Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

NBC (ended 2007)





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  • NBC axed a show which still had potential for drama and comedy and which was making relevant comments on Hollywood, business and politics in today's America. They invested a lot and gave up too early.

    Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip sadly wasn't given the chance to develop into a long-running series. It did have the potential for it. There were several interesting plotlines which might easily have been continued, there were many interesting characters and relationships of various types between them. Apart from the various love-interest elements there was a lot about the relation between Hollywood and politics, comedic art and business, the difference between religious and agnostic America, a course on how to be a liberal and still patriotic and more. Some viewers seem to have felt all this was too loosely connected, but I was always grateful to Aaron Sorkin for keeping the show so fluid and versatile (we have enough shows which are always going for the same thing and far too many where romance and/or sex are really the only subject). On top of the excellent writing and directing we got superb acting, lavish production, plus some exciting, albeit brief musical performances. Even now, three quarters of a year later I still think this show should not have been given the axe by NBC, they seem to have caved in after some critics accused Sorkin of not being focused where in reality they did not get what his concept was. This show as about what is going on in America, how the various groups are finding it hard to unite behind one flag and how this affects the media.