Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cold Open

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2006 on NBC

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  • This show has the greatest characters on television.

    I didn't think I'd enjoy Studio 60 as much as I am, but I have to say it is easily my favorite new show this year and one of my favorites shows on television. Why? The characters are amazing.

    Not many people stick around for a show just because interesting things happen. If you don't have characters that an audience will want to watch, then you can't care about what goes on throughout the episode. Characters keep the show alive.

    I've always loved the TBS or TNT (I don't know what one, they both start with T) tagline "Characters welcome." Maybe it's just because I'm an actor myself, but I always feel like television actors are extremely underrated. Film is controlled by A-List celebrities, many who can't hold a character to save their life and we should all be lucky their only given 2 hours of the screen, but television actors have to hold a character for year after year after year. I think there is nothing more amazing than that.

    This show has top notch actors who I have 110% faith can hold their characters year after year. Perry is excellent as Matt Albie. It's such a stretch from Chandler Bing on Friends, and he deserves endless praise because there is no trace of Chandler in Albie. I watch Matt Albie, not Chandler Bing playing Matt Albie. Perry is a show in for an Emmy nod and potential win next year.

    Steven Weber follows close behind Perry with his performance as Jack Rudolph. Rudolph is a great character to watch. He's not the villain, but he's some what the bad guy, and he's the perfect character audiences are going to love to hate. Weber steals the scenes he is in. I hope to see him take an Emmy next fall as well.

    I was most worried about Amanda Peet. She's young, she's not the most respected actress, but she is fun to watch when she gets film roles. Her she is tackling the female lead in a high profile drama series. And she's great. Peet has inpressed me in both episodes. She's someone to root for. She's smart and confident and great to watch. I don't worry about her anymore.

    Sarah Paulson and Timothy Busfield are great in the supporting cast. Something special is going to happen with DL Hughley at some point during the season. He's going to be great, but hasn't been given much to work with... yet.

    I don't know about about Bradley Witford. He's a great actor, but I just don't get a feel for his character yet. He's part of the duo of Albie and Tripp and if you have to choose between Albie or Tripp the clear winner is Albie. I'm hoping his character will become a lot clearer in future episodes. Then the show will get a perfect score.

    Of course, you can't get great characters without great writing, and this show has that down. I am worried about what direction the show will be taken in once the show within the show (confused?) becomes a success. The whole premise is reviving a near dead sketch comedy program. And if these two new guys are so amazing, the sketch show won't stay dead for five seasons (or even half a season). But I'm not too worried. This show is in good hands
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