Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 5

The Long Lead Story

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Curse you NBC promo department!

    Again, the NBC promo department ruins the end of an episode. Why do shows feel they have to advertise "and in the final seconds..." in order to draw in viewers? Is this some attempt to keep people from tuning away from the final moments of Studio 60 and flipping over to CSI: Miami to see whodunnit?

    This week, it's less about Matt and Danny and more about Harriet and Jordan. Jordan is coming under pressure to pick up a new reality show that will make the network a ton of cash but Jordan finds disgusting. She passes on the show, instead choosing to pursue a new drama that the young producer really wants to go to HBO. Jack is, of course, upset about this choice and wants the new show that will make a ton of cash for the network--who cares if it's a deplorable concept. You can really see Aaron Sorkin's view of reality TV coming through here. Also of interest is the fact that it seems that the young hot shot producer choosing between two networks is a thinly veiled allegory for the behind the scenes bidding that CBS and NBC had for Studio 60. Did NBC win because they got rid of the Fear Factor and while they have game shows, they don't have any of the worst examples of reality TV out there....

    Maybe I'm reading too much into it here..

    Meanwhile, we find out more about Harriet's background. We find out where she came from and interestingly enough, we see that her star and Matt's are tied together in terms of their rise to the top. Matt upped his game to try and impress Harriet, which he admits to Martha O'Dell late in the game. Hearing about Harriet's life and why she went into comedy and how she reconciles what she does with her faith was some fascinatng stuff. I have to admit I like the character of Harriet a good deal and she may be my favorite on the show. (OK, Jack is really my favorite but Harriet is a close second).

    Of course, Gilmore Girls fans probably tuned in to see Lauren Graham on the show...yeah, blink and you miss her. She's in one sketch and is a total non-factor to the show. Maybe we'll get more of her next week when she's supposed to come back.

    Personally, I enjoyed this one a good bit. It was better than last week's episode, but it's no where nearly as good as the first two. I like that we're trying to explore the other characters in the universe, but I wish we could see more of Timothy Busfield's character, besides just running the boards.
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