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  • A great show!!

    What a fantastic show this was... I only started watching it because Bradley Whitford starred in it, and since watching the west wing, I became a huge fan of his. But from the very first episode I was hooked and not just beacuse of him, but for the complete package, show, characters and story...

    Aaron Sorkin really did it again, and my huge, huge compliments for Matthew Perry, whom I only knew from Friends (which I didn't really like) but I'm deeply impressed with his acting skills now... I felt all of his pain whith the Harriet relationship...

    I find it hugely unfair that the show got cancelled after just one season...

    Great show all in all, and I'm gonna watch sports night now, with huge expectations...
  • The Philistines Have Spoken

    @edwinacewongkaren - NBC didn't hate the show's skewering of network television, in fact the NBC's president personally loved it which is why it got a full 22 episode order, despite being on the rails from the start.

    @KieranWallser - It may have had an 8.7 here, but networks don't look at ratings. In the ratings they do look at (Nielsen, mostly) the show was always lacklustre.

    American audiences (broadly speaking) tend to not like "smart" shows, and they never do well on network television. If AMC or NetFlix had existed at the time, this show may have found more staying power there.
  • Bring it Back!!!

    I know it will never happen - but possibly the most criminal cancellation in TV history.
  • Studio 60 was one of those show that was before it's time I guess.

    It is really sad that this show was not around for more then one season. It was so good. I believe with all my heart that this is top ten of the best shows to go on the air of all time. It was not on the air long enough. The ensemble cast was top notch I don't think you could have had a better cast. Matthew Perry led the cast along with Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peat. Studio 60 not only had top notch acting what was the best about this show was the writing of Aaron Sorkin. I loved him since The West Wing but this show just elevated him in my mind to greatness. I long for the days of Studio 60. Again This show was to good for TV because it didn't suck.
  • The best show never to get a Second Season

    I love this show, matthew perry and all the crew are amazing, i dont think there is one missed beat in the entire series.

    Sorkin does an amazing job of creating characters and storylines which are so easy to follow, yet incredibly inteligent. This is the best example of articulate scripting. Rather than pander to the lowest denomonater, Studio 60 provides a show for those willign to accept an intellectualy stimulating experience.

    My greatest shock came when i discovered that this was not being renewed. However this show was my gateway into sorkins work, and i because of this show i have had the joy of watching and understanding the instiution that was the West Wing....the West Wing was great, in my opinion this is BETTER
  • Unique show..

    Gotta say.. This is one of the best series I've the pleasure to watch.. And yet I understand why it was ended. Notice: ended not "cancelled". All the greatest things have ends. People should realize of that, and in this particularly case I have to say it: there where no other stuff to go on. Everybody got their happy endings and doing another season would have been wrong unless they change characters or the final episode. Let's just say it.. sometimes its better not to have a second part, and just let the future of personates on the imagination of the viewers.
  • Awesome show

    Awesome show, cancelled too early. I watched it while it was on and remembered thinking how silly it was that it got cancelled. I started watching it again a few days ago and finished the whole season because it was so good I couldn't stop watching it. Now, I am very sad that it was cancelled and there are no more episodes to watch. It seems very stupid that it ever got cancelled and wasn't picked up by another channel. The cast was perfect for the show and they were perfect together. They all had amazing chemistry and timing. There's nothing else that I can say except go watch it and experience it for yourself.
  • One of the best shows ever made.

    This was one of the best shows ever made.

    People who liked it absolutely loved it. People who didn't understand it hated it. People who made it started going after the numbers towards the end. Well it had to die. It was ahead of its time. If my kids ever see it and find out it was shut down after one season, they are bound to wonder if our generation was close minded.

    I hope my kids grow up learning to question things. If there were more shows like this one, they would have a better chance at that and I won't need to work quite as hard.
  • I miss it...

    This show had been getting better and better every week and then right at its prime they pulled it. It makes me so sad to think about it. I rewatch the episodes every once in a while just to remember just how good the show really was and how big of a mistake they made canceling it. We tried to keep it going, but I guess it just wasn't enough. Even so, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will live on in my heart forever. As soon as I have enough money (lol), I'll go and buy the series on DVD.
  • This is the best show I have ever seen!!! Continue making it please!

    this is the best show ever made! Please bring this show back! I know that all of my friends love it and everyone who I talk to loves it. I think it will do really well if it is given a chance. The way the season ended was great, but we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give us more! Do a test run with the season 1 DVD sales and then you will see that you need to bring it back. The good shows such as this one keep getting taken off and the stupid reality tv shows are replacing them :( This is disturbing.
  • A wonderful example of what happens on the set of a live late night tv comedy skit show with lives and loves of those involved intermingled displaying how everything that happens behind scenes actually can dictate what happens in front of the camera.

    One of the best shows on television. Extremely fun to watch. Takes your breath away at the fast-paced and witty dialogue between characters. Dramatic yet humorous and full of current affairs. Watching this show you want to become completely absorbed in the lives and storylines of each character. Some of the best writing on television. Brings Saturday Night Live, the early years, back from the past making us wish for many, many, years of playful and energetic banter. It is a show that actually makes you look forward to Monday's. Any show that can do that is worth keeping. Bravo!!!!
  • excellent writing and directing, awesome actors. EXCELLENT show. BRING IT BACK!

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is one of the greatest tv shows for a long time now. It just HAS to come back.
    All - really all of them - actors are really good. The writting's EXCELLENT, I really dont get how the ratings werent that good. It only makes sense if the US audience is not thinking straight. It's definetly one of my favorite shows now and I'll always want to watch it, even if it's only the same 22 episodes. But come on.. I wanna see more!!
    I want to see Danny Tripp as Jordan's hubbie and as a dad. And Matt and Harriett together! By the way, perfect 'season' finale.

    I'm sorry if the english is not perfect, Im doing my best.
  • Very well written and entertaining.

    This show has great characters, story line, comedy and drama. What more could you ask for? I looked forward to watching it, I laughed and cried. To me if a show can make me emotional or make me feel good and laugh than it is a good one. I hope this show is brought back. I want to watch the characters grow, be involved in each others lives, and work together as a team. This kind of show helps people see that team work only makes things turn out good. The actors are great and make the show what it is. I absolutely love it and feel it will be a great loss if not returned….
  • One of the top three.

    This show was one of the top three during it's run. It was very well written, well acted and directed and brought with it a sence of "real". The story line and progression kept the show alive frome week to week. The writters did not back down from controversy and the network showed a little "moxy" for airing the episodes that didn't quite conform with the "right way of thinking". I am proud to call myself a fan and to have incouraged others to join in on the fun. With the mind numming drivel that the networks are offering now,I can only conclude that they have joined up with the group that works very hard at "dumbing down America". Please, please, please bring it back.
  • never should have canceled this show.. big mistake..

    this show was not a bad one at all! i feel it was going some, its a show were you can just watch it on a late weekday, right after a hard day work and all. i don't understand they canceled it. just after a season! its certainly not for young people but come on they are not the only ones to watch tv... there are middle aged people would love to watch it. i feel mattew perry was good in this show. the show was well written, well acted and also was well directed.. well i'm gonna miss this show
  • The best sohw and it was canceled? C'mom!

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is defenetely one of the best series I have ever saw! And I do watch lots of series!
    I can sure say I got addicted to this fantastic program because it is so great! And it is also funny sometimes, I mean, there is kind of "sutil humor".
    The history was always exiting and trapping.
    I really think that canceling it was a big mistake!
    Besides being a great show, Studio 60 has an incredible cast! And Matthew Perry is the BEST!

    Nothing else to say about it... so let's just finish this: Studio 60 is the best ever!
  • Please, for the love of all things holy, bring back this show.

    What more can I say? Intelligent, witty, funny, heartfelt, synical, ignorant, contreversial, relevant, political, complex, simplistic.

    Bring back this show, in a world of 24, Heroes, Prison Break and other similarily vacous cack aimed at pimpled teenagers this is a breath of fresh air.

    I actually went through a whole sign up and email validation process with the sole intention of demanding another season of this show, really I'm that desperate.

    Watch the show, if you're at the network put this show back on, everyone in London loves it. I'll pay, I'll do favours, I'll even try and fill the 100 words minimum required for this review... ahhh I've done it...adios....
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Please bring it back

    I thought this show was fab. I can't believe it ended after one season. It was very funny and I though the writing of the show was brilliant. I think the way viewing rating are looked at needs to be changed. As I work nights, I recoreded every show then watched after. In the first episode Danny could'nt make moveies for 2 years. This indicated to me that 2 seasons of this show was for certain. I can't believe there won't be a second Season. We need to keep posting these reviews to try and get the show back.
  • The only reason it was cancelled is because it doesn't appeal to the less intelligent demographic like stupid reality tv shows. It is a clever, whitty, sophisticated comedy, that also contains excellent storylines. A second season was definately needed!

    The only reason it was cancelled is because it doesn't appeal to the less intelligent demographic like stupid reality tv shows. It is a clever, whitty, sophisticated comedy, that also contains excellent storylines. A second season was definately needed!

    I think it is a waste of such a good concept by scrapping the show now. I think that given time, it would've been a proven success, and a second season would not see the format became stale. It would've continued to gain ratings as word of mouth spread about it.

    I am from australia, so the only exposure i had to studio 60 was by downloading it. I know that every person i told about this show who then watched it, fell in love instantly. It wasn't the quality of the show that was the problem, it was whoever marketed it, and tried to get the word around about it.

    It is a show that is liked by almost anyone who watches it.
  • Another intelligent show dies an agonizing death

    The duo of Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Schlamme are the best writing/directing team in television and Studio 60 was brilliant. NBC should be ashamed of itself. Having worked for an NBC affiliate, I know they have to play to an audience with an 8th grade education but there is still room for intelligent television. How a show like "My Name is Earl" can live and Studio 60 must die is way beyond me. In fact, the NBC execs should go on FOX's "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader". We know who would prevail, don't we.
    I just hope USA, TNT or another network picks up this outstanding show.
  • I think the show should have lasted at least two seasons. Matt and Danny signed on to Studio 60 for two years because of Danny's drug problem. That would've made me happy if they finished those two years at least. It will become a classic.

    I think the show should have lasted at least two seasons. Matt and Danny signed on to Studio 60 for two years because of Danny's drug problem. That would've made me happy if they finished those two years at least. It will become a classic in television history. The ending wrapped up many of the major issues fast and even though I loved the show it did have a few disappointments. They never showed us the "Crazy Christians" sketch, nor did they show the sketch that got Danny and Matt fired. I'm sure that if those sketches were shown that it would've created much controversy which definitely would've pushed the show to higher ratings. Even with that flaw I'd still have to give that show a 10 out of 10.
  • if you build it, they will come. this is note just a cliche. studio 60 is a sophisticated show. it's not sometihng you can watch hangover and half asleep. that's why it needs more time to grow, but it will. pulling the plug on it now is an absolute waste

    true, my house is about 14 hours flight from LA. my voice doesn't count when NBC wanna know what works and what doesn't, but if a nobody from the middle east puts so much effort in following a show, and actualy takes the time to comment about it, and has to use a dictionary every 5 seconds to do so, maybe someone should pay attention.
    even though i get to see new programs at least a year after they premiered in the US, i try to keep up (thank god for this website). i follow prison break, heroes, old christin, CSI and so on...
    but there is only one show i've watched lately that makes me wake up with a smile, because i know that today is the day i get to see a new episode, and that's studio 60. since ER in it's early days, i haven't seen a show that makes me laugh and cry so hard at the same time. this show is so well writen, so well acted, it's timeless. every scene is better than the one befor, every episode tops the last one. they said it was canceled because the ratings are low. if that's the reason, it's a supid one. sometimes good shows need time. seinfeld and friends had low ratings on their first season. ask mathew perry. give it another chance and the fans will come. it's worth it.
  • This is a great show. I can't even believe that they aren't bringing it back. It was one of the best shows on tv. Someone somewhere needs to do something to get it back.

    This show has a great cast. There is not one character that doesn't work. The writing is up to date, quick, funny, serious, etc. The best writing and story lines. I love the quick wit and story lines between the characters. Just because some people cant' follow it - please leave the realty shows for those who just sit and watch tv and give us back Studio 60 for those who think and watch tv..
  • This is the most depressing TV news that I received since not being able to find Six Degrees of Separation.

    How can this show not make it? The writing and acting is emmy-worthy! I say they should have "Lost" get lost, switch networks, and move it up to 9pm on ABC! How do we qualify Nielson Media candidates? If they consider another network, and possibly a new time slot, this show should bring more viewers that fall asleep before 11pm. Without my "tivo" I wouldn't have been able to capture this one hour of pure stress-free, captivating television. There must be someone that has the courage to maintain this show. Matthew Perry is as excellent as he was on The West Wing! How about all of the Friends cast get together and rally for this show? Let's face it, Jennifer dropped 40 points when she appeared on Dirt, that "insignificant, easily forgotten show. Maybe they could use their royalties and produce the show together! Bradley Whitford is amazing! And, their chemistry together deserves another 5 seasons! I say, "Give it one more chance, and have Martin Sheen take over for Edward Asner." But, leave all the other characters on!! C'mon David, Lisa, Matt, Courtney, and Jennifer - let's see if you are true friends!
  • Watching this show makes me sad because I know that this is it. They are showing the rest of the season but they aren't bringing it back. Which is sad because this actually is a very good show, and has interesting characters.

    This show is great. I love the characters, and I am sad they are ending it. This past episode was so powerful that I thought how can nobody like this show. With everything going on with the war, the fight over religion, the lawsuit, and Jordan's baby this episode was packed full. It has so many sides and it's so easy to get caught up in. I am excited to see what they have in store for us tonight. I'm hoping somehow that they will decide not to cancel this, but so far not so good. Everyone tune in tonight!

    I thought the season was great. Even with their little hiatus I still tuned in faithfully to these last few episodes. What a waste of great talent to cancel the show so early.
  • NBC was the child that got left behind!

    After the last 4 episodes, I now declare any decision makers at NBC to be completely retarded. This show is a fantastic work of modern satire, and the most genious television of our time. West Wing was probably my favorite show of all time, but still was'nt as great as this show is.
    Whoever chose to stop production on this was most likely preasured by the red-state, conservative faciests, that will be the complete minority in the next two years. America is in desperate need of more shows like this one, and when everyone out there gets their heads out of their ass's they will realize it too.
    Enough of the simpleton dancing and singing reality shows.. we need shows that make Americans think, and we just lost the best one. Studio 60 will be missed by all of us out there that actually enjoy using our brains!
  • 10
    I think that "Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip" is the best thing to come on TV since "The West Wing" I like the humor and the drama I also like the actors. I think that if NBC will keep it around I think that quite a few people will start watching it. I am a big fan of Bradley Whitford and I think anything that he is involved in is great. I also think that no one on the show has a swelled head. I missed this show while it was off the air. I beg NBC to give it another season.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a show that is so good, the network had no choice but to cancel it. It simply was making it's other shows look horrible in comparison.

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a well written look into the world behind a live comedy show (think Saturday Night Live). It's cast includes several familiar faces, but manages to introduce some new faces without them being overshadowed. It is one of the few shows that manages to interweave several story lines together successfully without getting the audience searching for their Cliff Notes. It refuses to shy away from sensitive issues such as the Iraq war, drug abuse, etc. Instead it covers the topics in a manner that shows the reality. While it might seem this show is dark or incredibly deep, it has a lightness and sense of humor to it that is rarely seen in prime time dramas.
  • I have watched EVERY episode (some, more than once!) and while some were a tad weaker than others... none deserved the demise the network apparently seems to plan for it.

    The Christmas episode I watched once for pure delight, once to let the import of what was being brought up for thought sink in - and at least once more time just for the delight of good writing and great acting... etc.

    The Christmas episode in particular was perhaps some of the best television in the history of the media and reminded me just why it is so very important to support "free" tv (what we used to call it a looong time ago). Makes me wonder if the network isn't undermining it's own show because it's touching a too sensitive nerve. I don't want to see this show go away. There is a place in tvland for intelligent, witty, timely and cogent programming... not all of us are in love with "Earl" (gag me) - please don't forget the viewers with a brain and keep this show afloat. Several episodes and a reported cancellation later:

    Monday night USED to be one of my favorite television nights of the week. Rules of Engagement (I love Patrick Warburton), Heroes and Studio 60! Funny well written sitcom stuff, well written out there sci-fi stuff and poignant, timely GREAT writing more accolades to Studio 60.

    Monday night is virtually dead to me now - it's DVD or history channel night now... sigh. When NBC moved the final few episodes to Thursday (with no fanfare, mind you) I followed like a lost puppy.

    This show was a gem in the last ten years of network broadcasting. NBC is making a big mistake in cancelling.
  • You can't have an intellegent show on the north american airwaves. They just don't want to think.

    Yes, I really mean it, you moron americans can't appreciate a quality show like this that brings up real issues. You can't stand any show that isn't the right wing religous 50's blowback or ironically enough some reality show with good looking people crying and talking about how hard their life is.

    And I am not discounting Canadians in this etheir, we are becomming as bad as the US as well as many intellegent Canadian shows have goen by the wayside due to lack of interest.

    Why hasn't Aaron Sorkin tried to sell this show to HBO? Or to some smaller network or maybe Sky in britian. If North America wants to sink into it's vegetative state and obsesses over nudity and religon then dump them.
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