Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 15

The Friday Night Slaughter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on NBC
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Matt takes a stroll down memory lane and recalls how he met Harriet

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  • A waste of one hour of my life

    Neither dramatic nor humourous, just a complete waste of time. I have stuck with this series all the way because I wanted to like it, but it just gets worse and worse. There are still several episodes to go, but I think I will bail out now while I still have the will to live. Not surprised the series was canned - perhaps this was the episode that decided it. I have to write 100 words on this rubbish episode and I have to keep the description clean - both of those things are very difficult -only four words to go.....moreless
  • One of my absolute favorite episodes of television ever.

    This is a classic Sorkian flashback episode. Jumping between Matt's quick decline into drugs and his memories of first meeting Harriet back in 1999. Not only is it great drama but Sorkin also captures the differences between the two time periods. A point in time when our biggest question wasn't about Y2K.

    What made this episode so intriguing fantastic is that the audience knows, that both writer Aaron Sorkin, and Matthew Perry, have struggled with substance abuse. Their personal experiences add to the emotional core and truth that permeate throughout the episode. The expositional element of the show doesn't feel as such. So much more validity and depth was given to the Luke-Harriet-Matt triangle. Matthew Perry does a phenomenal job at portraying the 1999 version of his character as optimistic bundle of energy, contrasted with his 2007 version of his character which is pessimistic and depressed.

    Overall this should stand with Sorkin's best like "In Excelsis Deo," "Two Cathedrals," and "In The Shadow of Two Gunmen"moreless
  • This is what was promised to fans of the show. This is the kind of perfect, emmy-worthy drama that set the Pilot episode's reviews. It was a revealing episode and was simply brilliant in every way. The best episode since the pilot episode!moreless

    I think this was the most amazing episode of Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip I have ever seen since the classic pilot episode. ===========================================

    The Breakdown (Non-Spoiler)



    + Solid Acting

    + One of the most revealing episodes so far.

    + A much darker theme which helps push this episode to greatness.

    + Fantastic Writing

    + Major Character Development


    -Why can't all the episodes be this good?!?!?!


    The Full Review (Spoiler Ridden)


    This is going to be hard to say, seeing as how I have been a consistent fan and viewer of the show since it premiered:

    Studio 60 has (before this episode) been performing rather below expectations surrounding the hype.

    Phew...that felt good to get off my chest. But you know its true; everyone knows. But after this episode, your opinion of the show could be completely changed by this episode. That is how flawless it was.

    First off: The Acting

    -The acting in this episode was solid but Matthew Perry's performance alone made it a stand out episode. He perfectly portrayed Matt as an evolving character from witty and fun to being internally tortured by his love for Harriet, which eventually pushed him into taking drugs. A different approach from Perry was his character in the past when he started out in Studio 60 as a writer whose office was in the hall. He also played this part flawlessly, portraying the nervous and somewhat quiet Danny. Also notable acting came from D.L. Hugley as Simon waiting for 6 hours for an audition and Nathan Corddry as the anxious Tom Jeter, just waiting for his sketch to get on the air. Also notable was Amanda Peet(Jordan) and Bradley Whitford(Danny). That blends into the next section of the review...

    Character Development/Story

    -The biggest character development in the episode was (obviously) from Matt. He started off normally, like in every episode, and was watching dress rehearsal. This soon was led by a flashback sequence of him sitting on the floor of the hall (or known to him as his office) writing. We see a new character, Tim, leaving the studio saying he has been fired for taking drugs. Tim pops up a lot in this episode only and you'll see why later on. We then see Harriet first introduced as it is her first day on the job. Around there is when we see a change in scenery to the present. The rest of the episode continues on like so, switching between past and present seamlessly. You find out that Matt is starting to take drugs, most likely caused by the big break-up last week between him and Harriet. This drug addiction is what really drives the episode, inspiring the dark mood of the episode. You find out in his flash backs that he wanted to write for her from the beginning and this created the infamous 'Crazy Christian' skit which she denied because she believed in angels and found it offensive. Well I don't want to summarize the entire episode so I'll start jumping around now. You find out that no one remembers Tim except for Matt and Tim often pops up in his flashbacks reclaiming things he left, saying goodbyes, and reflecting on his mistakes. You later realize at the end of the episode that Tim was a hallucination of his drug intoxication as pointed out by Diana Vlades, their singer for the upcoming show on Friday, who has also experienced hallucinations such as conversations she thought she had but never did. This was the realization that Matt is going too far and he has to stop the drug taking but he continues as seen by the end of the episode. The story was powerful, poetic, and you get to see the birth of a new side to Matt not usually seen in him, a dark and confused side.


    The episode's directing was also above average. The seamless transition between past and present made the film crew stand out.

    Overall this episode was an unforgettable one that every fan must watch. 10/10moreless
  • Matt takes a stroll down memory lane and recalls how he met Harriet.

    This episode is my absolute favorite so far. Matt Albie being my favorite character, it was great to see some character development. This episode really brought a new depth the Matt. The story deals with the start of his depression, in which he takes painkillers (Vicoden I think), and deals with flashbacks of when he first met Harriet. As for the acting part, Matthew Perry deserves and Emmy for this episode. His portrayal of Matt was so powerful and realistic, and it must have been hard for him, having dealt with a Vicoden addiction in the past. The only thing that annoyed me a little about this episode was the fact that Danny didn't seem to recognize that Matt was doing drugs, having been an addict himself. Either that, or maybe he realized but waited to say something to him later... I don't know, it just didn't seem very realistic. Anyway, the episode was brilliant, powerful and had a healthy dose of angst. Definitely watch it! 10/10moreless
  • BEST Episode Ever, so far.

    this is hands down the best they have aired so far, its about love about drugs about how hard it is to make it, and matt is shinning in drama more than he shins in comedy, that look in his eyes where he almost cries but he doesnt, i would give him an oscar for just that.

    i love the show so much and pretty soon i will only be watching House, Studio 60 And Lost Only, anything else is a piece of crap.moreless
Gina LaPiana

Gina LaPiana

Diana Valdes (Musical Guest)

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Stephanie Childers

Stephanie Childers

Hallie Gallaway

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John Ennis

John Ennis

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Nate Torrence

Nate Torrence

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Mark McKinney

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    • Matt: I'd say the last two places I'd expect to find a member of the Christian right are the corridors of Studio 60 and a synagogue.
      Luke: Did you offend her?
      Matt: I couldn't have offended her more if I re-crucified her savior, it was stunning!

    • Matt: Well thats what I wanted to ask you about, you're able to work when you feel like that?
      Diana: No, but I'm able to drink when I feel like that, then I'm able to work.

    • Tom: It's gotta be soon, right?
      Dylan: Yeah
      Tom:: I'm feeling the good vibe
      Dylan: Yeah
      Tom: I'll tell you this, if it doesn't make it to air, it sure wasn't your fault
      Dylan: It sure wasn't your fault
      Tom: You owned it
      Dylan: You owned it
      Tom: You got a receipt for it my man.
      Dylan: You're Tom Jeter. No more need to be said.
      Tom: You could've picked up the pace a little
      Dylan: Yeah. Maybe a little less mugging from you.
      Tom:(forcefully) No. No. This is what they want. To turn us against each other.
      Dylan: You never mug man.
      Tom: Your pacing is genius.
      (Tom sees Andy approaching)
      Tom: Here comes Andy. He'll make us feel better.
      (They both start walking towards Andy)
      Tom: Hey Andy!
      (Andy gives them a nod of recognition as they approach him)
      Andy: You graceless homicidal bastards.

    • Matt: Are you senile?
      Cal: Me? I hope so, 'cause if I've got farther to fall...
      (Matt cuts him off)

    • Jordan: (on the phone with Danny) Hi, this is Jordan McDeere. I'm the President of NBS west coast entertainment.
      Danny: Yes ma'am.
      Jordan: I'm concerned that not enough of your cameras are aimed at her chest.
      Danny: Well, I got all four of them working. But this is just dress. If you want I can bring in some IMAX equipment tonight.

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