Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 6

The Wrap Party

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2006 on NBC

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  • Some rough patches in execution but the plot lines are very good.

    Despite how rough the show can be, I can't really give it a very bad score because the cast is so good. This episode showcased a common thing of Sorkin, in that sometimes his ideas can work great but other times the execution is sloppy.

    For example, Simon wanting a black writer on the staff is an excellent idea but the horribly unfunny cliched black comedians took something away. As did the one intelligent black guy instantly the one Matt wants and is hired immediately. But I liked Simon's statements on his past and how he wants to give more opportunities to others. Tom's parents being unhappy with his career was also a good idea but they went too far making them rubes (I mean, my four-year-old nephew knows Who's on First). And referring to the studio as "The Paris Opera House of American culture" was really pushing the arrogance. But I liked the bit of his brother in the war and how his dad calls him "Mark" at one point. And the ending of him handing a record of the routine to his dad was a good way to end it. One plot that was much better in execution was the elderly man who was blacklisted which was very well drawn out. The only complaint is how they went too far making the old man's staff be like the Studio 60 one (he wrote to get a woman's attention, two writers thought they were funnier than they were...) Some complain it was too much on the Greatest Generation but I liked it. Seeing Jordan drunk was funny but that also led to some character moments like admitting she had no friends and making one in Harriet by not wanting to tell her about the baseball. One bit that was a bit much was Jack exploding about the UN show and I couldn't help wondering if Sorkin was blowing off steam at executives who first turned down the West Wing. Still, overall this episode was very good and showcases that once you get past the unfunny sketches, the drama really does click. Concentrate on that more and the show can really live up to its potential.