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  • America wasn't ready for it

    In my opinion this was one of the best new shows in recent history. It covered the whole spectrum of human emotion in a single 60 minute episode and you felt that the cast really understood their characters. Sorkin upped the ante here and presented topics that a lot of people are not comfortable hearing jokes about. I thought he did it in an appropriate way, given the context of the show and fearful state of our nation. I just don't think America was ready to hear jokes about God, patriotism, censorship, etc. People don't want a smart shows. Look at the success of Lost: a show that makes absolutely no sense and has no relevance.

    I was very saddened to hear about the show's cancellation but I have given up any hope of it returning. It appears that Sorkin decided to "scuttle the ship" rather than leave any loose plot lines and any hope of returning to this project. That was what saddened me more: the show actually grew cheesy and predictable toward the end, and I wonder if it was for that reason. I'm upset with Sorkin for that, because he could have at least continued the character development that drew us in and left a possibility for a future. He could have always tried to take it to cable.

    All that said, I immediately bought the series on DVD and I have enjoyed seeing it over and over again. The dialogue is quick, witty, sarcastic and relevant... the acting superb. The underrated star of this show was definitely Cal (Timothy Busfield). I had never seen him before and his character was not only completely believable, he was a natural in the role and had great chemistry with Perry and Whitford.

    I could have lived without Amanda Peet being in the series and I only further felt that way when they introduced her pregnancy into the series. Danny Tripp was like a father to the show's cast members already. We didn't need to see the pathetic love pursuit that ensued between Whitford's and Peet's characters. It was a major distraction from what I enjoyed about the show.

    The premise was good, the writing was excellent, the acting (on the whole) was top notch... including an excellent guest role by John Goodman.

    RIP Studio 60, America wasn't ready for you!