Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 15

The Friday Night Slaughter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • Who knew Chandler could act like that?

    Seriously, if Matthew Perry doesn't win some kind of award for this episode there is no justice.

    This week at Studio 60 we find Matt reeling from his blow-out break-up with Harriet. He is so obviously distraught at the thought of losing her he takes some pills which cause him to flashback to the early days of Studio 60. Danny and Jordan don't have too many scenes together but since they finally got together last week the little we see of them is perfect. Jordan is still trying to keep their relationship under wraps so she wil not allow any PDA, (I can tell this one is going to blow up eventually!) but their interactions are so cute it makes up for all of Danny's stalkering. Tom and Dylan are fighting to keep their sketch "metric conversions" in the show and they provide comic relief and several laugh-out-loud moments. Cal and Danny are trying to cut out almost an extra half an hour fromm the dress but Matt is not being much help becaus ehe is in a dug induced haze which is suspiciously overlooked by both Cal and Danny. Matt flashes back to the writers room at an early Studio 60 where a writer named Tim Batale is packing up after being fired for taking pills. Matt is shocked and tries to talk to Tim who explains that his girlfriend was making a movie in Toronto and found someone else. He says that he can't be funny without the pills because he is so depressed and being funny is his job. Matt seems to understand this but Tim leaves anyways. Matt then flashes to the first time he met Harriet and he seems to fall for her immediately. He decides to write a sketch for her (he has yet to get a sketch on the air) and tries to impress her with his writing. While trying to impress her he unknowingly insults her christianity and later confides in his friend Luke (yep the Luke who Harriet is making a movie with). Luke informs Matt that he has seniority and that he is writing a sketch for Harriet as well. Back in reality Matt is confused because no one remembers Tim Batale. He goes to talk to the musical guest who gives him some pills and tells him that sometimes when she is high she hallucinates things that shhe could swear are real. Matt flashes back to the "friday night slaughter" where Wes decides what sketches stay in the show. Lukes skecth for Harriet stays in while Matts get cut. After everyone has left Matt sees Tim Batale looking forlornly at the board and Tim explains that he submitted a sketch to try to get his job back but it got cut before the dress. Back to real time Matt remembers that Tim always wore a blue shirt and kakhi pants. Matt goes to ask Andy if he remembers Tim. Andy tells Matt to look at the pictures and point him out, when Matt looks at the picture he sees that the person wearing a blue shirt and khakis is himself. (side note: Tim Batale is an anagram for Matt Albie)

    This episode showed that Matthew Perry has acting chops never before explored in his characters, I loved him before but I was amazed by his performance this week. The show ends with Matt taking some more pills right before the live broadcast, which I can only assume will lead to some trouble next week. Tune in and find out!