Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 11

The Christmas Show

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on NBC

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  • Matt the Jewish guy trying to convinve everyone to get into the chrismas sprit. Aaron sorkin at his best.

    Well lets see Matt the Jewish guy(by the way I am Jewish so I think I can go into this) upset that no one wants to take the CHrismas SHow seriously. THen everyone going into how the whole \\\"real story\\\" of chrismas is a sham. Now I knew about the comet and the three wisemen. I knew about the guy who drew santa clause in the 1930\\\'s and I even knew about that the imacalate conception had nothing to do with the birth of Jesus but that he was actualy born in NOrth Africa that is a knew one on me. Is it just me or to have Jordan basicly having a virgin birth just to much of a cowinadence during a chrismas show.
  • Wonderful episode, best so far.

    Wow, I love this show. It keeps getting better and better, and now I am going to have trouble waiting until January for the new episodes!!!
    This episode had everything - wonderful holiday spirit, funny jokes (that Santa on Dateline thing was wonderful!), romance (Danny and Jordan, Matt and Harry), and a wonderful tribute to New Orleans (which oddly, the one thing I was really happy about is they said New Orleans the proper way, well, the way i was taught was correct by people from New Orleans).
    I think Danny and Jordan are almost as cute as Matt and Harry. I am always a fan of a bit of romance, and those two couples, I just love!
  • While Matt is trying to convince his people that Christmas is a worthy theme and Jack is fighting off the FCC; Danny is fighting his growing feelings toward a particular person... Welcome to Christmas at Studio 60!

    This episode was amazing; scripting and acting alike. Jack is finally acting human; very nice to see. I can\'t imagine being in his position. Jordan\'s (as president) yes; Jack\'s- no way. Asner coming to Jack\'s rescue was awesome!

    I love how no matter how much Simon and Tom and the writers try to convince Matt that Christmas just a ploy that he sticks with his gut and stays with Christmas as the theme. Whitford played perfectly as Danny was falling in love with Jordan. I love the chemistry between him and Matt; perfect- \"Just SAY IT!\"... and he finally did!

    Matt kissed Harri! FINALLY!!! YAY Matt!!! When he went over to give her the \'stage direction\' I screamed- \'Just kiss her!\'- and then he did! I cried when Matt said that this was really their home. It had a double meaning. Yes, Matt and Danny as Head Writer and EP\'s have finally found the place the belong and the people they belong with; but it\'s more than that. Studio 60 (the actual show) is being established and I feel that if their episodes keep going as well as they have been, that they can go far. For me, that\'s just as good as the first reason. I want to be these guys (or Jordan) someday and it gave me this overwhelming sense of hope and something to actually reach for. With the delcarations of love, snow made from coconut (AWESOME), the New Orleans band playing with clips in the back, and knowing that they\'re home, the episode ending beautifully perfect, just like the whole show had been. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!

    Okay, I know it\'s a lot like my message board post, but all well...
  • Matt wants a christmas episode, so him and the crew work on making the studio in L.A look like a snowy Christmas. Danny is dealing with his feelings for Jordan and in the end confesses to her.

    This episode was beautifully written. It contained just enough laughs, a few aws (Danny's actions towards Jordan), and the christmas music at the end brought a small tear to my eye. Also, the way Danny told Jordan about his feelings may be one of the best love confessions in tv history. I absolutely loved this episode.
  • Episode 11: The Christmas Show

    It was just what I wanted...I loved every moment...Danny really embodied the reason I love this show, and his emotion and want to be involved with Jordon even though she is pregnant really drove home how wonderful he is. Matt and Harriet was another fantastic moment, the way he just \"stamped her down\", this time he did it in time! Well done!
  • This is really INSPIRED television!

    This episode knocked my socks off! Aaron Sorkin does it again! He really reached in and touched my heart with this one. I am from New Orleans, now living in Michigan. My family is still down there & lived through Katrina. The part of the show which featured those amazing musicians (who WAS that young trumpeter??!!??) was so moving and fitting. I used to be one of those New Orleans musicians and I was SO moved!!
  • Merry Christmas! It really gave us the feeling of a great holiday season coming on...

    First of all, this is a great show. If not from the Pilot, it is now. After ther Nov Sweep, Studio 60 really coming up to it's best. Every episode to date was the best ever have, and this one no different. So what do we get for the present? Matt trying to bring Christman to L.A? why is L.A such a not-Christman-place btw? and Danny was all shooting and hitting the table this week, but we all know he's gonna "say it say it say it" Cal was doing mostly comic-relief these two, three show. the coconet hitting the table was just laugh out loud. So the the sketch this week. And Jack's performence was just great.
  • in one word 'beautiful'.

    another fantastic episode. the acting was as usual great, story classy, direction excellent, screen play fantastic. the show is gettin better and better. if i was not such a huge fan of SG1 i would had said 'tht is THE single best thing on tv'.its so well written tht u can see the episodes more then one time and still enjoy tht the show has taken a new turn in this episode, i am diein to see the next one, how things will turn up. the whole cast is excellent and has a chemistry not found on many shows.well done guys and gals.
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