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  • One of the best new shows on TV/NBC this season.

    I saw the first episode of this show on a free promo DVD on Netflix, the mailing DVD rental service. It sparked my interest in the show, which circles around a fictional TV network NBS (parody of NBC) and the lives of its employees. The acting and screenwriting are very interesting and intelligent. However, given that all the episodes are not relevant to each other, I've tended to watch "Heroes" more than this. Still, I like this show and I hope it'll get renewed for another season. It's a pretty underrated show I should say. Well, I hope that people stop watching low quality shows like "Family Guy" and "Laguna Beach" and start watching some GOOD t.v. shows like this. If this show is cancelled, maybe I'd start watching "30 Rock".
  • Watch it...Love it... Save it...

    Studio 60 is the BEST show in a very long time. It is fresh and absolutely perfect. If you are looking for something smart, quick, hip, fun, or funny, this is definitely your show. It only takes 1 episode to convince you that Studio 60 is the show for you. The actors are amazing and the story lines are great. I have never been disappointed with this show. People need to tune in and watch this show because it is the epitomy of good television. The acting is phenomonal. Matthew Perry does his best acting ever and Bradley Whitford is perfect as he always is. Amanda Pete is sexy sassy and sarcastic.If I were you I would start catching up now and save the show so you wont be kicking yourself at a later date. Nothing compares with Studio 60!!!
  • This is a great behind the scenes look at making a television show like Saturday Night Live.

    This show is amazing. It gives people a look at how TV shows are made. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip portrays the different jobs in making a television show and the problems associated with them. This show is not appreciated enough by critics. The acting is excellent. Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet are spectacular. Matt especially is amazing. He transitioned well from Friends to Studio 60. The plot for most of the episodes is very interesting. The Christmas episode was the best one so far. So many changes occurred that will make it so awesome in the next few episodes. I highly recommend this show to anybody who hasn't watched it.
  • Could be great if only .....

    This is a good show that could be great with some fine tuning. The dialogue is intelligent and expertly delivered by a (mostly) fabulous cast of seasoned actors who consistently offer interesting performances. But there are a few speedbumps that slow this show down on its way to being great.

    1. The Writing - there are few people who can write as masterful dialogue as Aaron Sorkin does. Unfortunately he knows it and his arrogance often comes through in episodes that are purposefully exclusionary. While smart, snappy interchange between characters is always appreciated using lingo most folks in the industry don't even use to create an air of exclusivity is obnoxious. We get it Aaron - you're smart. Now write in a way that communicates your ideas without making you seem like a pompous, overeducated jerk.

    2. Sarah Paulson - Golden Globes got it wrong unless she's nominated for "Actor Most Responsible for a Show Sucking". Studio 60 may be doing her an injustice but all evidence points to her being a horrible actress. Certainly her character is extremely unlikeable - I don't find homophobia endearing - but we are supposed to believe that this character is beloved by her co-workers and the object of obsession of a smart, liberal, intelligent man. We are also supposed to believe that the character is the breakout star of this sketch comedy show and considered a comedic genius - except one entire episode was spent in which the running gag was that she is either too stupid or too untalented to tell a joke. Huh? Everything we are told about the character one moment is completely contradicted the next. She's loveable - except the only people who could possible love her are her fellow bigots and homophobes. She's insanely attractive - except the actress they cast is not classically gorgeous and instead is quite plain. She's smart - yet can't remember a joke told to her 3 seconds earlier. The list goes on. The character is a shrill, hateful, idiot whom no one in real life would like and the actress portraying her is doing a very poor job of giving the character any depth.

    If Sarah Paulson were to be replaced and the character rewritten to be even slightly more endearing the show would have solved its greatest problem. Then have Aaron Sorkin tone down the attitude and we'd have a fantastic, intelligent show that I'd be proud to say I watched instead of having to make excuses as to why I'm still tuning in (and that reason would be Bradley Whitford / Matthew Perry / Amanda Peet and Steven Weber's amazing performances).
  • If you are still considering watching this. STOP. Find a TV right now, sit down and watch this show.

    Ever since "Sports Night" Aaron Sorkin has proved beyond any doubt that he can right very smart very funny and very dramatic television. So I was expecting very good things from Studio 60. Considering this I cannot tell you how much this show has exceeded my greatest expectations. It is the very pinical of good television, from the stories (excelent) to the acting. Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford (always worth watching him),Steven Weber, Nathan Corddry, ect. all brilliant perfect for the roles.
    If this does fail and gets pulled I will be blaiming not just the network but YOU the reader, considering wether or not to watch this fantastic show or not.

  • What do the critics know.

    The reviews on this show have been mostly bad, but it show\'s poor judgment on that of the critics. This show is very underappreciated due to the fact that it\'s the most original show out there at the moment. All the shows that everyone raves about are based on so many that have come before them. There hasn\'t been any good shows out there with a new fresh idea. I love the fact that you get to see what happens behind the scenes. To see what it takes to run a television business. There\'s so many funny and interesting things that take place behind the scenes that we cannot see. I think this is one of the best shows out there. I believe the critics to be wrond g to put down this show. I love all the interactings of the characters on the show. My favorite is between Matt and Harriet. I want them to finally get back together. We see that they both still have feelings for each other, but are trying to deny them. I can\'t wait for the new episode of the new year, to see all the new things they can come up with. Also to see what happens with Jordan and Danny and the baby. I think this show has so much going for it that it could go on for seasons to come.
  • Underrated stuff.

    This show has fantastic writing, I guess thats to be expected from a multi emmy winning writer but it has to be said, this show has fantastic writing.

    The dialogue is quick, snappy, clever and funny which makes it very watchable and very easy to like. Some people might find it to clever but then they are not the people the show is aimed at.

    For me its something I enjoy watching yet rarely talk about to other people, almost a guilty pleasure without feeling guilty about it because I know its a great show which hopefully will continue for a long time.
  • This show is smart and it goes over my head a little but I still enjoy it.

    This show seems to be a little over my head but I am still enjoying it. I thought the pilot was awsome but then it went a little down hill. I still am enjoying this show and I think it is improving. It has a lot of telvison terms in it so many people who do not know television might find it hard to follow. For example, many people have no clue what the upfronts are or what ad placment is. I think the show has a wonderful cast. The cast actually was the reason why I tuned in and then I really liked the show so I am still watching it every week. I think it has a lot to improve on but I still think it is one of the best new shows this fall.
  • Studio 60 is probably the most intelligent and cleverly written comedy-drama on TV currently. The acting equals this with a first class cast that is believable and amiable, the cameos are excellent. One of the Top 5 shows out there.

    I have to admit, after all the press extravagnza prior to this season I was curious about this show. However, the first two epsiodes were merely 'interesting', because I am very much interested in media in general. Only by episodes three and four got it clear, that Sorkin and Schlamme managed to create a show that is both very intelligently written and very funny at the same time. If you have given up after episode two, definitely revisit it and see what you are missing out on.

    Matthew Perry becomes his character and steps beyond any (tragically) comedic attempts to follow up his role on "Friends". This is first class writing for and acting by Matthew Perry. The wit is intelligent and genuinely funny, not so much on a sit-com level. His energy and dynamic, especially opposite Bradley Whitford, Sarah Paulso and Amanda Peet are pure magic.

    What I love about the show is that it is not afraid to implicitly describe itself with Studio 60 as a proxy. 'Martha O'Dell is supposed to deliver them "alpha consumers"', the current key audience the show actually attracts. The discussion about product placement is a witty exercise at doing exactly that. Funnily enough, I mind obvious 'integrated' product placement almost more than three people openly discussing brands and what their benefits are...

    Also, the format portrayed in the show allows for very classy and inobtrusive placement of music and film cameos, Sting's participation and integrating his performance dramatically into the plot are a pure work of genius. Other 'teen oriented' shows fail at this point miserably, cause who really still believes the acts that appear on e.g. The OC would really still play in a small shack like that... Studio 60 is an excellent example of how a dis-continuous plot (as opposed to Lost or Prison Break, where there is a clear aim and predefined show-spanning storyline) can be very intelligent and captivating, and at the same time offer a variety of entertaining cues.

    I hope that the network realizes what an opportunity they have with this show and start targetting viewers that did not have the patience or interest to sit throguh episodes one and two, but please don't let that be motivation to dilute the fantastic and intelligent writing. If people don't get it, let them go, but don't feel sad about it.
  • I love everything about this program...however....

    I find this program to be entirely delightful. The cast is believable, the writing is very ingenious and innovative, the concept is fresh and funny. What I don\'t get is why they are choosing to repeat the Christmas episode so soon after the original airing. My memory might be slipping somewhat, but, wasn\'t this episode just on a week or so ago ? Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy Studio 60, I\'ll find alternate viewing this evening. Once they begin airing the usual quality programming, I\'ll return to this premium show.
    It seems that someone has dropped the ball on a great concept show.
  • This Is My Show!!!

    Wow! Aaron Sorkin is a genius..... this show has seriously in parts has changed my life & habits....i think i saw the ad for this tv commerical on the emmys or somethin, i don't remember, but this show is the best. its smart, witty & entertaining. at first, i only saw this show cuz of Matthew Perry, & i kinda did know who Amanada Peet was, but NOW, i'm in love with all the characters & i liked Aaron Sorkin so much that i even have bought the west wing dvd for chistmas....if u ain't watchin' this show, buy it from iTunes & watch so you can catch up....great show A+
  • Great show but it is not for everybody!

    Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is a very interesting show. It's a show about the making of a SNL type show, and the life of the writers, actors and network executives involved in its making. I find that it targets a more adult audience, so perhaps a teenager wouldn't really like it all that much. But it's a very smart show. It's a drama but they'll drop a little humor in there, mostly sarcasm, which is my favorite kind of humor. Although its ratings are not too good right now, I hope the network will have a little faith in this show because it has a lot of Potential. I give this show and A.
  • Fantastic show, very cerebral, great acting....

    I have consistently enjoyed this times you have to really pay attention since the writing and dialogue is quite cerebral so you have to be paying attention..I really enjoy Amanda Peet's performance and she really shines in the show. What intelligence and brilliant acting from Amanda! Sarah Paulson is great too... She has to act her hearts out in this show! The enemble really works...This show addresses many cultural issue going on in thu United States and the push and pull of the heart strings of the main characters... I just hope the writers would make the characters more human and vulnerable...They are just way too smart and invulnerable...
  • This is the behind-the-scenes story of a late-night TV show similar to SNL and follows the lives of the cast, crew, and network execs.

    Though I never consistently watched The West Wing, the few episodes I did catch were outstandingly well-written and directed. The characters were interesting and the acting was superb. So when I saw that Aaron Sorkin was heading this late-night TV dramedy with Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford, and D.L. Hughley I could hardly contain myself. This show does not disappoint. Even though many feel that this show has been going downhill this season, I think its done exactly the opposite. The pilot really did take off and never look back, so it was clearly going to be difficult to keep such a pace of the show. Though it has slowed in pace a bit, the character development and the smart dialogue for this show simply can't be beat. I am very glad that NBC has faith in this show and is going to give it time to find its audience. I know I'll be there until the end. You should be there too.
  • Completely Moved

    I enjoy this show more every week that I watch it. I am completely touched by the version of O Holy Night by the New Orleans musicians. I am currently trying to figure out where I can get a copy of it. The chemistry between Matthew and Harriet is wonderful. I was truly amazed by Danny\'s speech to Jordan. Ed Asner is perfectly cast in his role as Wilson White. He shows us once again in this episode a great combination of hard yet wise.

    The writers and producers of this show are excellent at covering many sides of a topic, managing to be poignant and funny all at the same time. I loved Sports Night and West Wing and will continue to watch anything put out by Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme.
  • Great Christmas show in the Christmas show!

    I liked Studio 60 from the beginning, and I’m lovingit even more episode after episode. Every week, I enjoy every minute of the trio Matt-Danny-Jordan. They didn’t disappoint me this week as Matt tries to inspire some Christmas feeling to his team, as Jordan is caught with her mouthful while Danny express his feeling for her (love that scene), as the show in the show gave a beautiful hommage to New Orleans and its musicians…. It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Well done!
  • I never know where this show is going from the start, but it ALWAYS delivers in the end.

    Please, please, please do not let this show go! Studio 60 is on of my three must see shows each week. There is nothing I do not like about this show. The writing is clever; the storylines are interesting and unique; the characters are 3 dimensional I care about them; and the acting is superb. I am even amazed to say that I like a character now that annoyed the heck out of me in the beginning (kudos to the actor for that one). This is one of the best shows on television right now and I love how it makes you pay attention to every last detail consistantly, yet wraps up by the end of each episode. At the start of each episode there is some part of the story that makes you ask yourself "should I understand what that is about", then you realize you are not supposed to understand it yet. The story will unfold over the next hour and reveal details that put it all together by the conclusion. Smart writing, smart delivery. Smart show!
  • Best New Show - Hands Down

    I've held off until after November sweeps to select my favorite new show of the season. Without question, Studio 60 takes the cake. As a avid West Wing fan, I may be slightly biased, but Sorkin has to be the wisest television writer in Hollywood. Perhaps there's no better team than Sorkin and Schlamme. Good storytellers write about what they know. The parallels in this show to the writers, producers, and actors real lives may be noticed by some, but completely oblivious to others. Watching the first few episodes knowing about Sorkin and Perry's past problems with drugs, and Peet's media struggles with the tabloids, to name a few examples, the true Sorkin fan will appreciate the comparisons. Much like The West Wing, there are evident similarities between the two shows. The title screens are the same, many of the actors have appeared on TWW (Whitford, Perry, Busfield, Goodman, etc.), and the same sweeping camera work is involved. Like their previous Sorkin collaborations, the abovementioned actors show they are true professionals when it comes to the witty, smart dialogue we fans are accustomed to. The newcomers, primarily Paulson, Corddry, Hughley and Peet seem adapted very well to their roles. Overall, the show is remarkably well-cast.
    It's good to know that NBC has some faith in this show. One of the recurring themes portrays its mother network in a positive light, seeking out intelligent shows for a wiser audience. Only time will tell if they live up to that end of the bargain, but I for one, will be along for the ride until the end.
  • This is an outstanding show. It's way above anything else in terms of dialogue and character development.

    This is an outstanding show. It's way above anything else in terms of dialogue and character development. The premise may lack the broad attraction that West Wing had simply because the fascination of the Office of the POTUS cannot be matched by a the internal tribulations in a TV network. Nevertheless the story lines are original and, while it may not be gripping, this is such good quality television that it is a joy to watch.
  • I don't what it is, but this show has got more life and feeling in it that most other shows currently being offered do.

    Well, it's easy to get sidetracked these days with crime, the supernatural and the odd sci-fi show that's on tv. Mind, some of these shows are quite good, there's no doubt about that. But Studio 60 to me has something more, probably because I don't have to wear boots on account of 100 gallons of blood being spilled out of the screen with every episode. While that might be fun once in a while, it hardly does anything for your carpet. Seriously. Remember when you could watch a show and be entertained by what was being said and not because of an explosion? In any event, I just hope this one's going to be around for a while longer - it would be sad to see it go.
  • A great show!

    Why do I think this is a great show? First off, the setting. I love comedy shows. Creating a show based on a SNL-like show involving everything that happens in the background is different. Genious. Every episode leaves me wanting more. The characters are good, enjoyable and loveable. The show is different than anything on at the moment. I think that was what got my attention. I love Prisonbreak and Heroes as well, this is just another addition to my favourites list. This review was short, not very specific, flat out bad. But I just had to tell the world how much I love this show and hope it\'s got a future in the land of competative TV.
  • Aaron Sorkin who created \\\"The American President\\\" and \\\"The West Wing\\\" now creates another hopeful knockout called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that rings definite familiarity to his previous creations in almost every way.

    Egads! I was definately hoping for original but received a hefty helping of leftovers from the West Wing and The American President. The reporter is reminiscent of C.J. Craig and the carry overs from the West Wing pretty much play the characters they performed on that show. The content is also somewhat embarresing as the jokes written for the \\\"Saturday night Live\\\" esk parody leave me with \\\"huh?\\\" and the attempts to get at my heartstrings made me wish that they did a couple more seasons of \\\"The West Wing.\\\" I give this show a total thumbs down.
  • A great concept, and a lot of fun to watch!

    I knew this show was going to be good when I read about it in the Wired fall line-up review. Lately there haven't been any sketch shows that seem any good, and Studio 60 gives a good idea why. The writers fight to come up with good material, while the people in charge want to appeal to as many viewers as possible. So we've been able to see a lot of debates about race, religion, and conservative/liberal ideology. But what makes the show work is how great the dialogue is. A lot of funny one-liners! The romance angles I am indifferent about, but way the characters interact with each other make the show worth watching.
  • Ever wondered the small things behind Saturday Night Live

    This show is really impressive and great. This show is really awesome in all ways.

    It shows the elements and problems faced by the people behind making live comedy work.

    Behind people who face problems everyday. Comedy in the united states is very controversial. People are arrogant and do not understand the fact that what they show on screen on shows like SNL is completely Fictional and they don't mean any harm to anyone.

    We see the things behind the screens. How the writers come up with stuff. Also how the actors practice for the show.

    The acting in this show is really great and a must watch for everyone....
  • I think that this show is the greatest on tv. They just do not make shows like this anymore. Do we have to have all these crime shows. I mean, how many C.S.I.s, Law and Orders, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace shows do we need?

    This show is good old-fahioned entertainment. It has the cast. It has the writing. It has the stories. This is my favorite show on television and I will stick by it until it stops. I think what is hurting it, is that it does not have a companion show. Heroes and Studio 60 are two totally different shows. One of them should be moved to Tuesdays or switch the times. Studio 60 before Heroes would be a great line-up.
  • Love this show. I hope it succeeds!

    I think this is probably one of the most intelligent and funny shows on tv currently. I fear that it won\'t be as popular and get cancelled because the average American viewer \"doesn\'t get it\". It\'s smart humor and fast paced. It\'s what we should be watching, not stupid tv that doesn\'t challenge us in any way and makes you for dumber for having watched it. Let\'s hope NBC sticks with it. This one should be a keeper!
  • Shows potential.

    Studio 60 follows a sketch show (think saturday night live) which seems to be going down in the ratings. After the head writer is fired for expressing his feelings towards the net work Matt and Danny are called in as the new head writers. From then on the sshow follows the two and the cast members of the show. Each episode usualyy takes place over a week leading up to the shows airing. If you are thinking that this is a sketch show and your going to be getting some good laughs your wrong, the sketches are not funny one little bit but that does not matter. If you enjoy a drama with a bit of humour Studio 60 is for you.
  • I love this show. I will be greatly disappointed if it is cancelled.

    The characters are entertaining, funny, and certainly give different points of view on all subjects. Matthew Perry, one of the greats. How are getting that nobody likes it? You certainly are not asking the right group of viewers. I will be very upset if this show goes off the air.
  • One of my new favorites, I have seen every episode and cannot wait for more. I can't believe that they are even thinking about axing it.

    What a relief to find a new funny and smart show to watch instead of the standard grisly murder and track em down cop show that seems to be on every night of the week. I am also quite done with the "reality" shows. This show does for comedy what the West Wing did for humdrum drama back in the day. Congratulations to them on a really great show and I hope the hacks up in their corporate office rethink the possible axing of the show, it shows their lack of patience, humor and intelligence if it goes away. Thanks
  • Pilot

    After only watching the pilot I was bored. It seemed like an attempt at advanced "not to dressy" comedy that it fell completely flat. The acting was a good solid E for Effort but even Matthew Perry failed to deliver his charm. A couple of decent comedic moments didn't make up for the fact that everyone just seemed to be talking non-stop about almost nothing and the skit shot itself didn't seem to have anything funny about it at all. Familiar somehow?
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