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  • A great show!!

    What a fantastic show this was... I only started watching it because Bradley Whitford starred in it, and since watching the west wing, I became a huge fan of his. But from the very first episode I was hooked and not just beacuse of him, but for the complete package, show, characters and story...

    Aaron Sorkin really did it again, and my huge, huge compliments for Matthew Perry, whom I only knew from Friends (which I didn't really like) but I'm deeply impressed with his acting skills now... I felt all of his pain whith the Harriet relationship...

    I find it hugely unfair that the show got cancelled after just one season...

    Great show all in all, and I'm gonna watch sports night now, with huge expectations...
  • The Philistines Have Spoken

    @edwinacewongkaren - NBC didn't hate the show's skewering of network television, in fact the NBC's president personally loved it which is why it got a full 22 episode order, despite being on the rails from the start.

    @KieranWallser - It may have had an 8.7 here, but networks don't look at ratings. In the ratings they do look at (Nielsen, mostly) the show was always lacklustre.

    American audiences (broadly speaking) tend to not like "smart" shows, and they never do well on network television. If AMC or NetFlix had existed at the time, this show may have found more staying power there.
  • I know why it was cancelled !!!

    This show was a smart and good show, for the life of me I didn't know why it was cancelled and it only dawned on me last night whilst watching it for the umpteen times

    This show was basically berating and was a satire for the establishment in which the show was being showed on . NBC). Maybe the powers to be at NBC didn't like how much most of the stories that sarcastically depict how they censored and pick their shows are hitting too close to home
  • Bring it Back!!!

    I know it will never happen - but possibly the most criminal cancellation in TV history.
  • season 1

    Aaron Sorkin is a genius and we all know that .that how he makes this show funny , sad and serious all at the same time, plus had a minimum rating of 8.7 how can NBC justify canceling such a strong show . they should bring it back now think it would be loved more then before .
  • just average

    The 2 main characters are very good, but what lets it down is the support cast.

    Sarah Paulson has no chemistry with anyone - so her story arcs really drag. . Hughley tries, but he is boxed into a stereotype a few episodes in and becomes one dimensional.

    The network characters become bland and again a bit one dimensional.

    There is some great dialog in the series and some very good performances, but as a series it it is kind of fractured, if there were a few different casting choices made and a better character backstory to some of the characters and better sketches for the show it would probably have been more successful.

    I am a huge Sorkin fan, but the West Wing was a really tough act to follow so this may have colored my judgement.
  • pretentious

    the show & characters are pretentious, overly dramatic, angsty & full of self-importance; making the show feel contrived & unconvincing, especially since it's about comedy writers, not say, medics, soldiers or criminal lawyers. The characters all have similar personalities (moody, sarcastic wannabe rebels). The skits Studio 60 produce are all God-awful lol! However, the show was mildly interesting & fast-paced. I'm a huge Matthew Perry fan, which is the only reason I kept watching the show
  • Studio 60 was one of those show that was before it's time I guess.

    It is really sad that this show was not around for more then one season. It was so good. I believe with all my heart that this is top ten of the best shows to go on the air of all time. It was not on the air long enough. The ensemble cast was top notch I don't think you could have had a better cast. Matthew Perry led the cast along with Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peat. Studio 60 not only had top notch acting what was the best about this show was the writing of Aaron Sorkin. I loved him since The West Wing but this show just elevated him in my mind to greatness. I long for the days of Studio 60. Again This show was to good for TV because it didn't suck.
  • The best show never to get a Second Season

    I love this show, matthew perry and all the crew are amazing, i dont think there is one missed beat in the entire series.

    Sorkin does an amazing job of creating characters and storylines which are so easy to follow, yet incredibly inteligent. This is the best example of articulate scripting. Rather than pander to the lowest denomonater, Studio 60 provides a show for those willign to accept an intellectualy stimulating experience.

    My greatest shock came when i discovered that this was not being renewed. However this show was my gateway into sorkins work, and i because of this show i have had the joy of watching and understanding the instiution that was the West Wing....the West Wing was great, in my opinion this is BETTER
  • Unique show..

    Gotta say.. This is one of the best series I've the pleasure to watch.. And yet I understand why it was ended. Notice: ended not "cancelled". All the greatest things have ends. People should realize of that, and in this particularly case I have to say it: there where no other stuff to go on. Everybody got their happy endings and doing another season would have been wrong unless they change characters or the final episode. Let's just say it.. sometimes its better not to have a second part, and just let the future of personates on the imagination of the viewers.
  • Awesome show

    Awesome show, cancelled too early. I watched it while it was on and remembered thinking how silly it was that it got cancelled. I started watching it again a few days ago and finished the whole season because it was so good I couldn't stop watching it. Now, I am very sad that it was cancelled and there are no more episodes to watch. It seems very stupid that it ever got cancelled and wasn't picked up by another channel. The cast was perfect for the show and they were perfect together. They all had amazing chemistry and timing. There's nothing else that I can say except go watch it and experience it for yourself.
  • FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant believe that they cancelled this show. What for? Deal or no deal? Or some other absurd reality show. This show had it ALL. The writing was great and you found yourself realting to many character. And the comdeic timing of this cast was unbelievable. How is that we can get saturated with Law & order and CSI but cant keep a show if this quality on the air? Do the poeple that decide ever actually watch the show? More importantly do they have any artistic integurity at all or will they just feed the masses the garbage they want to turn a profit. Hopefully the smart folks at HBO can pick it up even or something like it. I dont expect Network TV to have any brains which is why they are losing audiences by the second.
  • Deja-vu all over again

    Sorkin, unfortunately, made the same mistake here as he did with Sports Night, only faster this time. He turned away from a fun, smart buddy show and instead, focused on dysfunctional, hurtful relationships. I loved every episode until the Matt and Harriet relationship starting dominating. Then the show lost it's momentum. The same with the Casey and Dana relationship in Sports Night.

    In both shows, you have a cast of characters with great chemistry. They lead exciting lives and are exceptionally good at their jobs. It doesn't take long for us to like and admire these characters. With that, you can keep an audience. That is, unless you leave the audience feeling bad for their favorite characters at the end of episode after episode. I don't tune into shows to feel worse when its over.

    The last episode of '60' went back to the starting formula. It showed they knew how to write it, but chose not to.

    It was too good a show to let die so soon.
  • Smart, interesting, complex, bears repeated viewing. Romantic, relevant, funny. What more can you ask for? Loved the show and love it on hulu also.

    Underappreciated but my all time fav one hour show. Great acting, great writing, lots of fun, romance, complex relationships, very very well done. Just never found an audience. The people I spoke to when it was on the air, just weren't interested in watching it for some reason. The first episode grabs you so hard, I can't imagine anyone not watching after that first incredible episode. The romances between Danny and Jordan and Matt and Harriet are interesting, funny, and smart. Isn't this the type of show we always want? Do yourself a favor and watch it on hulu.
  • One of the best shows ever made.

    This was one of the best shows ever made.

    People who liked it absolutely loved it. People who didn't understand it hated it. People who made it started going after the numbers towards the end. Well it had to die. It was ahead of its time. If my kids ever see it and find out it was shut down after one season, they are bound to wonder if our generation was close minded.

    I hope my kids grow up learning to question things. If there were more shows like this one, they would have a better chance at that and I won't need to work quite as hard.
  • I really think this show is such a great show...

    It has quality comedy and drama. I love Jordan McDeer, Amanda Peet just does a wonderful job with her. I also love the other characters especially Matt Albie and his interaction with Danny. I think NBC made a too quick of a decision on cutting it from their line-up. Harriet and Matt are great. I knew when the reporter was trying to figure out about Matt and Harriet that Harriet had been his inspiration to write better or well. Ah, what a guy does to show off. Once again it really is a shame that this show isn't on the air anymore. I guess other people just missed the humor, wit, and what not of the show. Thumbs up to the actors and Aaron Sorkin.
  • Great source of witty drama

    The first and only season was great! I thought they set up all the characters well & could have really taken off for the next years to come. I love fast banter conversations (starting in the way-back machine MOONLIGHTING - Ah Bruce Willis, we hardly knew thee.) I try to do that at my job too. It challenges your brain, keeps you involved in the story.

    And I really like Matthew Perry. I know sometimes it is an aquired taste and the talent of the writers, but it takes a good skill to deliver those lines with effectiveness.

    Too sad, it seems it is gone.
  • NBC axed a show which still had potential for drama and comedy and which was making relevant comments on Hollywood, business and politics in today's America. They invested a lot and gave up too early.

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip sadly wasn't given the chance to develop into a long-running series. It did have the potential for it. There were several interesting plotlines which might easily have been continued, there were many interesting characters and relationships of various types between them. Apart from the various love-interest elements there was a lot about the relation between Hollywood and politics, comedic art and business, the difference between religious and agnostic America, a course on how to be a liberal and still patriotic and more. Some viewers seem to have felt all this was too loosely connected, but I was always grateful to Aaron Sorkin for keeping the show so fluid and versatile (we have enough shows which are always going for the same thing and far too many where romance and/or sex are really the only subject). On top of the excellent writing and directing we got superb acting, lavish production, plus some exciting, albeit brief musical performances. Even now, three quarters of a year later I still think this show should not have been given the axe by NBC, they seem to have caved in after some critics accused Sorkin of not being focused where in reality they did not get what his concept was. This show as about what is going on in America, how the various groups are finding it hard to unite behind one flag and how this affects the media.
  • America wasn't ready for it

    In my opinion this was one of the best new shows in recent history. It covered the whole spectrum of human emotion in a single 60 minute episode and you felt that the cast really understood their characters. Sorkin upped the ante here and presented topics that a lot of people are not comfortable hearing jokes about. I thought he did it in an appropriate way, given the context of the show and fearful state of our nation. I just don't think America was ready to hear jokes about God, patriotism, censorship, etc. People don't want a smart shows. Look at the success of Lost: a show that makes absolutely no sense and has no relevance.

    I was very saddened to hear about the show's cancellation but I have given up any hope of it returning. It appears that Sorkin decided to "scuttle the ship" rather than leave any loose plot lines and any hope of returning to this project. That was what saddened me more: the show actually grew cheesy and predictable toward the end, and I wonder if it was for that reason. I'm upset with Sorkin for that, because he could have at least continued the character development that drew us in and left a possibility for a future. He could have always tried to take it to cable.

    All that said, I immediately bought the series on DVD and I have enjoyed seeing it over and over again. The dialogue is quick, witty, sarcastic and relevant... the acting superb. The underrated star of this show was definitely Cal (Timothy Busfield). I had never seen him before and his character was not only completely believable, he was a natural in the role and had great chemistry with Perry and Whitford.

    I could have lived without Amanda Peet being in the series and I only further felt that way when they introduced her pregnancy into the series. Danny Tripp was like a father to the show's cast members already. We didn't need to see the pathetic love pursuit that ensued between Whitford's and Peet's characters. It was a major distraction from what I enjoyed about the show.

    The premise was good, the writing was excellent, the acting (on the whole) was top notch... including an excellent guest role by John Goodman.

    RIP Studio 60, America wasn't ready for you!
  • Maybe there's nothing we can do about Studio 60 being cancelled. But everyone should watch it... Two thumbs up for Studio 60, and all my hate for those who didn't believe in it. We all lost THE tv show.

    Maybe in the openning of the first episode (when Wes Mendell loses his mind), Aaron Sorkin pronosticated the sad, sad ending of this excellent serie. People prefers tv shows that entertain 12 year old minds, and us, the people who want (and ask everytime we can) quality tv, we get nothing, but this kind of really sad cancellations. Studio 60 was (i dear to say it) the best show i've ever seen. All the actors were in their zone, a fresh and a totally different Matthew, his almost brother Danny, the cute couple of Tom Jeter and Lucy, devoted Harry and the gorgeus and talented Jordan Mc Deere. This show is, by far, the consolidation of sorkin as a great producer, and he risked a lot with all those "antipatriotic" phrases, all the truths that he let go about the Network Industry. Studio 60 said a lot of things that only a few have the nerve to tell. Is trendsetter, with its long long sequences (beautifully lightened), and its cutting edge script.

    Maybe there's nothing we can do about Studio 60 being cancelled. But everyone should watch it, even more the people that lives making a lot of crappy shows that we will see at least for 3 seasons (what a waste of time, and money). Two thumbs up for Studio 60, and all my hate for those who didn't believe in it. We all lost THE tv show.
  • Fantastic show, more please!!

    Can't believe they have axed this show, we are about 6 months behind in England but I was so looking forward to a 2nd season! Come on you guys what is wrong with you people this show is great! Its so rare to get a good show these days - yeah ok, Bones, and I hear Joss Whedon is doing one called Dollshouse when the writers strike finishes but if all we ever get of the new shows is one season whats the point. I really like Studio 60 it was an original! Well written with a good cast too!
  • I miss it...

    This show had been getting better and better every week and then right at its prime they pulled it. It makes me so sad to think about it. I rewatch the episodes every once in a while just to remember just how good the show really was and how big of a mistake they made canceling it. We tried to keep it going, but I guess it just wasn't enough. Even so, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip will live on in my heart forever. As soon as I have enough money (lol), I'll go and buy the series on DVD.
  • A good premise, a good cast...but the writing absolutely killed it.

    As a fan of "Sports Night" and "The West Wing," I eagerly awaited Aaron Sorkin's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." As the news of the cast rolled out (Bradley Whitford! Matthew Perry! Ed Asner!) my enthusiasm grew. The pilot was sensational, classic Sorkin and it was the promise of good things to come.

    Then the show really started.

    Was "Studio 60" a romantic comedy? Satire? Hot-button issue drama? Backstage at a sketch comedy show? Yes, and no, it was all and none of these things. Mostly, it was a mess, a waste of talent in front of and behind the camera and the blame can be laid at the feet of its scribe, Aaron Sorkin.

    Clearly miffed with NBC over "The West Wing," and with ex-gal pal Kristen Chenowith and with Republicans and with who knows how many others, Sorkin began peppering the show with non-too-thinly-veiled rants against his detractors, ultimately turning his characters into a gigantic mouthpiece. Instead of inspiring, the show was condescending (comedy can save America! Christianity is stupid! Blacks just need to be told what to do!) and dull.

    I know fans of "Studio 60" rally behind the show and say "It was too smart! That's why people didn't like it! They were too stupid to appreciate it." Well, I don't consider myself stupid. I can tell you the primary reason I didn't enjoy "Studio 60" - I didn't care about the characters. The forced romances between Matt and Harriet and Danny and Jordan were practically chemistry free (Danny was basically a stalker before Jordan "succumbed.") The "cast" were all prima donnas and the only highlight was Steven Weber as Jack, the network exec who did what had to be done. Maybe the show should have been about running a network with Weber in the lead, with Ed Asner in support.

    And for a show that was supposed to be about the trials and tribulations of mounting a live comedy show every week, Sorkin certainly found his "drama" from other venues (Iraq, Asian land deals, law suits, etc.) I wasn't expecting an SNL retread. After all, "Sports Night" wasn't all about sports. But it WAS the world where the characters worked, and it reflected in their lives and relationships. It's something "Sports Night" understood - the guys and gals at CSC didn't think (or act) like they were better and smarter than everyone else, and they didn't think they were saving the world. You'd have thought national policy stemmed from an NBS soundstage.

    I think Aaron Sorkin had too many axes to grind, and that revenge-mentality snuck into his writing. I watched "Studio 60" up through the end, hoping that knowing the show was ending would inspire some stronger writing, but instead we were treated to the hostage crisis and the baby birth. Ultimately, the blame rests with him. He had a great cast, network support and a built-in audience. It's a shame "Studio 60" wasn't a bigger hit, but it's a bigger shame that it wasn't a better show.
  • This is the best show I have ever seen!!! Continue making it please!

    this is the best show ever made! Please bring this show back! I know that all of my friends love it and everyone who I talk to loves it. I think it will do really well if it is given a chance. The way the season ended was great, but we want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please give us more! Do a test run with the season 1 DVD sales and then you will see that you need to bring it back. The good shows such as this one keep getting taken off and the stupid reality tv shows are replacing them :( This is disturbing.
  • The best thing on television, why-oh-why has the show been cancelled!?!

    Smart, funny, excellent cast, high production values and dialogue which is to die for. Quite simply the best piece of American TV programming I have seen, the irony is not lost in the fact that Jordan, a character from the show, championed all the qualities Studio 60 possessed against the mind numbing content of accustomed broadcasting. To now find that the show has been cancelled after reaching the half way point in the show, here in the UK, I have to smile as art imitating life continues and evolves further. It was great whilst it lasted but only the good die young.
  • A wonderful example of what happens on the set of a live late night tv comedy skit show with lives and loves of those involved intermingled displaying how everything that happens behind scenes actually can dictate what happens in front of the camera.

    One of the best shows on television. Extremely fun to watch. Takes your breath away at the fast-paced and witty dialogue between characters. Dramatic yet humorous and full of current affairs. Watching this show you want to become completely absorbed in the lives and storylines of each character. Some of the best writing on television. Brings Saturday Night Live, the early years, back from the past making us wish for many, many, years of playful and energetic banter. It is a show that actually makes you look forward to Monday's. Any show that can do that is worth keeping. Bravo!!!!
  • excellent writing and directing, awesome actors. EXCELLENT show. BRING IT BACK!

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is one of the greatest tv shows for a long time now. It just HAS to come back.
    All - really all of them - actors are really good. The writting's EXCELLENT, I really dont get how the ratings werent that good. It only makes sense if the US audience is not thinking straight. It's definetly one of my favorite shows now and I'll always want to watch it, even if it's only the same 22 episodes. But come on.. I wanna see more!!
    I want to see Danny Tripp as Jordan's hubbie and as a dad. And Matt and Harriett together! By the way, perfect 'season' finale.

    I'm sorry if the english is not perfect, Im doing my best.
  • Signature Sorkin? or has he forgotten he's used these before? That said, on his worst day he's still better that all the rest...

    Forgive me if I'm repeating someone else but:

    "I get that alot" "For reasons passing understanding" "What kind of day has it been?"
    "Jewish guy calls his mother..." lead character can't remember people's names -signature Sorkin? Tired or a bit lazy? or has he forgotten that he's used these before? That said, on his worst day he's still better than all the rest put together. We'd all like to have given Jed Bartlet a third term but still Studio 60 is one of the best things on television and to stop after just one series is a tragedy. Also Matt Perry and Bradley Whitford could recite the telephone directory and I would be happy. Am I a fan, or is this a fetish? hmmm Too close to call.
  • Very well written and entertaining.

    This show has great characters, story line, comedy and drama. What more could you ask for? I looked forward to watching it, I laughed and cried. To me if a show can make me emotional or make me feel good and laugh than it is a good one. I hope this show is brought back. I want to watch the characters grow, be involved in each others lives, and work together as a team. This kind of show helps people see that team work only makes things turn out good. The actors are great and make the show what it is. I absolutely love it and feel it will be a great loss if not returned….
  • One of the top three.

    This show was one of the top three during it's run. It was very well written, well acted and directed and brought with it a sence of "real". The story line and progression kept the show alive frome week to week. The writters did not back down from controversy and the network showed a little "moxy" for airing the episodes that didn't quite conform with the "right way of thinking". I am proud to call myself a fan and to have incouraged others to join in on the fun. With the mind numming drivel that the networks are offering now,I can only conclude that they have joined up with the group that works very hard at "dumbing down America". Please, please, please bring it back.