Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 15

The Friday Night Slaughter

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 12, 2007 on NBC



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    • Matt: I'd say the last two places I'd expect to find a member of the Christian right are the corridors of Studio 60 and a synagogue.
      Luke: Did you offend her?
      Matt: I couldn't have offended her more if I re-crucified her savior, it was stunning!

    • Matt: Well thats what I wanted to ask you about, you're able to work when you feel like that?
      Diana: No, but I'm able to drink when I feel like that, then I'm able to work.

    • Tom: It's gotta be soon, right?
      Dylan: Yeah
      Tom:: I'm feeling the good vibe
      Dylan: Yeah
      Tom: I'll tell you this, if it doesn't make it to air, it sure wasn't your fault
      Dylan: It sure wasn't your fault
      Tom: You owned it
      Dylan: You owned it
      Tom: You got a receipt for it my man.
      Dylan: You're Tom Jeter. No more need to be said.
      Tom: You could've picked up the pace a little
      Dylan: Yeah. Maybe a little less mugging from you.
      Tom:(forcefully) No. No. This is what they want. To turn us against each other.
      Dylan: You never mug man.
      Tom: Your pacing is genius.
      (Tom sees Andy approaching)
      Tom: Here comes Andy. He'll make us feel better.
      (They both start walking towards Andy)
      Tom: Hey Andy!
      (Andy gives them a nod of recognition as they approach him)
      Andy: You graceless homicidal bastards.

    • Matt: Are you senile?
      Cal: Me? I hope so, 'cause if I've got farther to fall...
      (Matt cuts him off)

    • Jordan: (on the phone with Danny) Hi, this is Jordan McDeere. I'm the President of NBS west coast entertainment.
      Danny: Yes ma'am.
      Jordan: I'm concerned that not enough of your cameras are aimed at her chest.
      Danny: Well, I got all four of them working. But this is just dress. If you want I can bring in some IMAX equipment tonight.

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