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  • Aaron Sorkin who created \\\"The American President\\\" and \\\"The West Wing\\\" now creates another hopeful knockout called Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip that rings definite familiarity to his previous creations in almost every way.

    Egads! I was definately hoping for original but received a hefty helping of leftovers from the West Wing and The American President. The reporter is reminiscent of C.J. Craig and the carry overs from the West Wing pretty much play the characters they performed on that show. The content is also somewhat embarresing as the jokes written for the \\\"Saturday night Live\\\" esk parody leave me with \\\"huh?\\\" and the attempts to get at my heartstrings made me wish that they did a couple more seasons of \\\"The West Wing.\\\" I give this show a total thumbs down.
  • Conceptually flawed, substantively juvenile and just DOA

    This show is hokey, unrealistic and makes me feel embarrassed to watch. I took the hype, TiVo\\\'d it, thought the first weeks episode was overly dramatic, conceptually flawed, substantively juvenile and just DOA. But I gave it a second chance this week, and my ears were almost burning as I was almost embarrassed to be watching this, even in the confines of my own private home, by myself. Whose ever heard a studio president press conference, let alone cared about a shows writer and director? This show is cliche, ridiculous and has been subsequently removed from my tiVo Season Pass. If you want to see what fun Hollywood life is all about, seek out Entourage!
  • Left Wing Propoganda

    Can we just have an entertainment product from Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey that is not an advertisement for the Democratic Party?

    Isn't Alec Baldwin supposed to live in Canada now? Alec can you at least suck in your gut when you are on camera for cripes sakes. What happened to you? You used to be a heart throb?

    The show has a glimmer of hope and it is called Tracy Morgan! More Tracy Morgan less white people! "Now why don't you drop out of that space suit and show my that phat a--!"
  • 10 minutes into episode 4, with sincere disappointment, I officially threw in the towel on this one.

    I really wanted to like this show, because I love Mathew Perry, was a big fan of The West Wing and really liked the original premise. The first episode knocked my socks off, but everything since has been shrill, uninspired and repetetive. The constant religious references are annoying, the relationship between Perry and the actress is tedious and the melodramatic charting of weekly ratings for a show watched by less than 1% of the country is laughable. I stuck with it longer than I should have, hoping it might again realize the promise of the first episode, but the ex-lovers squabble in the first few minutes of episode 4 was straight out of a bad episode of Ally McBeal. This show has proven to be completely pointless and should be hastily exiled to the "who gives a s__ channel"!
  • The show has the same attraction as watching monkeys at the zoo.

    This show has a cast of actors I really like. I like that Matthew Perry was given a chance to show he has acting abilities far beyond the character of he played on \"Friends\". I like that they pulled in DL Hughley and brought in Ayda Field from \"Blue Collar\". In short, this ensemble, to me, really blends well.

    There are some weaknesses. The most obvious weakness, and illustrative of others, is the anti-Chrisitan theme. Attacking Christians right out of the starting gate shows how myopic the creators and writers are. First, they got Harriet\'s character all wrong. No dedicated Christian would be doing and saying the things her character does. Harriet resembles a \"cultural Christian\", not a real Christian (you can find them all over the place in \"flyover country\"). But then, the creators and writers have their own prejudices, and most likely do not know many real Christians. Even if one disagrees with Christianity, and many do, it is worth finding out what they are really all about before trying to portray them. I can only hope future episodes provide some correction. When I watched the first 2 episodes, it was like watching monkeys at the zoo. Thinking that all around them is all there is, the monkeys are oblivious to the larger world around them. They marvel at the people who watch them, without understanding. The creators and writers of this show attack Christians as if they are some mentally ill little group of oddballs. Like the monkeys in the cage, they think their own little Hollywood world is all there is that matters. They forget the larger world their sponsors deal with has tens of millions of those \"crazy Christians\". I am hoping they have a plan whereby they start off with this typical narrow minded anti-Christian bigotry, and during the season, come around to a realization by some of the characters that what they were doing was no different than other forms of bigotry - doing to Christians what they would never do to blacks, women, Muslims, or Jews.

    It is good enough to keep watching, but if the anti-Christian storyline goes unabated, then say goodbye to this show after one season. You don\'t insult tens of millions of people who buy your sponsors\' products and stay on TV for very long.
  • I dont think I want to stay home on Mondays....

    I might be bitter because I miss my Medium.. But I wont give this show 5 minutes to win me over. I miss Medium, Medium is an excellent show. Ir didnt struggle in the ratings like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Thats why they put it in the slot. I love Matthew Perry, when he was on friends, I dont know where Amanda Peet falls in the show, but she doesnt have ANY talent. Im sorry not even a little. Bring back Medium!!!! Cancel this Waste of Time Tv SHow. Or change it to Fridays.. Maybe will watch then
  • Worst show ever!

    This is absolutely the worst show I have ever seen! It was a complete waste of time to watch. I do not see how this show made it to air. Hopefully it will be cancelled soon so they can put something worthwhile on in it's place.

    Here are a few suggestions of other things more worthwhile to watch:

    An hour of nothing but commercials.
    A pot of water boiling.
    Grass growing.
    The laundry at either home or a laundromat.
    The clouds go by overhead.
    The back of your eyelids.
    Cars driving by on the freeway, while standing ON the freeway!

    Do yourself a favor and watch anything else. You'll be better off for doing so.

    The only reason I rated it a 1.0 was because it wouldn't let me rate it with anything less.
  • Totally uninteresting for none americans

    This show may be great for people who have heard of the famouse studio 60, but, except for americans, the Studio 60 is completely unknown for the rest of the world.
    This show could only work in the US, and, broadcasting it only in the US might be only 50% of the money they are suppose to make on such an expansive show.
    I really think this show might be difficult to appreciate fonr none americans, I know I didn't. I wouldn't say the plot is bad but in my case, I was kind of bored since I didn't know what studio 60 was
  • Sorkin isn't funny

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip just goes to prove Aaron Sorkin isn't funny. I thought Sports Night proved it but apparently NBC didn't think so.

    S.60 o.t.S.S. has it's funny moments (the Rob Riener episode had me laughing during the sketch portions), but so did the West Wing. I think S.60 o.t.S.S.would work a lot better if it were set on a news magazine show instead of a sketch comedy show. The behind the scene bits would have transfered well. In my opinion Sorkin is atempting to disect comedy and like most disections, we don't need to see the ugly inside to enjoy the completed entity.

    Mr. Sorkin needs to stick to taunt political dramas and leave the comedy to the professionals. Now go and enjoy 30 Rock.
  • Unimpressive, disappointing, Lethargic

    I have not been overly impressed with this show. I don't find that the story-line flows very well. The characters aren't all that intriguing. The tempo of the show is slow and lethargic. I'm just not really impressed by it. I don't think that the parts that are supposed to be humorous are timed very well. I'm so disappointed in the whole thing, I can hardly even stand to give it a second chance, but second chance it got. I watched the 1st two eppies and was not impressed, I thought it might take time to really get into it, understand the direction, so I gave it four more episodes, and I'm sorry to say, I just can't do it anymore, I'm just wholly unimpressed. No thumbs up for me on this one.
  • If you like train wrecks, Studio 60 is the show for you.

    Aaron Sorkin has managed to turn a promising premise and a talented cast into be frank, what is a pile of dogs droppings. Where can I start?

    The show, which is about a 'sketch' show, has one problem. None of the sketches are even funny. We're talking about sketches worse than those on The 1/2 Hour News hour. The show is full of sexism, and intolerance of Christians. There are few likable characters.

    The plots are boring, and the subplots are even worse. The show comes across as being more pompous and self-righteous and self-congratulatory than an episode of The O'Reilly Factor. Ugh.
  • Seriously underwhelmed

    I was disappointed with the much so that I had to be talked into trying it again next week. Perhaps this show will pick up steam, but it was trying too hard this week. The "inside Hollywood" action wasn't interesting or insightful. The worst of it, other than Timothy Busfield, there's not one character that's likeable. With all the hype, I expected this to be bright and funny. What I watched was so dull and predictable that I was bored 10 minutes after I began to watch. If NBC is trying to recapture the glory years, I don't think this is the vehicle to do it.
  • The critics stroke Aaron Sorkin's ego. Again.

    Once again the overhyped mediocre talent of Aaron Sorkin graces the TV screen. Such witty patter and bleeding liberal hearts . . . sigh . . . if only everyone was like this wouldn't the world be a better place? Bring barf bag when listening to their overly sentimental diatribes. A network president and chairman constantly hanging around a weekend sketch comedy show? Why in the world would they care? Man, in real life these guys would get fired so fast it'd make your spin.

    Star-crossed lovers who want to be together but just can't bring themselves to do it? What an original plot line. Why do they call this guy a genius? I guess Studio 60 is proof that people like to be spoken to in a condescending and holier than thou kind of way. I guess the viewers deserve it.
  • The probably with Studio 60 is they think they are as hip as Ocean's Eleven. Insider linger, backstage access, hollywood under belly.. blah! The dialogue is rough and the casting is off with two of the main charactors. RECAST

    Two people have got to go. The Guy from Wings? we're not buyin it. The chick from the whole nine yards? Not sexy enough to make us think she is too smart for her looks and not commanding enough to make us buy in to her status on the show. The casting is so off that the dialogue has no chance of being delivered well and the actors aren't credible. The positives: Matthew Perry, he gets a pass. As the wittiest guy on Friend (and the only one who appeared to have any clue how to act) he needs to cred check. Billy Madison's nemisis as the brains to keep the show a float? great casting. I guess Aaron Sorkin fell in love but it works. Oh and don't forget: The West Wing was not a love story that kept the show running. Will Matt Perry get it together to win the girl? We saw this coming from the start. This isn't dangling a steak in front of a dog. This is holding a donut in front of a fat guy who just ate 2 dozen donuts 15 minutes ago. We see this in every show. Sorkin should do what he does best and make love the side dish and the drama the main course.

    Last I checked: This is a show about a sketch comedy show trying to rise from ashes of a former producers melt down right? Why must we know every single aspect of the network. Reality shows, building a chinese vegas, producers having babies... too many side stories. If they were something we cared about maybe the ratings would go up but this isn't the law and order crowd. We hear sketch comedy we want more laughs and less note taking to follow the plotlines.

    Recommended for: Anyone who wanted to know who Lauren Michaels is, why the cast of SNL keeps changing every year, and gamblers who want to know where to get their fix on their next business trip to Asia. It's not that bad, they just need to rethink some of the major players.
  • Could be great if only .....

    This is a good show that could be great with some fine tuning. The dialogue is intelligent and expertly delivered by a (mostly) fabulous cast of seasoned actors who consistently offer interesting performances. But there are a few speedbumps that slow this show down on its way to being great.

    1. The Writing - there are few people who can write as masterful dialogue as Aaron Sorkin does. Unfortunately he knows it and his arrogance often comes through in episodes that are purposefully exclusionary. While smart, snappy interchange between characters is always appreciated using lingo most folks in the industry don't even use to create an air of exclusivity is obnoxious. We get it Aaron - you're smart. Now write in a way that communicates your ideas without making you seem like a pompous, overeducated jerk.

    2. Sarah Paulson - Golden Globes got it wrong unless she's nominated for "Actor Most Responsible for a Show Sucking". Studio 60 may be doing her an injustice but all evidence points to her being a horrible actress. Certainly her character is extremely unlikeable - I don't find homophobia endearing - but we are supposed to believe that this character is beloved by her co-workers and the object of obsession of a smart, liberal, intelligent man. We are also supposed to believe that the character is the breakout star of this sketch comedy show and considered a comedic genius - except one entire episode was spent in which the running gag was that she is either too stupid or too untalented to tell a joke. Huh? Everything we are told about the character one moment is completely contradicted the next. She's loveable - except the only people who could possible love her are her fellow bigots and homophobes. She's insanely attractive - except the actress they cast is not classically gorgeous and instead is quite plain. She's smart - yet can't remember a joke told to her 3 seconds earlier. The list goes on. The character is a shrill, hateful, idiot whom no one in real life would like and the actress portraying her is doing a very poor job of giving the character any depth.

    If Sarah Paulson were to be replaced and the character rewritten to be even slightly more endearing the show would have solved its greatest problem. Then have Aaron Sorkin tone down the attitude and we'd have a fantastic, intelligent show that I'd be proud to say I watched instead of having to make excuses as to why I'm still tuning in (and that reason would be Bradley Whitford / Matthew Perry / Amanda Peet and Steven Weber's amazing performances).
  • pretentious

    the show & characters are pretentious, overly dramatic, angsty & full of self-importance; making the show feel contrived & unconvincing, especially since it's about comedy writers, not say, medics, soldiers or criminal lawyers. The characters all have similar personalities (moody, sarcastic wannabe rebels). The skits Studio 60 produce are all God-awful lol! However, the show was mildly interesting & fast-paced. I'm a huge Matthew Perry fan, which is the only reason I kept watching the show
  • What a concept: a mediocre tv show about a mediocre tv show.

    What a concept: a mediocre tv show about a mediocre tv show. The curse of the comu-drama: never quite funny enough and never quite dramatic enough. The opening segment blatantly rips off the movie Network, then tries to cover for it\'s lack of originality by repeatedly mentioning Network and it\'s screenwriter, Paddy Chayefsky. Producers of this show overestimate the public\'s interest in shallow, ratings obsessed network types. Yes, the Amanda Peet character is there playing the \"good cop\" network exectutive who actually has a sense of humor and adventure. She is the only bright spot in the overcrowded lineup of cliched characters, but won\'t be able to salvage this mess by herself.

    Then near the end we hear Under Pressure by Bowie/Queen creeping onto the sountrack. Original? Not at all. What a shame that such a hyped show, a show that supposedly decries the blandness of television, instead just contributes to it. Don\'t believe the hype.
  • Pilot

    After only watching the pilot I was bored. It seemed like an attempt at advanced "not to dressy" comedy that it fell completely flat. The acting was a good solid E for Effort but even Matthew Perry failed to deliver his charm. A couple of decent comedic moments didn't make up for the fact that everyone just seemed to be talking non-stop about almost nothing and the skit shot itself didn't seem to have anything funny about it at all. Familiar somehow?
  • Not up to the Sorkin standard.

    The pilot episode of "Studio 60" starts off great but quickly loses steam. The cast is pretty solid, with the exception of Amanda Peet, who is absolutely horrible in this role and completely unbelievable as a hard-nosed network executive. The problem is that after the opening sequence, any scene that doesn't include Matthew Perry or Bradley Whitford just drags, and this isn't the fault of the performers. The writing and pacing just isn't up to snuff here. The set-up is great and suggests a great series to follow, but if all the episodes lag as this one does, "Studio 60" may not last very long. A huge nod to Perry and Whitford though, as they are absolutley incredible here. Perfect casting here, with that one aforementioned exception.
  • Like the classification: Mildly interesting

    This show is ok, I guess, I have only seen a couple episodes of this show but I really don't know how much I like it because it can be interesting and funny but it doesn't top some of my favorite shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although it isn't one of my favorites it is one good show! It does make me laugh and there really aren't any dull parts in it. This show is a show that I would most likely watch if there was nothing else on tv. Its a good show but I don't think I could ever really get into it, its not a show that I would remember to watch only because its not that interesting to me. Overall I would give this show a high C to a low low B.
  • My previous review was harsh of this show, but I think I've seen the light. This is certainly not the West Wing, and it wasn't intended to be.

    I previously wrote a lengthy rant about this show about how it's just West Wing in Hollywood, how the plot was thin, how the believability was slim to none that a TV studio could become so influential in society.

    However, since then, both my perspective of the show and the show itself have changed. It's become less "West Wing" in that they've stopped making it seem like NBS is a huge deal in the media and in the public's eye. Jordan McDeere is no longer a national figure, just an important one in her own company, and the dynamic has changed as a whole similarly. The show is now much more insular, and doesn't try to pretend like a fake SNL would be incredibly influential in society. The acting is superb, the writing is typically Sorkin-esque in its brilliance, and I'm actually getting sucked in to the soap opera aspects of it, rooting for Danny all the way.

    I now watch the show avidly and have become a loyal fan.
  • I love everything about this program...however....

    I find this program to be entirely delightful. The cast is believable, the writing is very ingenious and innovative, the concept is fresh and funny. What I don\'t get is why they are choosing to repeat the Christmas episode so soon after the original airing. My memory might be slipping somewhat, but, wasn\'t this episode just on a week or so ago ? Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy Studio 60, I\'ll find alternate viewing this evening. Once they begin airing the usual quality programming, I\'ll return to this premium show.
    It seems that someone has dropped the ball on a great concept show.
  • America wasn't ready for it

    In my opinion this was one of the best new shows in recent history. It covered the whole spectrum of human emotion in a single 60 minute episode and you felt that the cast really understood their characters. Sorkin upped the ante here and presented topics that a lot of people are not comfortable hearing jokes about. I thought he did it in an appropriate way, given the context of the show and fearful state of our nation. I just don't think America was ready to hear jokes about God, patriotism, censorship, etc. People don't want a smart shows. Look at the success of Lost: a show that makes absolutely no sense and has no relevance.

    I was very saddened to hear about the show's cancellation but I have given up any hope of it returning. It appears that Sorkin decided to "scuttle the ship" rather than leave any loose plot lines and any hope of returning to this project. That was what saddened me more: the show actually grew cheesy and predictable toward the end, and I wonder if it was for that reason. I'm upset with Sorkin for that, because he could have at least continued the character development that drew us in and left a possibility for a future. He could have always tried to take it to cable.

    All that said, I immediately bought the series on DVD and I have enjoyed seeing it over and over again. The dialogue is quick, witty, sarcastic and relevant... the acting superb. The underrated star of this show was definitely Cal (Timothy Busfield). I had never seen him before and his character was not only completely believable, he was a natural in the role and had great chemistry with Perry and Whitford.

    I could have lived without Amanda Peet being in the series and I only further felt that way when they introduced her pregnancy into the series. Danny Tripp was like a father to the show's cast members already. We didn't need to see the pathetic love pursuit that ensued between Whitford's and Peet's characters. It was a major distraction from what I enjoyed about the show.

    The premise was good, the writing was excellent, the acting (on the whole) was top notch... including an excellent guest role by John Goodman.

    RIP Studio 60, America wasn't ready for you!
  • Great show but it is not for everybody!

    Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is a very interesting show. It's a show about the making of a SNL type show, and the life of the writers, actors and network executives involved in its making. I find that it targets a more adult audience, so perhaps a teenager wouldn't really like it all that much. But it's a very smart show. It's a drama but they'll drop a little humor in there, mostly sarcasm, which is my favorite kind of humor. Although its ratings are not too good right now, I hope the network will have a little faith in this show because it has a lot of Potential. I give this show and A.
  • The only reason it was cancelled is because it doesn't appeal to the less intelligent demographic like stupid reality tv shows. It is a clever, whitty, sophisticated comedy, that also contains excellent storylines. A second season was definately needed!

    The only reason it was cancelled is because it doesn't appeal to the less intelligent demographic like stupid reality tv shows. It is a clever, whitty, sophisticated comedy, that also contains excellent storylines. A second season was definately needed!

    I think it is a waste of such a good concept by scrapping the show now. I think that given time, it would've been a proven success, and a second season would not see the format became stale. It would've continued to gain ratings as word of mouth spread about it.

    I am from australia, so the only exposure i had to studio 60 was by downloading it. I know that every person i told about this show who then watched it, fell in love instantly. It wasn't the quality of the show that was the problem, it was whoever marketed it, and tried to get the word around about it.

    It is a show that is liked by almost anyone who watches it.
  • Bring this awesome show back!

    This show is a must see! Every episode was great~! I really hope this show comes back on air. It's been a great source of laughter and tears. Every episode is a pleasant surprise. The acting is superb. The clever wit is beyond compare. I hope that more shows could be as smart. I am eagerly waiting for its return. I think this is one of the smartest television series yet. One of those quality shows that makes you laugh from pure witty humor since the Cosby show. Another plus is its pace. It is not overly drawn out like other shows. Each show makes you joyously ponder. Please come back asap!!
  • This one is gonna be good!

    I can't review this show yet since it hasn't aired yet. But I can tell you one thing and that is I am not gonna miss this one for sure. I absoulutely love Matthew Perry and if he is starring in this new show then I know it will be good. I have my calendar marked and I have a feeling this is gonna be a long summer waiting for September and the pilot of this show that looks like it is gonna be great. Thanks to the director and producers and from this fan in Ohio, I am ready, Bring it on!
  • It's about Saturday Night Live but funnier. This show is not funny.

    Well we made it through 1 and a half episode before we changed the channel. It’s nice to see chandler, but this show is boring, SNL boring. SNL is been boring and real bad for the last 8 years why did they think that they could make a behind the scenes about it. The only thing that can save this show is if they make it funnier and add a few skits to the show.
  • It's The West Wing, but less interesting.

    I loved The West Wing--the rapid-fire dialog, the way it made me feel like these people that are running our country are really smart, the conversations it occasionally sparked in my household about political topics--but the formula doesn't translate well in Studio 60.

    Yes, there's plenty of witty banter, which is entertaining at moments that it doesn't seem to forced. Yes, the characters in the show are intelligent--but instead of the warm feeling I had dreaming that our nation's leadership was smart, there's a hollow feeling that these Hollywood people are good at their jobs. The biggest difference between Studio 60 and The West Wing is that the West Wing was sometimes about important topics, while Studio 60 is a TV show about making a TV show. I liked seeing that the president's job is difficult--somehow I can't quite sympathize the same way with a late-night TV show producer.

    Studio 60 is caught in a grey area of humor and drama, and unfortunately doesn't shine in either category. I might watch it if it's on, but it's not the sort of show I'll go out of my way to find.
  • just average

    The 2 main characters are very good, but what lets it down is the support cast.

    Sarah Paulson has no chemistry with anyone - so her story arcs really drag. . Hughley tries, but he is boxed into a stereotype a few episodes in and becomes one dimensional.

    The network characters become bland and again a bit one dimensional.

    There is some great dialog in the series and some very good performances, but as a series it it is kind of fractured, if there were a few different casting choices made and a better character backstory to some of the characters and better sketches for the show it would probably have been more successful.

    I am a huge Sorkin fan, but the West Wing was a really tough act to follow so this may have colored my judgement.
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