Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 11

The Christmas Show

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2006 on NBC

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  • Matt decides to put on a Christmas show. Danny realizes he is in love. Harriet has two old flames try to rekindle her torch. Ridiculous political posturing re: FCC.

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    Wow, 20 users disagree with this review so far. Look, Boston Legal also does a lot of political stuff, but it's based in reality and often on actual events. As to the criticism of this episode that is my point. Sorkin, in this show, takes a position and deals with the opposite political view in bad faith. And in regards to the Christmas stuff he has characters act out of character, especially the Mark McKninney writer character.
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    Alright, this episode was par for the course.

    The good: Well done romance. Some good gags (Heil Santa). Also, for once the sketch we saw the most of on the show was actually pretty clever and well done (To Catch a Predator harassing Santa.)

    The bad: Anti-Christmas propaganda. Yeah, so for he most part the stuff they were saying was true. So what? Is anyone gonna be shocked about this? Would the writers really spend two days on the Internet rather than taking their best shot at this once in a lifetime career making opportunity of there being no writers but them? Would the Mark McKinney character really join in instead of pushing them to work? Just pointless and out of character.

    The FCC stuff was just ridiculous. A soldier says F*** during a live broadcast because a grenade blows up nearby and the FCC is gonna give them a 75 million dollar fine? Really? The last big brouhaha re: the FCC was the Janet Jackson debacle during the Super Bowl. There is a big difference between choreographing having someone rips off a woman\'s top during a family show and this scenario. There is no way in heck the FCC would do this. It was just a chance to make cheap shots against the Iraq war and the FCC. I can see disliking the FCC, but be realistic. To top it off Sorkin has the Ed Asner character essentially threatening a Waco-like standoff if the FCC tried to shut them down.

    Wow. . .

    Look, I understand Sorkin is going to make his political points along with the entertainment. But, c\'mon. The endless pointless hostility towards Christians and building endless straw men can only alienate audiences. Make your points but at least make them realistic.
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