Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 3

The Focus Group

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 02, 2006 on NBC

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  • I can’t wait for Mondays!! Finally; a show that is not set in a hospital or at a murder scene. It is new, refreshing and witty. I highly recommend this show and am looking forward to see how the show continues. My wife and I are both hooked.

    I find the show very intriguing; especially the characters. They have their own little quarks and it is interesting to watch how each one interacts with each other based on their history. The little conflict between Matt and Harriet is developing nicely. I am currious to see if they will realize they love each other or they will continue to grow apart. I find all the different little problems with each other can be a challenge to keep straight which keeps me interested in the show to find out what is going on.
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