Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 3

The Focus Group

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • The crew use a focus group to measure the ratings while Jordan's history comes back to bite her.

    Jesus this show is incredibly boring. For such a heavy array of stars this show manages to be amazingly bland, boring, uninspirational, unoriginal and tedious. It's like the class that you can't wait to be to over because it's such a pain to sit through.

    The other reviewer hit on the nail Studio 60 has numerous flaws most notably the fact that it's too ambitious. A show about what goes on behind the scenes in a tv network. Interesting concept but here's the problem...nobody cares!!!
    LMAO. The thing as tv viewers by now in this day and age, we know what goes on behind the scenes, we know about the backstabbings, we know that tv execs only care about making money and covering their own rear end. We know despite their high profiled Mr. Perfect Ceo look these people carry so much baggage it's not even funny so why do a show on it?

    More specifically on this show, the characters lack passion, and they are just not likable or easy to know with the exception of Amanda Peet's character which continues to be one of a few brights spots. Honestly I would have turned off the tv if it wasn't for her. Anyways, they focused on focus groups. Jordan's history came up.

    The change in lines over one program just wasn't funny. Do they make fun of people in a small town no one cares about or as they did do they come up with a stupid bear joke? I personally would have gone with the first. The girl did make a good point they should focus more time on offending politicisns and people in the higher social class. The other thing as well that the other reviewer mentioned which I agree with is that they hardly show any of the live show in progress so we don't actually see the full creative
    product in action because we have this full hour of bickering and political power struggles in the office. It's frustrating and boring. Near the end the episode did get better. Jordan's opening up about her ex and the fact he took to her sex clubs without her approval and all this other crap is the moment where I was actually interested. I would have loved to see her react with some violence and more raw emotion, but they only gave us a teaser. Geez.
    Anyhow, not much more to say except I was disappointed (again) in this show. They need less talk and more action.
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