Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 5

The Long Lead Story

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • Uneventful in plot but strong character development makes for an interesting episode.

    Though nothing much happend plot-wise in this episode, it provided a real insight into the history of Matt and Harriet; a vital relationship in the show. Matt Perry is really great. The reporter was kind of a cheap way to get all the history out on the table and if you told me that was how it was going to unfold i would cringe. But the reporter was actually an interesting character and really made the story work.

    Also was it just me or was the whole point of episode really just to push thei until to end to make it look like Matt and Harriet were gunna get back together? They had me fooled particularly on the balcony scene. In my opinion, this episode only worked cos the strongest characters were the ones in focus. It'll be interesting how they incorporate the other characters in future episodes.