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  • Not so much a review, as I just have to say something.

    Obviously, I haven't seen this show yet, as it has yet to air. But I will follow Aaron Sorkin anywhere, so BRING IT! So glad to have him back writing television! I heart Sports Night and West Wing... what else ya got, Aaron? I love that there are so many recurring players in his shows - bringing Josh Malina and so many others from Sports Night to The West Wing, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, Timothy Busfield etc to Studio 60.... And the freakin' speedy, witty, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and strong, strong characters... this show is going to be one to watch for sure! And I hope hope hope that the hour-long drama format works out as well as it did for West Wing, and that the show doesn't suffer the same "too smart for tv" fate as Sports Night. All the best!
  • This one is gonna be good!

    I can't review this show yet since it hasn't aired yet. But I can tell you one thing and that is I am not gonna miss this one for sure. I absoulutely love Matthew Perry and if he is starring in this new show then I know it will be good. I have my calendar marked and I have a feeling this is gonna be a long summer waiting for September and the pilot of this show that looks like it is gonna be great. Thanks to the director and producers and from this fan in Ohio, I am ready, Bring it on!
  • I just caught the pilot for this show, and before people start yelling "network rip off" I think its important to remember that at some point, you can't rip off a movie for a whole season...they don't even do it for a whole 15 minutes.

    I always thought Network was a movie that applies to todays day and age more than ever. What it comes down to is that we all sit around and talk about the 'issues of today,' most of the time regurgitating whatever we see on TV as launchpads for conv ersation. What makes this show so good (so good, infact, I can't even beleive they're putting it on the air) is that it clearly uses Network as its launchpad, and briefly references it in the news segments.

    Basically, the guy behind SNL, decides his show is no longer funny. In the middle of a live broadcast, he walks on stage, tells the actors to leave (he doesn't want them associated with the skit) and goes on a rant about how "that remote control in your hand is a crackpipe." Its an inspiring 53 seconds, after which he gets fired.

    Its the message that he was promoting that made me decide I love this show five minutes into it, because it goes balls out. The fact that we can tell the same jokes about our *president of the united states* being such a poor public speaker, and still laugh, only proves how brainwashed society is becoming. We just eat what is fed to us and don't ask questions and laugh off the most suspicious parts of very real, very important, national issues.

    I wondered where the show was going from here, and was suprised to see it go in a slightly different direction, with a pretty similar theme. The network decides to "go with it" (because networks always go with what's popular and attracting attention) and hire two writers, Matt and Danny, that they had fired several years ago.

    We meet Matt talking his mouth off at an awards show, always being sure to note how high he is off a bunch of drugs. Danny is his counterpart, who is clearly the one who Matt bounces off, because if he didn't have Danny, he'd just hit the hard ground instead of bouncing back with comedy. They're offered the show and take it, and that's where the show is going to go.

    I loved this first episode, my only concern is that they've set the bar pretty high, and i hope they can keep it up. Yes, this is another Hollywood production about Hollywood, and at this rate, the next big danger might become an overabundance of this genre which would turn into a generation growing up with the belief they can get these jobs of power within the field, ignorantly beleive they can change it, and all the while forgetting the far simpler goal of leading a happy life in a suburb with a nice little family (essentially shifting the American Dream from family to fame thus creating a generation of failed actor/writer/director/musician slaves) However, *this* show has integrity, even though it does glorify the lifestyle that we already glorify way too much.

    All i can say is, I hope they keep finding more real issues like the ones presented in the pilot and go with those instead of going with the 'drama.' I wouldn't mind if Matt said he was high in every scene he was in, its funny, and they really sell it, especially when matt had a heartfelt man to man with danny and ends it with "good, because i don't remember what I just said" to which danny replies with a smile "its ok, I do." In the first episode, they've really set up alot of good dynamics to go with...i'm crossing my fingers for this show.
  • The best drama on TV since the West Wing finished!

    The best drama on TV since the West Wing finished! Matthew Perry (Friends) & Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) really do match up together! Both Friends & The West Wing are my favourite shows so this is gonna be really good!

    Hopefully this show will get a lot of followers and so it will build into something really great! Since I saw the Pilot I've been thinking about this show non-stop and it just seems really really great! If you are a fan of drama you must tune into this show! A great new series for a great network!

    Highly reccomended!
  • It feels like this show was written just for me. But I hope several million other people feel the exact same way, so that it will stay on the air forever.

    First, this show was all about network politics type stuff on TV, which as it turns out is something I spend a decent amount of time thinking/talking/reading about. Second, every single character was instantly interesting to me. How is that even possible? If it is possible, why doesn\'t every other show do it also? It doesn\'t hurt that every actor knocked their performance out of the park (so far I think the weakest link is the network president character, and even she is quite good. Since actors usually get better as a show goes on, I think/hope that she will quickly raise to the level of amazing as well.) They managed to get in lots of tension, suspense, intrigue, little twists and surprises, and *none* of it was cheap at all. The core of the show is a pair of amazingly good friends, which I think is the perfect thing to build a show around. And they referenced a movie I have seen (The Network)! And they went out on Under Pressure, which is one of my favorite song. Let me take a shot at explanation by analogy: It is like Sam and Al from Quantum Leap (friendship) mixed with Angel (fight against giant and unstoppable evil powers, i.e., The Man, in this case personified by network television), mixed with Big Love (something about the depth of character reminded me of this show, I don\'t know why), mixed with The West Wing (smart, amazing, perfect dialogue, connection to relevant social issues) mixed with something else that I can\'t put my finger on right now. If the show continues like this, it might turn into my favorite show of all time (excluding Whedon shows, which are not necessarily the best in all ways, but are at least in a separate category), and if it is cancelled then I will finally get a long-overdue taste of how it feels to care so much about a show and have it taken away far too early.
  • I was able to get my hands on a few pilots before they premiere in the fall. I will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks. This review is for NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip".

    Studio 60 is a dramedy that gives you the behind the scenes look on what goes on behind the curtains at a sketch comedy series.

    When the show's executive producer Wes Mendell (Judd Hirsch) walks out on stage during the middle of a taping, and goes into a rant about the state of his network (NBS), The FCC, and how horrible television has become in general, flares get sent up everywhere. NBS's new president Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet) decides that the best way to handle the situation is to hire past show runners Matt Albie (Mathew Perry) and Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford) to take over for Wes. Both Matt and Danny were fired from the job four years ago after clashing with Jordan's boss Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber) so, unsurprisingly, Jack is against hiring the two producers. He decides to go along with it, as long as Jordan understands all that is in on the line – including her job. If Matt and Danny screw up, she screws up and all three of them are fired.

    The cast sparkles with the best of the best actors around. In addition to those listed above, Sarah Paulson, D.L. Hughley, Nathan Corddry, Timothy Busfield are also series regulars and both Felicity Huffman and 36 Mafia guest star in the pilot. Obviously this show can attract star power. Perry, Peet, and Whitford are the ones who really shine though. The friendship between Matt and Danny is so realistic and fun to watch; and Amanda Peet's witty, sarcastic Jordan sparkles on screen and for me was one of the best parts of the pilot.

    As a fan of Saturday Night live, its fun for me to see what goes on behind all the sketches. The show obviously isn't afraid to take risks, as Wes's speech criticizing television and The FCC is very relevant to television battles going on right now. No one can deny that certain sketch shows such as SNL or Mad TV have gone down in quality over the years, but is that really just because they can't drop the F-bomb, S-bomb or any of their derivatives? That's a topic for a debate right there.

    The pilot was very dense, and had a lot of information to unveil in a short period of time. I wasn't wildly impressed, but there are so many moments when the script shines that in the end I was very curious to see where they take it next. I’ll probably be watching this in the fall.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • The West Wing on a sound stage!

    I have just seen the pilot courtesy of NBC and Netflix. This is the West Wing with more humor, and if anything a more frenetic pace.

    The combination of Bradley and Matt seems to work very well. Bradley smiles and does all of his wonderful facial expressions plus his on the spot delivery. Matt looks the part of a frazzeled writer and his delivery is wonderful.

    I did find myself a little confused by some of the players. I am not exactly sure who Steve Weber is. I know Amanda Peet is the Network President, and I know that she apprently answers to Steve, but his role is not really clearly stated.

    If this show is as good as the pilot appears, then I will be watching it for hopefully eight seasons at least!
  • Its a great show really different and the cast is brilliant!

    Its a great show really different and the cast is brilliant!
    I have seen the first episode and it really is good i cannot wait for the rest of the season this Fall, it shows the other side of the studio. The new president of the network is great and i cant wait to see what she gets up to throughout the season, battling with the other execs.

    Well done to n b c for creating such a great show after west wing, this is going to do really well in the u s and in the u k and all over.
  • How to make a great show? 1. Start out by blasting the FCC and the religious right. 2. Hire terrific actors 3. Write a show about a failing live television show and show it on network TV. 4. Take huge risks.

    Matthew Perry can act. Funny that, especially after comments that Friends was the pinnicle of his career and it would be all downhill from there.

    Somebody seems to like Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry together. "The Whole Nine Yards", "The Whole Ten Yards" and now this.

    There is already an excellent review written about this show by what seems to be a professional reviewer, talking about the actors etc. I'm not a professional and don't even know the names of most of the actors. Suffice it to say the cast is terrific.

    This was a lot to pack into one show and the writers did a terrific job. The show is clever and rings very true. Look at SNL or other sketch shows and most episodes really are not that funny at all. So a failing live comedy show that needs to be rescued is certainly not far fetched.

    It could have been just another drama with a few interpersonal relationships and a few laughs here and there but this show managed to be a hell of lot more than that (probably the FCC would fine me if I said that on air). I was amazed when I looked the details up of the show and found it was actually a major US network that was going to air it. Somewhat gutsy move considering the show actually ridicules some of what the same network does. And about time too.

    To have a censor who can actually over rule professional producers goes right back to Hayes. What happened to the First Amendment? FCC. How to really stuff up television and make sure that cable channels will wildly succeed. The trouble is that if it just stuffed up the US, maybe it would not be so bad but the US television industry supplies the whole world with TV. Actually there is a pretty simple test to see how much influence US TV has. Do a search on the Internet for an episode of NCIS. You are more likely to find an Italian version or a German version than the US one.

    And this show direcly confronts this problem starting out with a scene that could have come straight out of "Network". I believe the term is "lantern" that was used by the writers by everyone comparing the scene to "Network" on the show, which is a little lame, but hey, in this case it was a very good plot device.

    Since the pilot had a great deal to tell and managed to do so superbly, I wonder whether the quality can be sustained. I really hope so and am looking forward to the next episode. As you should already have guessed, I thought this was a great show even if the Classification system for reviews on sucks and does not allow your own classification nor have several classifications that might be more appropriate.
  • Welcome back, Sorkin.

    After Buffy and Angel went off the air, I figured there wouldn't be much on the tube to watch. Then when West Wing got cancelled, despite the decline in quality, was another loss for smart television. Aaron Sorkin probably knows how you feel; and he'll prove it to you in "53" seconds.

    This show refuses to pull punches. It hits religous fanatics, television hacks, and even NBC. The snappy dialog has returned (even though not everyone knows how to spit it yet) as well as drama. Real drama. Just as we got a chance to see the inner workings of Washington in The West Wing, we'll get to see the inside of sketch television. And you'll come to find it's more interesting than you think.
  • Best cast and crew ever

    Best cast and crew ever Best cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew everBest cast and crew ever
  • This has to be one of the smartest shows in a long time. I love the format of the West Wing and I see a great hint of it in this show. The cast is very powerful and I look forward to seeing it each week.

    This has to be one of the smartest shows in a long time. I loved the format of the West Wing and I see a nice hint of it in this show. The cast is very powerful and I look forward to seeing them each week.

    I think Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are going to make a great pair. I liked Matthew Perry in Friends and loved Bradley Whitford in West Wing and was quite excited when I saw these two where going to be a duo.

    I was quite surprised I liked Amanda Peet in this role. Her characters in other things I have seen I found flat, but this time I was impressed.

    Overall, if you are tired of the some old reality TV and simple sitcoms, this is a intelligent show you will enjoy.
  • 'Studio 60' is just the thing we've been looking for.

    'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip', created by Aaron Sorkin and Tom Schlamme, is a cutting edge new drama that leads us, in a cleverly adapted story arc, into the workings of a sketch show such as NBC's own 'Saturday Night Live'. Driven by Matthew Perry, ('Friends') Bradley Whitford, ('The West Wing') and Amanda Peet, ('The Whole Nine Yards', 'The Whole Ten Yards') 'Studio 60' is the type of drama everybody has been wanting for a long, long time. It gives you romance, comedy, drama, and delves into such struggles as drug addictions and religious discrimination. NBC may be saving itself with 'Studio 60' and it's comic counterpart, '30 Rock', just as Matt Albie and Danny Tripp are forced to save the NBS network on the actual show. Keep an eye out for 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' - it's going to be big.
  • So far, the best of the fall pilots I've seen. Crisp, quick, very compelling.

    If for no other reason than I like it and would like to see it stay on the air, I am begging you to spend just one hour a week in front of your TV watching Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

    Great cast, outstanding Aaron Sorkin script. The great Thomas Schlamme directs with his usual uncanny grace. Amanda Peet is luminous and magnificent. Brad Whitford and Matthew Perry have the Sorkin meter down pat. D.L. Hughley is a revelation! Steven Weber is supremely reptilian.

    I was a HUGE fan of SportsNight and that disappeared too soon. I want this show to stay on the air. So, what must I do to convince you? Just watch the pilot, commercial free, right now at I've been very careful not to spoil anything.
  • Great comed-rama show, parody of behind the scenes of show like Saturday Night Live.

    Great episode last night, cant wait to next week episode to see how Matt and Danny will deal with their cast on their `` new `` show .
    Jordan McDeere is great, love the friendly , dont care about about what sponsor or the affilate will think, kind of boss.

    One of the best pilot i saw in the last couple of year . A + cast.
    The speach from Wes when they start of the Live portion of the show, its so damn true.

    Highly recommend to everybody, hope it will get incredible rating, so it will stay on the air.
    A+ P.S. By the way for the fans in Canada, like me, the show is on Sunday night on CFCF, one day earlier then the U.S.
  • A once great comedy show borders on the brink of cancellation when its executive producer unleashes his anger at the network's censorship with a televised rant that sends everyone into a frenzy. The show's survival depends on Matt Albie and Danny Tripp.

    Studio 60 begins with Simon Stiles (D.L. Hughley) addressing the audience while everyone gets ready for the show. We then see the executive producer Wes Mendell (Judd Hirsch) arguing with a network representative about a very hilarious and controversial sketch. Wes adamantly wants to include it in the show, but the newtork representative refuses. Wes tries to shrug off the censorship incident, but then realizes that this will only continue. In a fit of anger, Wes stops the current opening sketch and tells the comedians to leave, then proceeds to rant to a captivated audience about how the once great show used to be \"cutting edge political and social satire\" but has been \"lobotimized\" by the network broadcasting industry. Wes\'s disillusionment spills forth as a critique on television and the broacasting industry. To paraphrase his words, the competition between art and commerce has always existed, but art has been steadily losing. All the while his rant has been going on the show\'s television camera has captured every word, which causes a lot of outcry. Once the network\'s chairman of the board Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber) hears of the fiasco, he fires Wes immediately. The newly appointed president of the network Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet) proposes to hire the classy and funny duo Matt and Danny (Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford) to replace Wes and save Studio 60, despite their uneasy relationship with Jack. In addition, Matt was recently involved with one of the show\'s leading stars, Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson), and the two cannot seem to get over the reason why they broke up.

    This show stands out due to its scathing portrayal of television and broadcasting networks. The show\'s stars include Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford, and Steven Weber. Smart jokes, quick comebacks, and plenty of sarcasm keep the show\'s pace fast. Innovative writing, an excellent cast, and plenty of humor make Studio 60 one of my favorite up-and-coming shows.
  • I am hoping for better things as the show falls into stride.

    There is so much buzz about this show and initially I was really excited about it and now, I am mostly just interested to see where it\'s going. The rant by Wes in the Pilot episode was so cliche I thought maybe David E. Kelly had composed it. And having all the writers and execs being white with the only twist being a white woman as the new exec who is the under dog so she sees the side of the writers. I can only hope this gets better because the sentimental/ righteous crap right now is too much.
  • Studio 60 is a classy, and sharp program that will kepp you interested from the opening scene to end credits.

    As I was watching the pilot to Studio 60 I immeditely knew I was watching an Aaron Sorkin show. There were bits and pieces of him all over the place, from his former co-worker Felicity Huffman dropping by, to the quick and snappy camera work, it was all him. I have to say I had high hopes for this show from the start and I was begining to worry that they may have been a bit too high, but man was I wrong. I as captivated by every twist and turn and was impressed by the satisfying conclusion. And just as I was getting over how great the Pilot was I realized how excitied i was for the nect installment.
  • What a concept: a mediocre tv show about a mediocre tv show.

    What a concept: a mediocre tv show about a mediocre tv show. The curse of the comu-drama: never quite funny enough and never quite dramatic enough. The opening segment blatantly rips off the movie Network, then tries to cover for it\'s lack of originality by repeatedly mentioning Network and it\'s screenwriter, Paddy Chayefsky. Producers of this show overestimate the public\'s interest in shallow, ratings obsessed network types. Yes, the Amanda Peet character is there playing the \"good cop\" network exectutive who actually has a sense of humor and adventure. She is the only bright spot in the overcrowded lineup of cliched characters, but won\'t be able to salvage this mess by herself.

    Then near the end we hear Under Pressure by Bowie/Queen creeping onto the sountrack. Original? Not at all. What a shame that such a hyped show, a show that supposedly decries the blandness of television, instead just contributes to it. Don\'t believe the hype.
  • Interesting start

    Ok, Aaron and Thomas... you got my attention with this episode. Good start. Love the choice of cast. Already sense a chemistry. Am planning to check out the next few episodes to see where this leads! I like the fact that the premise of the show is \"behind the TV industry\". Interesting. I know from Aaron\'s previous show \"West Wing\" that there lies a lot of truth in amongst the fiction. (a \'really what goes on\' behind the stories) I\'ve been losing interest with network TV. This show holds promise... I really hope to see this series really make a good mark this season.
  • the 1st episode. how ironic that they mentioned the bug when the real nbc bug was right in the middle of the screen! how annoying was that!

    i wasn't even planning on watching it but i did because i heard some talk about it & i thought it was great. superb writing, especially the 53 second speech. i wonder if he is just going 2 keep making fun of the real snl. what a huge cast, mathew perry didn't make me think of chandler at all last night. i liked that tim daly was channeling cristian bale in american psycho & he had the best line "i'm not like every other heterosexual man in hollywood: i don't find you charming"
  • Studio 60 0n the Sunset Strip was amaizing and exeded my expectaions.

    I didn't really think I would love Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip but I tivo'd it and I was wrong. I love Studio 60. I was not a West Wing fan but the writing here is amazing. So is the acting. In scenes I didn't feel like an outsider, but instead like I was in the scene. The drama was great but I also loved the comedy. Everything was so quickly paced, especially for a pilot. I predict that Studio 60 on the SUnset Strip will win some Emmy's. They defenatly deserve it. I think Studio 60 is very intertaning and cutting edge. They defenatly have my vote. Everyone should give Studio 60 on the SUnset Strp a chance because it might surprize you too!
  • A show that is trying to revive a show gone bad while really good making fun of a show that is really BAD. It's fun to watch because the other show.

    The show that they are making a parody of is unquestionably something that some people call "Saturday Night Live." I've seen that show for about 2 1/5ths episodes, it's bad. The new Aaron Sorkin show is hilarious. All of the characters have their quirks and issues that make the show funny. In addition to that they are making fun of a show that has gone down the drain ever since Eddie Murphy, or maybe even Chris Rock left it. They use the reference to the movie "Network" as a form of informing the public about how much television has gone really bad. Therefore, the show makes not only a social, but also a political statement and parody due to the business that is Hollywood and it has been reduced to in the last 5 years or so. While it is still a bit premature, it is very rarely that I like to rate a show with having watched only the first episode, but this show has at least a good statement for the audience, "Don't watch everything that is on Television." Or at elast to watch the smart TV shows. Which is not only positive but also encouraging, it means to tell the audience that there is more to watch than trashTV. There is yet hope for television and the cast brings about a funny, fun, dramatic chemistry to it that looks like it will last for some time.
  • An orginal and quirky show - good mix of drama and comedy. The writing is smart and the cast well put together. Should prove to be an entertaining hour of tv.

    This show surprises instantly with the way it mocks tv and society - very funny. The writers are brilliant and have come up with a new and interesting drama. They manage to put their past successes behind them and invent a new way of handling a drama/comedy. The premise of the show will give endless possibilities for stories. The pilot already gave us enough inside scoop (new president, fired writers, tensions of the set) to keep us going for years. The cast is excellent. Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford have outstanding screen chemistry and you buy their long standing friendship and work relationship instantly. The rest of the cast is also very believable in their roles and should play out well. This is a must watch show if you want something fresh and fun!
  • Intriguing, fascinating and exceptional.

    I had high hopes for this series, and I wasn't disappointed. Sorkin and Schlamme deliver a fantastic show that pulled me in from the outset and did not let up until the end credits. The core characters all seem strong and each one appears to have glaring flaws that will provide ample grist for the episode mill. It was refreshing to see Matthew Perry play a strong persona and pull it off convincingly. I completely forgot about Chandler, and that's a testament to his ability. I also immediately loathed Steven Weber, which surprised me how well he played a corporate shark. Every segment of the show advanced the story, and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Finally, a good season!

    I am very excited bout this new show. Matthew Perry was great. I love Saturday Night Live and this is definitely a behind the scenes show about SNL. Judd Hirsh will be coming to visit some more I hope. The first episode was great. It's also about time religion and God were brought into prime time. Religion & God are in most American's lives, so why not portray it on tv.

    Behind the scenes shows are always fun, so I hope this show lasts a long time. The dynamics between the characters looks promising. There may be a little much drug usage, but that is par for the course in the real world of tv I expect.
  • I thought I wouldn't like it. I loved it!

    Seriously... This show didn't disappoint me at all... I didn't really get what's with all the fuss about the show, I didn't find the plot interesting, but this was a big surprise... In a good way. :)

    I may noe be crazy about the show, but it pretty clear that the acting is really great (anyone noticed bad acting?), an the directing, the writing, the technical stuff - well done!

    This could really be the hit this fall along with Heroes, so NBC is coming back to life... I'm really glad, because, if there were no Scrubs, I wouldn't be watching NBC at all :D
  • Not up to the Sorkin standard.

    The pilot episode of "Studio 60" starts off great but quickly loses steam. The cast is pretty solid, with the exception of Amanda Peet, who is absolutely horrible in this role and completely unbelievable as a hard-nosed network executive. The problem is that after the opening sequence, any scene that doesn't include Matthew Perry or Bradley Whitford just drags, and this isn't the fault of the performers. The writing and pacing just isn't up to snuff here. The set-up is great and suggests a great series to follow, but if all the episodes lag as this one does, "Studio 60" may not last very long. A huge nod to Perry and Whitford though, as they are absolutley incredible here. Perfect casting here, with that one aforementioned exception.
  • Seriously underwhelmed

    I was disappointed with the much so that I had to be talked into trying it again next week. Perhaps this show will pick up steam, but it was trying too hard this week. The "inside Hollywood" action wasn't interesting or insightful. The worst of it, other than Timothy Busfield, there's not one character that's likeable. With all the hype, I expected this to be bright and funny. What I watched was so dull and predictable that I was bored 10 minutes after I began to watch. If NBC is trying to recapture the glory years, I don't think this is the vehicle to do it.
  • Aaron Srokin Hit it out of the ball park again!!!

    Sports Night is still one of my favorite shows of all time, and it really bothered me to be led on that it would continue but instead got cut right as the show was taking off. Then Aaron Sorkin had another must watch show with The West Wing. Again, swiftly becoming one of my favorite shows, but this time, when it ended, I got a sense of satisfaction and closure. Now with the premier of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, I could tell from the first minute of the show he did it again. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a brilliant combination of Sports Night and The West Wing; incorporating the best aspects of both shows, and some of the incredibly talented people that went into making Sports Night and The West Wing the all star caliber television they are. Personally, I am hoping Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will last every bit as long as The West Wing, because it’s already one of the best shows on TV. Defiantly a must watch!!!
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