexual, just sexy enough.
  • a behind-the-scenes look at a comedy sketch show.

    I was hooked right from the very first episode. I knew Matthew Perry from Friends but not really anyone else nevertheless I fell in love with each of these characters for many differet reasons. The dialouge is quick and smart and its hits both the comedy and drama that I look for in a program. The show was slow to catch on but has steadily grown in the ratings and was recently picked up for a full season. Because the program is a show-within-a-show it has the musical guests, hosts and funny sketches that are the best part of any real sketch show. It also has romance drama and a wonderful buddy realtionship between the two main characters. To anyone unsure about this show give it a chance, and it is likely that at least one of the diverse characters will find you in some way and you will find yourself like I do waiting eagerly for each new episode.
  • One Of TV's Greatest Shows

    In a time when i like to think my taste in television,Music and many other things has matured slightly i believe studio 60 is a key example of this.

    In short: Its not for a mainstream audience, and i think NBC Knows this, i think this show is for more of an intellectual audience, one that wants to get to know the behind the scenes of a sketch show comedy, or maybe its just the audience who enjoyed the west wing and are excited by the prospect of a new Aaron Sorkin drama.

    I Was neither, i was excited by a change in programmes, we've seen it all before with exsisting TV, Cop Shows, Sitcoms, and even the dreaded Reality Shows. But something about Studio 60 was different, its sharp, quick witted, and shows a brilliant look into the TV industry and the way it works. It also delivers a fantastic cast who work together brilliantly and make it seem like they've worked together for years.

    If you've got the time to put effort into enjoying a show then the reward studio 60 provides will be worth it all.

    If you're expecting another show from the same thinkers behind "The Next Friends" sitcom or "Dog World 2: Watch as these dogs try to get on with each other in a House surrounded by cameras" Then this show isn't for you.

    If, however smart intellectual entertaining and different television is your kind of thing, then i highly recommend Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip.

    Its A Touch Of Class.
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