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  • Studio 60 was one of those show that was before it's time I guess.

    It is really sad that this show was not around for more then one season. It was so good. I believe with all my heart that this is top ten of the best shows to go on the air of all time. It was not on the air long enough. The ensemble cast was top notch I don't think you could have had a better cast. Matthew Perry led the cast along with Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peat. Studio 60 not only had top notch acting what was the best about this show was the writing of Aaron Sorkin. I loved him since The West Wing but this show just elevated him in my mind to greatness. I long for the days of Studio 60. Again This show was to good for TV because it didn't suck.
  • I just caught the pilot for this show, and before people start yelling "network rip off" I think its important to remember that at some point, you can't rip off a movie for a whole season...they don't even do it for a whole 15 minutes.

    I always thought Network was a movie that applies to todays day and age more than ever. What it comes down to is that we all sit around and talk about the 'issues of today,' most of the time regurgitating whatever we see on TV as launchpads for conv ersation. What makes this show so good (so good, infact, I can't even beleive they're putting it on the air) is that it clearly uses Network as its launchpad, and briefly references it in the news segments.

    Basically, the guy behind SNL, decides his show is no longer funny. In the middle of a live broadcast, he walks on stage, tells the actors to leave (he doesn't want them associated with the skit) and goes on a rant about how "that remote control in your hand is a crackpipe." Its an inspiring 53 seconds, after which he gets fired.

    Its the message that he was promoting that made me decide I love this show five minutes into it, because it goes balls out. The fact that we can tell the same jokes about our *president of the united states* being such a poor public speaker, and still laugh, only proves how brainwashed society is becoming. We just eat what is fed to us and don't ask questions and laugh off the most suspicious parts of very real, very important, national issues.

    I wondered where the show was going from here, and was suprised to see it go in a slightly different direction, with a pretty similar theme. The network decides to "go with it" (because networks always go with what's popular and attracting attention) and hire two writers, Matt and Danny, that they had fired several years ago.

    We meet Matt talking his mouth off at an awards show, always being sure to note how high he is off a bunch of drugs. Danny is his counterpart, who is clearly the one who Matt bounces off, because if he didn't have Danny, he'd just hit the hard ground instead of bouncing back with comedy. They're offered the show and take it, and that's where the show is going to go.

    I loved this first episode, my only concern is that they've set the bar pretty high, and i hope they can keep it up. Yes, this is another Hollywood production about Hollywood, and at this rate, the next big danger might become an overabundance of this genre which would turn into a generation growing up with the belief they can get these jobs of power within the field, ignorantly beleive they can change it, and all the while forgetting the far simpler goal of leading a happy life in a suburb with a nice little family (essentially shifting the American Dream from family to fame thus creating a generation of failed actor/writer/director/musician slaves) However, *this* show has integrity, even though it does glorify the lifestyle that we already glorify way too much.

    All i can say is, I hope they keep finding more real issues like the ones presented in the pilot and go with those instead of going with the 'drama.' I wouldn't mind if Matt said he was high in every scene he was in, its funny, and they really sell it, especially when matt had a heartfelt man to man with danny and ends it with "good, because i don't remember what I just said" to which danny replies with a smile "its ok, I do." In the first episode, they've really set up alot of good dynamics to go with...i'm crossing my fingers for this show.
  • The best show never to get a Second Season

    I love this show, matthew perry and all the crew are amazing, i dont think there is one missed beat in the entire series.

    Sorkin does an amazing job of creating characters and storylines which are so easy to follow, yet incredibly inteligent. This is the best example of articulate scripting. Rather than pander to the lowest denomonater, Studio 60 provides a show for those willign to accept an intellectualy stimulating experience.

    My greatest shock came when i discovered that this was not being renewed. However this show was my gateway into sorkins work, and i because of this show i have had the joy of watching and understanding the instiution that was the West Wing....the West Wing was great, in my opinion this is BETTER
  • One of the best shows ever made.

    This was one of the best shows ever made.

    People who liked it absolutely loved it. People who didn't understand it hated it. People who made it started going after the numbers towards the end. Well it had to die. It was ahead of its time. If my kids ever see it and find out it was shut down after one season, they are bound to wonder if our generation was close minded.

    I hope my kids grow up learning to question things. If there were more shows like this one, they would have a better chance at that and I won't need to work quite as hard.
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Please bring it back

    I thought this show was fab. I can't believe it ended after one season. It was very funny and I though the writing of the show was brilliant. I think the way viewing rating are looked at needs to be changed. As I work nights, I recoreded every show then watched after. In the first episode Danny could'nt make moveies for 2 years. This indicated to me that 2 seasons of this show was for certain. I can't believe there won't be a second Season. We need to keep posting these reviews to try and get the show back.
  • I think the show should have lasted at least two seasons. Matt and Danny signed on to Studio 60 for two years because of Danny's drug problem. That would've made me happy if they finished those two years at least. It will become a classic.

    I think the show should have lasted at least two seasons. Matt and Danny signed on to Studio 60 for two years because of Danny's drug problem. That would've made me happy if they finished those two years at least. It will become a classic in television history. The ending wrapped up many of the major issues fast and even though I loved the show it did have a few disappointments. They never showed us the "Crazy Christians" sketch, nor did they show the sketch that got Danny and Matt fired. I'm sure that if those sketches were shown that it would've created much controversy which definitely would've pushed the show to higher ratings. Even with that flaw I'd still have to give that show a 10 out of 10.
  • Too smart for today's mindless TV

    I like this show tells todays problems in a entertainment way, you get to know the charters, and there is some funny bits, that keeps the show from being too dry.

    This is one of those shows that would have been great if the network had some fate in their audience, given it a chance for word of month to spread then it would have worked out. But of course the ratings right off the bat, that is why it was cancelled.

    I hope some other network picks it up, but probably not, too bad, another smart shows bits the dust again.
  • Phenomenal show, but way too smart and fast-paced for the average tv viewer.

    This show is absolutely fantastic. It's smart, funny, witty, entertaining, intriguing...and yet for all of those exact same reasons, I can see why this show has such poor ratings.

    The average television viewer doesn't want "smart". They don't want "witty". They don't want "intrigue", or something they may have to pay attention to in order to keep up with the dialogue. The majority has spoken, and they'd rather be spoon-fed some "wife-swapping, karaoke-singing, smarter-than-a-5th-grader" reality crap than anything that would take an IQ above 74 to follow.

    And thus, Studio 60 falls by the wayside, to join Arrested Development as one of many comedies that were too smart for their audiences.
  • Best New Show - Hands Down

    I've held off until after November sweeps to select my favorite new show of the season. Without question, Studio 60 takes the cake. As a avid West Wing fan, I may be slightly biased, but Sorkin has to be the wisest television writer in Hollywood. Perhaps there's no better team than Sorkin and Schlamme. Good storytellers write about what they know. The parallels in this show to the writers, producers, and actors real lives may be noticed by some, but completely oblivious to others. Watching the first few episodes knowing about Sorkin and Perry's past problems with drugs, and Peet's media struggles with the tabloids, to name a few examples, the true Sorkin fan will appreciate the comparisons. Much like The West Wing, there are evident similarities between the two shows. The title screens are the same, many of the actors have appeared on TWW (Whitford, Perry, Busfield, Goodman, etc.), and the same sweeping camera work is involved. Like their previous Sorkin collaborations, the abovementioned actors show they are true professionals when it comes to the witty, smart dialogue we fans are accustomed to. The newcomers, primarily Paulson, Corddry, Hughley and Peet seem adapted very well to their roles. Overall, the show is remarkably well-cast.
    It's good to know that NBC has some faith in this show. One of the recurring themes portrays its mother network in a positive light, seeking out intelligent shows for a wiser audience. Only time will tell if they live up to that end of the bargain, but I for one, will be along for the ride until the end.
  • FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe that they cancelled this show. What for? Deal or no deal? Or some other absurd reality show. This show had it ALL. The writing was great and you found yourself realting to many character. And the comdeic timing of this cast was unbelievable. How is that we can get saturated with Law & order and CSI but cant keep a show if this quality on the air? Do the poeple that decide ever actually watch the show? More importantly do they have any artistic integurity at all or will they just feed the masses the garbage they want to turn a profit. Hopefully the smart folks at HBO can pick it up even or something like it. I dont expect Network TV to have any brains which is why they are losing audiences by the second.
  • Studio 60 is a long running SNL-esque series on fictional network NBS-straight from the mind of Aaron Sorkin S60 was kind of going downhill The writing staff was trying to hard to be funny Wow this really is SNL and then their EP had a mental breakdown...

    I read today that my favorite new drama of the past tv season is basically dead-except for 7 final episodes due to start airing once again at the end of May...

    Back in fall 2006 NBC aired two similar series about what happens behind the scenes at network televison comedy skit shows- drama Studio 60 on the Strip, and comedy 30 Rock besides the obvious genre diffence a main difference between the shows is that 30 Rock has been picked up for a second season, this is ironic because 30 Rock sucked. Studio 60 was a masterpiece..30 Rock was a snorefest(It was so unfunny it was amazing) Critics at first hailed the new show saying Aaron Sorkin was a tv genius...and then changed their minds saying that the show went downhill...and when the critic-backing left so did the ratings. In June Studio 60 will come to a close....far to soon and though it wasn't a long was a good run...

  • Out of over 16,000 shows this ranks 33rd on this site, personally I think thats a good enough rating.

    Out of over 16,000 shows this ranks 33rd on this site, personally I think thats a good enough rating, This show is great, the one thing that might make it more popular is if it wasn't nearly all set inside the studio.
    There is very little insite into the Caracters lives as the show is mostly set around the making the show. I also think that there is too much time spent on Matthew Perrys caracter. He is great but this show has a lot more to offer.
    I would personally like to know how I can watch the rest of this serious and would like to see another. I seem to Like shows that keep getting cancelled.
  • Although Sorkin, Perry and Whitford’s previous work makes me overly bias toward this show I really do believe that it will become one of the flagship shows for its network in time. Firstly, what really struck me, even from the first ep was

    Although Sorkin, Perry and Whitford’s previous work makes me overly bias toward this show I really do believe that it will become one of the flagship shows for its network in time. Firstly, what really struck me, even from the first ep was the world that the director and art director have constructed around the characters which is fascinating. The amount of activity in the background of many scenes helps give the audience the feeling that the characters are part of something much bigger than the particular conversation they are having at the time or the situation they are currently dealing with. Matt and Danny have been well established which is no surprise given Sorkin’s track record of character creation. But what’s really promising is that their character arc’s have begun already. I have found that, in the first few episodes at least, writers are consumed with trying to establish characters however Sorkin has already started them on their transformations. Such as Danny who announces that he is a recovering addict. We get the feeling that this new found honesty is something that he would not have exhibited during his addiction hence we see his struggle to change his ways and crawl out of the hole that drugs dug for him. One problem I had with the relationship between Matt and Danny is that they are too chummy. Although I understand they have known each other for a while and have formed a bond through their work in film/television together there would be heaps of unspoken tension and subtext between as a result of their past. Particularly things like Danny’s drug problem which would have affected Matt in some detrimental way. Having said that I have total faith in Sorkin and im sure he’s sorting these problems out as I type. The best thing about this show is there is nothing like it out there which is it’s great asset as it can go places that audiences haven’t been yet. My hope is that Sorkin and the production team exploit this to its full potential. Keep watching guys cause this one’ a gem.
  • Awesome show

    Awesome show, cancelled too early. I watched it while it was on and remembered thinking how silly it was that it got cancelled. I started watching it again a few days ago and finished the whole season because it was so good I couldn't stop watching it. Now, I am very sad that it was cancelled and there are no more episodes to watch. It seems very stupid that it ever got cancelled and wasn't picked up by another channel. The cast was perfect for the show and they were perfect together. They all had amazing chemistry and timing. There's nothing else that I can say except go watch it and experience it for yourself.
  • a behind-the-scenes look at a comedy sketch show.

    I was hooked right from the very first episode. I knew Matthew Perry from Friends but not really anyone else nevertheless I fell in love with each of these characters for many differet reasons. The dialouge is quick and smart and its hits both the comedy and drama that I look for in a program. The show was slow to catch on but has steadily grown in the ratings and was recently picked up for a full season. Because the program is a show-within-a-show it has the musical guests, hosts and funny sketches that are the best part of any real sketch show. It also has romance drama and a wonderful buddy realtionship between the two main characters. To anyone unsure about this show give it a chance, and it is likely that at least one of the diverse characters will find you in some way and you will find yourself like I do waiting eagerly for each new episode.
  • Maybe there's nothing we can do about Studio 60 being cancelled. But everyone should watch it... Two thumbs up for Studio 60, and all my hate for those who didn't believe in it. We all lost THE tv show.

    Maybe in the openning of the first episode (when Wes Mendell loses his mind), Aaron Sorkin pronosticated the sad, sad ending of this excellent serie. People prefers tv shows that entertain 12 year old minds, and us, the people who want (and ask everytime we can) quality tv, we get nothing, but this kind of really sad cancellations. Studio 60 was (i dear to say it) the best show i've ever seen. All the actors were in their zone, a fresh and a totally different Matthew, his almost brother Danny, the cute couple of Tom Jeter and Lucy, devoted Harry and the gorgeus and talented Jordan Mc Deere. This show is, by far, the consolidation of sorkin as a great producer, and he risked a lot with all those "antipatriotic" phrases, all the truths that he let go about the Network Industry. Studio 60 said a lot of things that only a few have the nerve to tell. Is trendsetter, with its long long sequences (beautifully lightened), and its cutting edge script.

    Maybe there's nothing we can do about Studio 60 being cancelled. But everyone should watch it, even more the people that lives making a lot of crappy shows that we will see at least for 3 seasons (what a waste of time, and money). Two thumbs up for Studio 60, and all my hate for those who didn't believe in it. We all lost THE tv show.
  • NBC axed a show which still had potential for drama and comedy and which was making relevant comments on Hollywood, business and politics in today's America. They invested a lot and gave up too early.

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip sadly wasn't given the chance to develop into a long-running series. It did have the potential for it. There were several interesting plotlines which might easily have been continued, there were many interesting characters and relationships of various types between them. Apart from the various love-interest elements there was a lot about the relation between Hollywood and politics, comedic art and business, the difference between religious and agnostic America, a course on how to be a liberal and still patriotic and more. Some viewers seem to have felt all this was too loosely connected, but I was always grateful to Aaron Sorkin for keeping the show so fluid and versatile (we have enough shows which are always going for the same thing and far too many where romance and/or sex are really the only subject). On top of the excellent writing and directing we got superb acting, lavish production, plus some exciting, albeit brief musical performances. Even now, three quarters of a year later I still think this show should not have been given the axe by NBC, they seem to have caved in after some critics accused Sorkin of not being focused where in reality they did not get what his concept was. This show as about what is going on in America, how the various groups are finding it hard to unite behind one flag and how this affects the media.
  • Great source of witty drama

    The first and only season was great! I thought they set up all the characters well & could have really taken off for the next years to come. I love fast banter conversations (starting in the way-back machine MOONLIGHTING - Ah Bruce Willis, we hardly knew thee.) I try to do that at my job too. It challenges your brain, keeps you involved in the story.

    And I really like Matthew Perry. I know sometimes it is an aquired taste and the talent of the writers, but it takes a good skill to deliver those lines with effectiveness.

    Too sad, it seems it is gone.
  • Show is promising but needs to get rid of the \"Harriet\" character. Also, viewers needed to be reminded that the actors on the underlying Studio 60 show are comedy actors. They should be allowed to be funny on occasion.

    Studio 60 is promising. I enjoyed the West Wing and Sports Night, and this show shares some of the elements of those fine shows. I have a serious criticism, however. Get rid of the Harriet character. The character is completely unbelievable, and the actress that plays her (Sara Paulson?) is just as false when she woodenly delivers her lines. The idea of fundamentalist being on an SNL-type show is fodder for a comedy sketch, and not a believable character in a drama about the backstage production of such a show. Moreover, that actress is just terrible. She and Matthew Perry generate about as much heat as a small kitchen appliance bulb. She sucks the energy out of every scene she is in. If the relationship between her and Matthew Perry\'s character is what is supposed to fuel these plots, then the show will die a quick death. Write her out or dramatically reduce her exposure for the good of the show.

    On a more general note, the show would benefit by lightening up some of the backstage scenes with the cast. I know that the staging of the actual Studio 60 comedy sketches should be viewing critically and in light of the underlying plot point to which they correspond, but the underlying fictional show is supposed to be about comedy. The purported comedy actors should show that they are funny when they are off-stage as well, at least occassionally. I think that having good comedy actors like Nate Corrdry and D.L. Hughley being funny would make the whole conceit of the show tighter and slightly less procedural.
  • Lost between the West Wing and the West Coast

    I really like the cast. From the opening scenes, it was clear that there is a chemistry that grabs you attention. Even if Amanda Peet\'s Network TV Exec (Jordan) has the same level of authenticity as Lisa Edelstein\'s Hospital Honcho on House (ie, none), and the Bradley Whitford (Danny) / Matthew Perry (Matt) combo are cookie-cutter, smartest-guy-in-the-room characters ripped from the pages of the West Wing, the Steven Webber (Jack), Tim Busfield (Cal) and especially DL Hughley (Simon) portrayals shine. I give a lot of credit to Hughley. While Dane Cook has demonstrated how easy (although pointless) it is for an actor to play a comedian, I would imagine it\'s very difficult for an actor to play an actor, and even harder for a comedian to play a comedian. The rest of the ensemble displays an underrated knack for being part of the story without the need for so much attention. Except, not surprisingly, for the adorable Sarah Paulson (Harriet). This portrayal has all the subtlety of Ellen Pompeo\'s Merideth (ie, none), even borrowing the lispy speach affect. Although the actors are almost invisible (as they probably should be), I like the Ricky & Ron roles, even if they are a bit cliche. What is irking me is the cliche insecurity in all the other no-name upstarts. The problem overall is a lack of character development: It\'s being rammed down our throats that Matt & Danny are flawed people, but god-like heroes on the job; Harriet is an awesome star, with a hint of vulnerability (not); Ricky & Ron are insubbordinate jerks, but will benefit from the tough love shown by Hero Danny; Jordan is a hard-nosed pro at work, but has some skeleton\'s in the closet from her personal life.

    I\'m sure I\'ll follow on for a few more weeks, just to see if they tone down the Harriet, take the token off of Simon, and move the spotlight onto members of the ensemble. I doubt it. I lost interest in the West Wing a long time ago because it fell into the formula that so obviously envelops Studio 60. The difference here is that while the West Wing was often glib about the rather serious matter of government affairs, Studio 60 is way too serious about the rather inconsequential matter of a sketch-comedy show.

    The really painful connection to the old West Wing is the underlying jackhammer message that people in government / show business are smarter and better than the rest of us. I guess it\'s okay to hold your characters up there when they\'re running a country, but people loved Seinfeld and Entourage (and put up with that Larry David show) for embracing the exact opposite philosophy on show business.

    Finally, under the fine-tuning category, I hope we don\'t get more of the show within a show. The \'Cold Open\' episode demonstrated that the idea of singing about your producer doing blow is waaay funnier than actually singing about your producer doing blow. Matt captured that moment perfectly: staring at the stage, through the glass window of his office, with a blank expression. I know how he felt.
  • Bring it Back!!!

    I know it will never happen - but possibly the most criminal cancellation in TV history.
  • Unique show..

    Gotta say.. This is one of the best series I've the pleasure to watch.. And yet I understand why it was ended. Notice: ended not "cancelled". All the greatest things have ends. People should realize of that, and in this particularly case I have to say it: there where no other stuff to go on. Everybody got their happy endings and doing another season would have been wrong unless they change characters or the final episode. Let's just say it.. sometimes its better not to have a second part, and just let the future of personates on the imagination of the viewers.
  • This is a great show. I can't even believe that they aren't bringing it back. It was one of the best shows on tv. Someone somewhere needs to do something to get it back.

    This show has a great cast. There is not one character that doesn't work. The writing is up to date, quick, funny, serious, etc. The best writing and story lines. I love the quick wit and story lines between the characters. Just because some people cant' follow it - please leave the realty shows for those who just sit and watch tv and give us back Studio 60 for those who think and watch tv..
  • You can't have an intellegent show on the north american airwaves. They just don't want to think.

    Yes, I really mean it, you moron americans can't appreciate a quality show like this that brings up real issues. You can't stand any show that isn't the right wing religous 50's blowback or ironically enough some reality show with good looking people crying and talking about how hard their life is.

    And I am not discounting Canadians in this etheir, we are becomming as bad as the US as well as many intellegent Canadian shows have goen by the wayside due to lack of interest.

    Why hasn't Aaron Sorkin tried to sell this show to HBO? Or to some smaller network or maybe Sky in britian. If North America wants to sink into it's vegetative state and obsesses over nudity and religon then dump them.
  • I also have to ask those who are accusing the show as being Anti-Christen to count all the Christian characters you see on TV. Then with your other hand count how many Christian characters are presented in a positive light on TV.

    Never Judge a Show by it’s Pilot: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I watched the pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip with my wife and when it was over she said, "He's back". He being Aaron Sorkin the Emmy Award-winning executive producer-writer of The West Wing. Sorkin along with Emmy Award-winning executive producer-director of The West Wing Thomas Schlamme brings us an intelligent look at the television industry. To call Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip a "backstage look at a late night comedy show" is not doing the show justice. This show examines Television's creative talent, decision-making executives, arbiters of standards & practices, the audience and that’s in the first five minutes. We open with Wes Mendell (Judd Hirsch) having an argument with Jerry Jones (Michael Stuhlbarg) the network censor over a smartly written sketch that could potentially offend religious people. After the censer pulls rank the controversial sketch is pulled and replaced something unfunny and lame. When the show goes on live, Wes walks on camera dismisses the cast and delivers a controversial rant similar to the "I'm as mad as hell" speech delivered by Peter Finch in the 1976 movie Network about the television industry.

    "Ah, it’s not going to be a very good show tonight and I think you should change the channel. Change the channel. Right, right now. Turn off the TV ok. No, no, I know it sounds like this is supposed to be funny but tomorrow you’re going to find out it wasn’t and by that time I’ll be fired. Now, this is not, this is not, this is not a sketch. This show used to be cutting edge political and social satire, but it’s gotten lobotomized by a candy ass broadcast network hell-bent on doing nothing that might challenge their audience. We were about to do a sketch that you’ve seen already about 500 times. Yeah, I know. Now no one is about to confuse George Bush with George Plimpton. Now we get it. We’re all being lobotomized by this country’s most influential industry. It’s just throwing in the towel on any endeavor to do anything that doesn’t include the courting of 12-year-old boys. Not even the smart 12-year-olds, the stupid ones, the idiots. Which there are plenty, thanks in no small measure to this network. So why don’t you just, change the channel, turn off the TV. Do it right now, go ahead. Oh, I get it. There is a struggle between art and commerce. Well there has always been a struggle between art and commerce. Now, I’m telling you, art is getting its ass kicked. And it’s making us mean. And it’s making us **** It’s making us cheap punks, that’s not who we are! People are having contests to see how much they can be like Donald Trump. We’re eating worms for money. Who wants to screw my sister! Guys are getting killed in a war that’s got theme music and a logo. That remote in your hand is a crack pipe. Oh yea, every once in a while we pretend to be appalled in some way. Pornographers, its not even good pornography, it’s just this side of snuff films. And friends, that’s what’s next because that’s all that’s left. And the two things that make them scared gutless are the FCC and every psycho religious cult that gets positively horny at the very mention at a boycott. These are the people that they’re afraid of. It’s prissy, feckless, off the charts, greed-filled whorehouse of a network. And you are watching this thoroughly unpatriotic..."

    Then the show’s director (Timothy Busfield), under pressure from the censer cuts to the show’s opening titles.

    I have three thoughts,
    1. I have been saying a lot of this stuff on my blog for the past two years.
    2. If you don’t like what you see, like the man said, "Turn off the TV". Why is this so hard to understand?
    3. When people say that Hollywood is out of touch with America, I know they mean the creative people in front of and behind the camera. My question is, are network’s Standards and Practices people any more in touch with America?

    Back to the show. Wes’s tirade gets him fired by the network chairman Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber) and the recently-promoted network president Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet) rehires Matt Albie (Matthew Perry) and Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford) who left the show four years prior over disagreements with network executives. To make things more complicated Danny has a history of drug problems and Matt has recently ended a relationship with on of the show’s performer Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson) who is also a devout Christian, but stood by the controversial sketch (Titled: Crazy Christians) because it was funny. The episode ends with Jordan telling Matt to air the sketch next week.

    The pilot struck a perfect balance between the premise and the introducing the main characters. I liked what I saw and feel that more shows should be like this, not a copy of this show but something that goes along with the spirit of the above rant. Still with all I just said I never judge a show by it’s pilot.

    In the next episode we see the first day at work for Jordan, Matt and Danny. The Crazy Christians sketch is going to air. There are protests from Christian groups and some network affiliates are refusing to air the episode. We also get to meet the supporting cast including hack writers Ron Oswald (Evan Handler) and Ricky Beck (Carlos Jacott). The show (within the show) opens with a musical version of the shows recent problems sung to Gilbert and Sullivan’s I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General that proves to be a great closing to the show (that we are watching).

    The question has to be asked, "Why should I care about people who work on a late night comedy show?" It's true they don't save lives like the characters on E.R., run the country like the characters on The West Wing or keep the streets safe like the characters do on countless crime dramas. Instead the late night comedy shows make us laugh at the end of a long hard day. Through satire they show elected officials how the public sees them. Sadly, they are some people’s only source of news and in times of crisis they remind us that it is okay to laugh. I also have to ask those who are accusing the show as being Anti-Christen to count all the Christian characters you see on TV. Then with your other hand count how many Christian characters are presented in a positive light on TV. My hope is that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip becomes the next great water cooler show. Unlike other water cooler shows where people just talk about what the characters did, here we can shift topic of conversation to the issues discussed on the show. This show could be bigger than The West Wing, if Aaron Sorkin is kept in charge and left alone to do his job,

    To quote Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet), "Well, there are gonna be some horny psycho-religious cults tonight".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • This show was too good for it's time.

    In a world where over half the shows on TV are moronic reality shows and just plain idiotic game shows, Studio 60 dared to be different. It dared to be exceptionally funny, extremely smart, and contain probably the best script and dialog between characters ever. I truly think that most people are too dumb to actually enjoy this show. I was heartbroken when I found it had been canceled. I'm sure if they hadn't aired it at 10 PM on a Monday night it would have gotten a lot more viewers, because the fact is, this show is inexplicably amazing.
  • A fantastic find! I didn't really "get" the concept of a fictional NBC show about a fictional comedy sketch show based on an actual NBC comedy sketch show (or wasn't willing to listen when I did hear about it), but I'm SO happy I finally gave it a try.

    I just discovered "Studio 60" when there was a marathon on Bravo this past weekend. After catching a couple of shows, I was immediately hooked and quickly found the rest of the episodes online so I could get up to speed for the rest of the season.

    This show is intelligent, funny, and unafraid to challenge its viewers. They have fast-paced, timely and engaging storylines, and I genuinely like all of the characters. I think the show could very easily pick a "bad guy"--be it the Chairman played by Steven Weber or even the NBS President played by Amanda Peete (come on, a woman in power who isn't a b****?!?)--but the show is classy and doesn't stoop to that level.

    Additionally, I was so happy when I saw episodes where they fully embraced the issue of race representation on mainstream television/intra-race issues behind the scenes of mainstream television. I appreciate that D.L. Hughley's character was willing to speak up about the ability of a white character to write about the intricacies/subtelties of a life he is not familiar with or comfortable exposing in the way he can expose the experiences in his own life. And I equally appreciated the willingness of Matthew Perry's character to listen to D.L.'s character. Not to mention the wonderfully acted struggles between the (still only) black writer and the black actor who got him his job. "Studio 60" is a show whose characters talk like real people, who live in the real world (if you can call L.A. real, that is).

    This is a show where I find every actor's presence a real contribution to the show, which I think is a lot to say for such a large ensemble cast. This is truly one of those well-written, well-acted shows where I just want to crawl inside the world of the characters and stay for a good long while! I certainly hope it stays on the air and I'm able to visit or years and years...
  • If you are still considering watching this. STOP. Find a TV right now, sit down and watch this show.

    Ever since "Sports Night" Aaron Sorkin has proved beyond any doubt that he can right very smart very funny and very dramatic television. So I was expecting very good things from Studio 60. Considering this I cannot tell you how much this show has exceeded my greatest expectations. It is the very pinical of good television, from the stories (excelent) to the acting. Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Bradley Whitford (always worth watching him),Steven Weber, Nathan Corddry, ect. all brilliant perfect for the roles.
    If this does fail and gets pulled I will be blaiming not just the network but YOU the reader, considering wether or not to watch this fantastic show or not.

  • This is an outstanding show. It's way above anything else in terms of dialogue and character development.

    This is an outstanding show. It's way above anything else in terms of dialogue and character development. The premise may lack the broad attraction that West Wing had simply because the fascination of the Office of the POTUS cannot be matched by a the internal tribulations in a TV network. Nevertheless the story lines are original and, while it may not be gripping, this is such good quality television that it is a joy to watch.
  • I don't what it is, but this show has got more life and feeling in it that most other shows currently being offered do.

    Well, it's easy to get sidetracked these days with crime, the supernatural and the odd sci-fi show that's on tv. Mind, some of these shows are quite good, there's no doubt about that. But Studio 60 to me has something more, probably because I don't have to wear boots on account of 100 gallons of blood being spilled out of the screen with every episode. While that might be fun once in a while, it hardly does anything for your carpet. Seriously. Remember when you could watch a show and be entertained by what was being said and not because of an explosion? In any event, I just hope this one's going to be around for a while longer - it would be sad to see it go.
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