Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Season 1 Episode 22

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2007 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Jordan and Danny named their daughter Rebecca Tripp after Jordan's grandmother.

    • The light that Danny turned off at the end of his final scene is commonly called a "ghost light". When there is no work going on in the theater, commonly after everyone has left for the night, the ghost light is lit for both safety and superstitious reasons. Traditionally, the only occasion the ghost light would be turned off when leaving the theater would be when the theater is closing for the final time. Danny turning off the light is, most likely, an acknowledgment from writer/creator Aaron Sorkin that the series has come to an end.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: When you guys got in that fight at the Catholic's Dinner, when you said you wanted to get back with Luke-
      Harriet: I was angry, and I-
      Danny: He went down the rabbit hole.
      Harriet: What do you mean?
      Danny: He's been writing the show high.
      Harriet: ...on what?
      Danny: Painkillers and vodka. And I'm sure whatever else he can get his hands on.
      Harriet: How did I not know this?
      Danny: He's very good at it.

    • Danny: Why the hell can't you two get it together?
      Harriet: It's not like we haven't tried.
      Danny: You haven't tried.
      Harriet: It's been how many years?
      Danny: You haven't tried. Because you believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and he doesn't, are you kiddin' me? Who gives a damn? ...You in love with him?
      Harriet: I think you know the answer to that.
      Danny: You're in love with him.
      Harriet: He's the only one I've ever been in love with. But it looks like that's not enough.
      Danny: It is.
      Harriet: It's not.
      Danny: How can you say that?
      Harriet: Cuz. He's never going to forgive me for not quitting too.
      Danny: He never once mentioned that... He wasn't asking anybody to join his army. He's never been angry with you abou- God, he worships you, Harry.
      Harriet: I get that he respects my ability.
      Danny: I'm not talking about your friggin' stage presence. I'm talkin' about you. He's in love with you, and you're the only one he's ever loved!

    • Harriet: You've both lost it!
      Danny: Yeah.
      Harriet: This is a career decision, you, you can't make a decision like this in the two minutes it took you to walk back from the NBS building.
      Danny: I didn't need the whole two minutes.
      Harriet: You don't care about politics!
      Danny: Not much, no.
      Harriet: So then why the hell are you doing this?!
      Danny: I just stood in Jack's office and said 'screw friendship, screw honor, screw patriotism'. That's how I talked about myself. And then I added 'we just lost the franchise'. That's how I talked about Matt, who would stand in front of a train for any one of us, including you while you're screwing Luke. He's been threatened by the network, compromised by me, browbeaten by you, gotten his heart broken by Wes, and he's still standing up. Why am I quitting? Cuz they're gonna start shooting at him, and I'm gonna be standing next to him when they do.

    • Harriet: Matt is gone?!
      Danny: Yeah.
      Harriet: You seem very casual about this.
      Danny: I'm not.
      Harriet: That's it?
      Danny: Yeah.
      Harriet: Would you stop saying 'yeah'?
      Danny: What do you want me to say?
      Harriet: Well for one thing who's going to write the show this week?
      Danny: That's gonna have to be somebody else's problem.
      Harriet: Why?
      Danny: Well, cuz I'm quitting too.

    • Matt: You think I have contempt for my government.
      Harriet: Yeah.
      Matt: Harry, if I do, it ain't nothin' compared to the contempt my government has for me.
      Harriet: Your government doesn't know who you are.
      Matt: I know. But that doesn't stop them from getting votes by calling me a lazy, pampered, anti-American, anti-family, immoral, perverted, dishonorable, weak fairy.

    • Jack: Any chance you've calmed down?
      Simon: I'm completely calm.
      Jack: You'll read a statement of apology?
      Simon: I said I was calm, Jack. I didn't say my spine had become detached from my brain.
      Jack: I think your brain has become detached from your brain.

    • (About Tom's brother)
      Captain Boyle: This is what he signed up for.
      Tom: No it's not. No, it's not! He signed up on September 12th. While we were all scared out of our minds he ran as fast as he could toward what we were scared of. And he was winning, 'til we all rallied around Skippy McDumbAss while he pulled half the troops out of Afghanistan and put them someplace else. This country failed my brother. I'm not going to.

    • Matt: She have a name?
      Danny: Baby Girl McDeere.
      Matt: You're hoping that she'll become a stripper.
      Danny: You have to put something on--Shutup!

    • Matt: (slapping Danny on the shoulder) Mazel tov.
      Danny: (slapping Matt on the shoulder) Gesundheit.

    • Jeannie: Andy, it's your lucky day.
      Andy: What'd I do?
      Dillon: You get to sleep with Jeannie.
      Andy: All right.

    • Danny: Lucy, honey, stop crying. It's over.
      (Lucy mutters incoherently)
      Danny: What?
      Cal: (translating) She says she's not crying.
      (Lucy mutters again)
      Cal: (translating) I was calm throughout the whole ordeal.

    • Danny: This is my daughter.
      Matt: Wow!
      Danny: You know what? I never felt so much like a man until I just said that.

    • Danny: I told you to stay at the theatre.
      Matt: I know.
      Danny: I told you to stay there.
      Matt: I know. I went ahead and exercised my own judgment.
      Danny: When has that ever worked out for us?

    • (last line)
      Matt: (to countdown board) I'm going to make a friend out of you yet.

    • Simon: You're getting divorced. Why?
      Jack: Because I was tired of saying sorry.

    • Danny: Matthew, don't take this the wrong way, but I love you.
      Matt: Okay.
      Danny: Did you take it the wrong way?
      Matt: I took it to mean you're gay and you want me.
      Danny: Good.
      Matt: I love you too, brother.

    • Harriet: You kept that from me?
      Matt: When you're high, you keep it from everyone. Ow.
      Harriet: Not me. Never me. I'm the one person.
      Matt: Ok.
      Harriet: I'm the one person, always.

    • Danny: How did you know I was going to propose?
      Jordan: I didn't. I just hoped.
      Danny: Since when?
      Jordan: Remember the first time I met you?
      Danny: Yeah.
      Jordan: Since then.

    • Jordan: I need you to sign some some papers, and I need you to do it now before anything else.
      Danny: What kind of papers?
      Jordan: Adoption papers.

  • Notes

    • The show was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting In A Drama Series.

    • In Latin America, this episode aired on October 4, 2007, on CANAL WARNER.
      In Finland this episode aired back to back with K & R (3) on August 25, 2008 on Sub

    • This episode features the directorial debut of Bradley Whitford.

  • Allusions

    • The West Wing/Sports Night

      This episode's title, "What Kind Of Day Has It Been?" is the exact same title as The West Wing's season one finale episode. It is also the same title as Sports Night's season one finale. The West Wing and Sports Night were both Aaron Sorkin's projects. Bradley Whitford starred on The West Wing and Timothy Busfield starred on both series.