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  • I love this show!!!! It's smart, funny and one of the VERY few show's I have to watch!!! I used to watch CSI on Monday nights but now it\'s studio 60.

    I am a science geek so for this show to take my attention away from CSI it\'s a GREAT show. It would be an insult to the american intelligence to take this show off the air.

    This specific show was great. I love the intricacy of the waeving of this tale was fun. The cast is exceptional and so believable in their assigned roles. I think that\'s what makes this episode the best so far. It seems as though they are starting to relax and getting into a groove of their characters.

    Having John Goodman in a judge postion should be great to watch next week. When this episode ended I actually yelled nooooooooooooo. I can\'t wait for next week to watch to see how Matt Perry handles the \"office\" by himself!!! I am a former West Wing nut so it\'s a treat to watch Brad Whitford in an intelligent, witty, fast paced role again. I like the chemistry between Brad and Matt Perry it really works!!! They play off each other very well.
  • Studio 60 is the best show on this year. Keep Studio 60 on the air!

    Studio 60 is the best show on this year. I enjoy the characters and actually care what happens to them!!!
    Keep Studio 60 on the air! NBC is crazy if they axe Studio without giving it a better chance. Maybe Heroes just isn't the right fit? Give Studio a chance to bring NBC back into the running!
  • I'm not summarizing a particular episode, just the entire series to date...

    I am in love with this show! The writing is crisp and original, the cast is excellent, and thank god it isn\'t just another sitcom built around one liners. Matt Perry and Brad Whitford play off each other perfectly - all I can
    say is \"Chandler WHO???\" I am totally caught up in the future of these characters - can\'t wait to see what happens with Harriet, anxious to see DL Hughley take a bigger bite, and watching Amanda Peet get the best of Steven Weber is priceless!!!! And the guest stars - Ed Asner, Christine Lahti, and STING!!! Who\'s next?!?! I hope that NBC gives this show the chance it deserves, because it WILL find it\'s audience, as soon as people stop tuning in thinking they are going to see Chandler Bing.... I mark this show on my video guide every Monday, and make it a point to devote the
    full hour, so my family had either watch it along with me or be QUIET!!!! Great show, NBC!!!
  • Intelligent Fast Paced Show about the making of a Live Late night TV show.

    This is absolutely the best show on TV. I can't wait every week to watch it. I could not believe when I heard it had the possibility of being cancelled. What amazes me the most is that there are so many stupid, mind numbing, smut filled shows on TV that make it. What does this say about American viewers?? This is an intelligent, funny, touching, fast paced, riveting show. I love Bradley Whitford - he was my favorite on West Wing, and I also love Steven Weber. I am pleasantly surprised with Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, DL Hughley - they fit so well and are so much fun to watch. I hope this show continues for years - I will be watching every single episide!! And probably buying the products of the advertisers!
  • The best new show of the season and a sure nominee for emmys. If the execs cancel this one, they are EXACTLY like those fools portrayed in the show.

    This is a no brainer guys! Keep the show around. Why oh why anyone would watch CSI over this ,shows the stupidity of the general viewer. Quality writing is so hard to find these days. When West Wing came along, the ratings sucked too but look what happened. It's word of mouth that will get this show better ratings. I've told everyone about it. (reminds me of the same thing I did with "Lost") When a well written show with great acting comes along, it will float up to the top. Give it a season or two and you'll be collecting those emmys again.
  • Definitely a keeper. So nice to have a show that\'s not about murders or medicine.

    The first couple episodes of Studio 60 were not at all impressive, but it has definitely \"grown\" on me. At first I would skip over it on my TiVo list to watch other shows, but now I often choose it over gloomier fare. It\'s fun to see celebrities playing themselves opposite other celebrities in character roles...I especially enjoyed Lauren Graham\'s appearance as herself, the star of The Gilmore Girls. Matthew Perry\'s movie roles have been forgettable, to say the least, but he\'s done such an excellent job on Studio 60 that I have pretty much forgotten he was once Chandler.

    If you\'ve never watched Studio 60, give it a chance. Maybe if its ratings don\'t continue to plummet the network will order a few more episodes.

    Personally I have to question the wisdom of one network doing two shows with the exact same theme in one season. It\'s sort of like when Ross Perot ran and handed the presidency to Clinton. Viewers may be \"splitting their vote\" between Studio 60 and 30 Rock. I didn\'t even give 30 Rock a chance...why bother?
  • This show is the best new show around!

    At first I thought that this show was just another boring show. But I decided to give it another chance the second week because I like Matthew Perry in Friends and thought every new show deserves a second chance after the second show i loved it! It's a great show! The best new show out there. This show is now one of my favorite shows! I can't stop watching it! its just so good. NBC finally comes good with a drama besides Windfall or Heroes(haven't watched it yet but heard good reveiws). NBC definitaly did a good thing by picking up this new show. It fabulous!
  • Its an amazing show that explores all sides of emotions with high work pressure and personal relationships....

    Its an amazing show!!! The high and lows,and the intelectual side is great. I\\\\\\\'m glad a smart drama is on T.V. for a change instead of another stupid comedy like the Office for example. With such an amazing cast how could the show not be popular with Amanda Peet leadig the pack. Studio 60 give actors the opportunity to disply their real talents. The people we, the public should congraduate is the team of writers who are behind the wonderful show...they make the magic happen. I now have a reason to look forward to Monday\\\\\\\'s, but just incase I might miss it,I T-VO it!
  • This is the best show I've seen in years- and I know my way around television. It's funny and it's witty. It's dramatic and it's heart-breaking. And the most important thing is: It makes me laugh.

    How could anyone not like Studio 60: On The Sunset Strip? It's an amazing combination of Drama and Comedy. A "Dromedy"- as I like to call it. We all like to laugh and we all like to cry ( but not too much). This show has found the perfect balance. The O.C for example is way too dramatic and Two and A Half Men is way too easy going. Put these together and you get what Studio 60 is: A Hit. The fast moving dialoges aren't the only thing classic Aaron Sorkin about it. Just tune in, sit back and enjoy one hour of stunning televison history.
  • One of the best shows this season!

    If you are looking for some focus drama together with comedy you got to watch Studio 60 on Sunset Strip who somehow reflects a fictional studio like NBC while they are struggling to keep the network going so the owner of the studio brings to whole fresh new writers, which among them is Matthew Perry, the sarcastic always non funny guy from "Friends", which somehow manages to half safe the place and among everything that is going around there revolves around the comedy and drama together. I just love this show, I totally recommended it and you should watch it if you have the chance...
  • amazing!!! my new favorite

    i really hope that this one sticks around. its excellent. i love the suttle comedy in this one. it realy good to see mathew perry doing a different kind of humor then the blunt humor that he had on friends. (i loved friends though halarious chandler was the funiest character) the my favorite episode so far was when they did a skit where they used a story that one of the writer s wrote....well they thought one of the writers wrote it but they found it in the internet being preformed bye a comidian. then they start to race it back because the comic stole it as well it ended up being written by a writter who at the time worked at studio 60 so they already own the skript......haha that episode was awsome!!!
  • I am impressed

    I think this is one of the best shows out on TV at the moment I am really enjoying the fact that mathew perry is in a show where he truely is appreciated for his abilities as an actor. He was the reason that I watched Friends...

    As to the whole cast the dynamic is great and the show is very vibrant and intellectually funny! Finally something that a grown up can enjoy!

    The love interests and the whole Network aspects are great and keep the show interesting and actually make the characters very believable. Kind makes you want to be literally in the action og making a tv show!

    Keep up the Great work People!
  • The critics stroke Aaron Sorkin's ego. Again.

    Once again the overhyped mediocre talent of Aaron Sorkin graces the TV screen. Such witty patter and bleeding liberal hearts . . . sigh . . . if only everyone was like this wouldn't the world be a better place? Bring barf bag when listening to their overly sentimental diatribes. A network president and chairman constantly hanging around a weekend sketch comedy show? Why in the world would they care? Man, in real life these guys would get fired so fast it'd make your spin.

    Star-crossed lovers who want to be together but just can't bring themselves to do it? What an original plot line. Why do they call this guy a genius? I guess Studio 60 is proof that people like to be spoken to in a condescending and holier than thou kind of way. I guess the viewers deserve it.
  • Sorkin's second try at "Sports Night"

    Long ago and far away, Aaron Sorkin wrote a show called "Sports Night" -- a look behind the scenes at a ESPN-Sportscenter-like show at an ESPN-like network. It had snappy dialog, and interesting characters. Then the preaching started. Fairly early on, the show developed a habit of stoping dead in mid-show while one character or another would intone some political message or other as if it was Plain Obvious Truth to All Right-Thinking People (just like that, with capital letters). In short order, it was plain that the snappy dialog and story were just window dressing for the speech. The show died a premature death, in part, I suspect, because the Right-Thinking People wouldn't watch a show with the word "Sports" in the Title. So Sorkin learned his lesson. Make up a political show (quickly nicknamed "The Left Wing" for its political bent), where the central character could make 'brave' (it said so right there in the script) pronouncements about politics of the day, slag people Sorkin didn't like, and fawn over people he did. Since Right-Thinking People would watch such a show, and indulge their fantasies about how RTP should rule the world, but still be able to live soap-opera lives, the show prospered. And the speeches? Well, here they even fit! Heck, Sorkin's JFK fantasies could even be fulfilled - Martin Sheen as the pres? Saying whatever Sorkin wanted? He shoulda been paying the networks, not the other way around. Well, anyway, apparently Sorkin wants another crack at proving he was right about Sports Night. '60', a SNL-like show at an NBC-like network again allows him to use the show-within-a-show live TV show to lend urgency to his soap opera -- every show has a built-in story with a built-in climax. But since the show is "politically aware", he gets to cast his speeches in a political context. He can slag his great satan, President Bush, in the guise of joke-writing. Elitism (or, as one character pompously puts it in the pilot, having 'credentials') can be praised, the great lumpenproletariat held up for ridicule. It's a Sorkin show, for sure. A right-thinking show for the lumpenelitists (like that, huh? I went to college). C'mon Mr. Sorkin, you're a fine writer, but writing shows like this will not change the world, regardless of what your support system might be telling you. Not even Serling could use TV dramas to change the world.
  • Excellent show, makes you listen, pay close attention and enjoy the ride!

    What a great, new show! Refreshing, challenging, lots of intelligent conversation going on. Makes you pay attention while enjoying the characters and their roles. Studio 60 keeps us on our toes, throws bumps and road blocks in the way of the ever smooth boring shows out there that do not challenge us on any level. They command attention, respect us for listening and paying attention and then we are hooked. Interesting characters, a nice selection of interesting actors, playing fun and quirky characters that we are starting to know and appreciate for their individual challenges and characteristiics that they bring to the TV each episode. How lovely to have something refreshing after losing West Wing. Thanks!!
  • Live from New York it's....Studio 60?

    Studio 60 is an awsome show that I originally started to watch because of Matthew Perry but then I heard that it was a Saturday Night Live type show I knew this was the show for me. So I watched the pilot and it was chop full of Funny and interasting. Then I had a humangas argumant with my parents about the show telling them that the show would definitly make it, and they were trying to convince me that Nbc would, just like every other show they had cancel it. For now it looks like it will survive the aftermath of being on NBC.
  • It is great . Interesting and touching . the show sucks me in every time and I can't wait for next episode.It's realy good to have that kind of show on tv at last.

    It is great . Interesting and touching . the show sucks me in every time and I can't wait for next episode.It's realy good to have that kind of show on tv at last. The characters are great, each and every is interesting, you kind of want to know everyone separetly, but stil they all mach together making perfect team. and the loveline! it's absolutely amazing, it makes you care and feel that it's realy special (the story line is original). Realy good choise of the cast. I think all of them are great here. the best thing that ther's no "cheap" things, lame jokes or big intense, you know what I mean. this show just doesn't need it. what can I tell I just love it!!!
  • Great choice of storylines...

    Love it, love it, love it!!! Great and interesting, funny and dramatic...great Bradley and Matt....some great actors in this show.....WOW!!!

    This one is a keeper...I look forward to every the fast paced banter...and conversation....I can\'t say enough about this program....this is as good as West Wing, which I wouldn\'t have missed...loved it...and hated to see it go...

    I love the genuine loyalty and respect...and sincere feelings that are exhibited, but subtle...between Matt and the love angle between Harriet and Matt, love it that Jordan is winning when she and Jack seeing another character from West Wing in there...played Danny on West Wing..forgive me...can\'t think of his name this minute, but really like and old friend, seeing him on there...and of course Bradley and Matt too...

    It\'s fantastic! Barbara Tillotson
  • I\'m not sure about this show yet I have seen bits and pieces but I haven\'t determined the regularity of how much I\'m going to watch.

    I know this isn\'t a question and answer forum, but is this supposed to be like a more serious version of Sports Night? I loved Sports night but this just seems like the same thing over again. The lady at the end of last episode even looked like the lady from Sports night who is on Desperate Housewives now, Felicity Huffman. The other question is it about different shows, it looked like a SNL type of show that they are producing, so if that\'s the case is it like a more serious version of 30 Rock? or whatever that new show is called. I think I will like it since I took broadcasting classes in college and it will bring back memories, but I\'m not sure about the quality of the show yet. I\'m not saying it\'s good or bad, I just not sure.
  • Great show however this has an export market due to american audiences need for instant gratification.. Love it but wouldn't be surprised not to see a season 2.

    This show is definitely one for the West Wing fans in its writing and cast. It's clever on many many different levels and there is a fear it might get canned due to it's cleverness. The program, writing and directing works on many levels however it'll be easy to see why people how "don't get it " will not like it. Matthew Perry still has the chandlers about him this then again Bradley Whitford still has the "Josh's" about him but then again we have spent the last 10 years watching these guys in different roles. I would hazard a guess to say this will not make season 2 not due to the cast at all but due to the fact that American audiences seem not to be able to sit and grow with something. This is definitely an export show and already for us English people it is the most clever writing with stunning LOL moment that has come from the USA in a long time.. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the season.
  • 10 minutes into episode 4, with sincere disappointment, I officially threw in the towel on this one.

    I really wanted to like this show, because I love Mathew Perry, was a big fan of The West Wing and really liked the original premise. The first episode knocked my socks off, but everything since has been shrill, uninspired and repetetive. The constant religious references are annoying, the relationship between Perry and the actress is tedious and the melodramatic charting of weekly ratings for a show watched by less than 1% of the country is laughable. I stuck with it longer than I should have, hoping it might again realize the promise of the first episode, but the ex-lovers squabble in the first few minutes of episode 4 was straight out of a bad episode of Ally McBeal. This show has proven to be completely pointless and should be hastily exiled to the "who gives a s__ channel"!
  • Studio 60 is truly a show for Sorkin fans. If you were a fan of the West Wing (personally, it was one of my favourites) then this show will be your new best friend.

    Shortly into the first episode of this show, I realized what a true Sorkin classic this show was going to be. Like the West Wing, this show has fast witty banter, a very strong cast, as well as an interesting story line. I was very pleased to see some of the favourites from the West Wing back on this show; it was refreshing to see these actors in both a new role and a new light.

    Unfortunately for Studio 60, like traditional Sorkin, the fast witty banter and lack of heart racing action or blatantly ridiculous relationships doesn't normally make his shows score big with the younger audiences. Just like the West Wing, Studio 60 spends about an equal amount of time on the story and the characters, which tends to be fairly pleasing for the audience at the end of each episode. Like a classic Sorkin production, this show is definitely targeted at a more educated audience and is designed to be both entertaining and enlightening at the same time.

    Overall, if you like to come home from work and watch something interested and not mind-numbing mainstream media, then this is an excellent show for you.
  • This is a show about the making of a television show (see Saturday Night Live). I know this sound ridicules but is the best show currently running. (See review!!!)

    This is my first time to review a show on this (or any other site) but I have to admit this is the best show on currently running on TV. The show incorporates brilliant writing, excellent stories and amazing actor chemistry. The only negative thing I’ve heard about the show so far is that it is too smart. Since when is that a bad thing!!! This is television at its best. I would absolutely hate to see it canceled. There would be nothing left to watch. Even though I can see how it would seem silly to see a TV show about the making of a TV show. This is simply amazing. Aaron Sorkin is the king of television. He is able to bring seemingly silly stories to life in an amazingly emotional way that makes me forget that TV is nothing more than an idiot box.
  • Amazing show -- I love everything about it (except, of course, that it may be cancelled)

    EXCELLENT writing. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are amazing. I wasn't familiar with Amanda Peet -- she brings so much intensity to her character. The rest of the cast is very good as well.

    One reviewer who gave the show a very low score said people who didn't live in LA or New York didn't get it. I've lived in Brooklyn for two years, but I came from Phoenix, Arizona and my views on quality television have not changed. This is one great show!! In fact, there are only two new fall shows worth my time: Studio 60 and Shark.

    I hear Studio 60 may get the axe -- say it isn't so!!
  • I dont think I want to stay home on Mondays....

    I might be bitter because I miss my Medium.. But I wont give this show 5 minutes to win me over. I miss Medium, Medium is an excellent show. Ir didnt struggle in the ratings like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Thats why they put it in the slot. I love Matthew Perry, when he was on friends, I dont know where Amanda Peet falls in the show, but she doesnt have ANY talent. Im sorry not even a little. Bring back Medium!!!! Cancel this Waste of Time Tv SHow. Or change it to Fridays.. Maybe will watch then
  • A look at all that is involved in the creation of a fictional weekly show: a Saturday Night Live doppelganger.

    Classic Sorkin: smart, fast, edgy. Focus is nicely balanced between personality interaction and program production, while tension is held as the countdown clock counts down to air time. As with West Wing, it's a good idea to tape the show so that it can be replayed to get the answers to all the "What did he/she say?" and "What just happened?" questions. Superbly cast, scripted and directed. It is the relationship between 'Matt' and 'Danny' that sold me on the show: what a stunning and pleasant surprise to find loyalty and integrity in 3 of the lead characters! And how refreshing when 'Danny' put to bed any possibility of conjecture and rumor by simply stating the truth: he failed a drug test and he's clean now. Done. A technique repeated in the West Coast Delay episode, when he met a problem head on, said this is what happened and this is how we're fixing it. Done. Beautiful.

    Too bad our politicians can't figure that one out.
  • Left Wing Propoganda

    Can we just have an entertainment product from Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey that is not an advertisement for the Democratic Party?

    Isn't Alec Baldwin supposed to live in Canada now? Alec can you at least suck in your gut when you are on camera for cripes sakes. What happened to you? You used to be a heart throb?

    The show has a glimmer of hope and it is called Tracy Morgan! More Tracy Morgan less white people! "Now why don't you drop out of that space suit and show my that phat a--!"
  • Can they keep the audiance?

    it is a question for the writer/producer team inside and outside the show :)

    The show is smart, funny and fast paced so I like it a lot till now, but can they keep going ?

    Till now it is the struggle between the plitically correct network and the libral comedy writers but this line will lose its power soon. can they come up with new issues that will keep us intrested in the show ? we will see
  • it is for sure the best new show at the tele right now!!<br /> <br /> why??

    1- it is smart 2- realistic
    3- Funny
    4- Super Casting
    5- Great story line and so many great things to come After only watching three epis. you kind of feel that this show is going to be adictive. the charactors have a lot to give in the future and it seems to me that its time be realistic for a change and talk about real life issues.

    have you ever watched any show and got attached to it, but the network heads decided to axe it and you ask your self why?? have you ever wondered how shows like studio 60 get, rated,promoted, produced and writen. If you want an unswer to these questions then you have to watch this show, because it is made for all TV fans!!!!

    recommend this show 100% !!!!
  • Network rehires producer/director/writer team in an effort to get back the audience it lost trying to be politically correct. Can you spell 'Saturday Night LIve'? Fast paced with the right faces for the characters.

    Sorkin's wit is back. Hope he can stay clean and keep the show hopping. I miss the political edginess of the early Saturday Night Live. I don't think it all went out with the players, either. The writing began to suffer and the network management bgean to get cold feet about being edgy.

    Now the same network is brave enough to poke some fun at itself. I cam e for Sorkin, Whitford and Perry but I'm staying for the overall quality of the product.
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