Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 9

The Option Period

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Steven Weber, who plays Jack Rudolph, is listed in the opening credits but does not appear in this episode.

    • Throughout most of the show the countdown clock was on 6 days, 22 hours and some odd minutes and seconds. However at the very end the clock was back up to 6 days and 23 hours

  • Quotes

    • Matt: Do we have an answer on can Ricky and Ron be writing a pilot?
      Jordan: Kenny hasn't called back yet. It should be any minute.
      Matt: Alright, watch this.
      (Matt points his index fingers in the air and moves them slowly in small circles as he makes a humming noise and stares at Jordan's phone for about 3 seconds until he suddenly points both fingers at Jordan's phone and...)
      Matt: Ring!
      (Jordan's phone rings)
      Matt: There it is!
      Danny: Ah-hoh!
      (Danny spins around in a circle)
      Danny: Check it out!
      Matt: That, is mojo, baby!
      Danny: My boy's got skills!
      (Jordan, looking confused, answers her phone)
      Matt: Mad skills!
      Danny: That was sick!
      Matt: That was some Vulcan mind-meld mojo and I was right in the kitchen!
      Danny: I think you're a prophet.
      Matt: How do we find out somethin' like that?
      Danny: Things like this.
      (Danny points at Jordan, now on the phone, who has a finger in her ear, trying to hear her assistant)
      Matt: Where was that mojo when I needed it?
      Danny: You had it when you needed it!
      Matt: Get the audience back, let me do it again.
      (Jordan covering the mouthpiece)
      Jordan: Would you shut up!
      (Jordan uncovers the mouthpiece)
      Jordan: Yeah?
      Danny: I'm gonna take you on tour with that phone thing, you know.
      Matt: Once the show gets out there, you cannot get it back. You cannot un-ring a bell.
      Danny: It was a good show.
      Matt: Stop saying it was a good show!
      Jordan: Shhhh!
      Danny: We're talking quietly.

    • Harriet: (Knocking at Jeannie's door) Open the door Jeannie! Are you climbing out the window?
      Jeannie: (Opening the door) I'm not climbing out the window. I am not a child. I was pretending I wasn't here.

    • Harriet: People knock on closed doors in America! Were the two of you raised on a farm?
      Tom: I was.
      Simon: I was raised over a heroin dealership.
      Harriet: That's no excuse for bad manners.

    • Cal: We got to the goodnight's thirty-seven seconds early. Danny had to have Jessica Simpson fill. Nice girl, nice performer, don't want her to extemporize on our air. She had time to thank her pets, then asked us to pray for peace in the Midwest.
      Ron: I'm sure she meant the Middle East.
      Cal: I know she meant the Middle East!

    • Matt: I am psyched for this photo-shoot of yours.
      Harriet: I want to commission a scientific study of how news travels in this building.
      Matt: Hey, I'm not even sure there's such a thing as the Internet. It might just be Jeannie telling everyone stuff.

  • Notes

    • Music in this episode:

      "Closer" by Joshua Radin

    • Part of this episode's plot involved the network wanting to place various recognizable products in the sketches, as a way to increase promotional sales.

      During the previous week on NBC, two other shows- The Office and 30 Rock- had plot lines involving product advertising. In The Office, Kevin went on and on about how good his new document shredder from Staples was; on the shredder was a BRIGHT RED Staples label, and later, the same shredder was advertised on a commercial. Later, during 30 Rock, the writers are talking about how they are resistant to the idea of product identification in the sketches, yet during this discussion, they start talking about how good Snapple is.

    • Bradley Whitford does the "Previously on Studio 60" voiceover.

  • Allusions

    • Ricky: (to Matt) We could write the damn 'Two Thousand Year Old Man' and you wouldn't recognize it cause it came from us.

      The Two Thousand Year Old Man is a famous comedy routine from the early 1960's, performed by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. Reiner would interview Brooks' character, the oldest man alive, about different historical events, which Brooks would spin in a number of directions. The sketches were very popular, given the talents for ab-libbing that both Brooks and Reiner possess, and spawned several comedy albums and television appearances.

    • Jordan: (to Danny) Do business? What am I? From the Tattaglia Family?

      The Tattaglia crime family is one of five major crime families in The Godfather books and movies.

    • Matt: ...but I also didn't anticipate Fox airing a contest of strength between an elephant and a group of dwarfs.

      He is referring to the Fox TV special, Man vs. Beast. The show had a variety of challenges where humans would compete with animals. One of the competitions was between 44 little people and an 8,800 lb. African elephant, they raced to see who could pull a commercial jet airliner a set distance the quickest.

    • Matt: That was some Vulcan mind-meld mojo.
      A mind-meld is a procedure from the fictional Star Trek universe. Performed by Vulcans, they are used to share thoughts and memories between two individuals.

    • Quention Tarantino's Hallmark Movie: "Turkey Won't Die" (about a mortally wounded Turkey that won't die even while being served) was disturbing and not funny because props used a "realistic" amount of blood rather than an "absurd" amount of blood. This alludes to the SNL sketch where Julia Child (played by Dan Aykroyd) cuts herself while preparing a chicken and a ridiculous amount of blood spurts from the wound.

    • In the scene with Harriet, Tom and Simon talking in the make up room a "Vote for Bartlett" poster can be seen on the wall.

      Bartlett is the fictional president on the Aaron Sorkin show "West Wing", which featured many of the main and guest stars from Studio 60, but is not a cross-over.

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