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Studio B

Season 1 Episode 116

Basic Black Live: Revisiting a "High-Tech" Lynching and The Politics of Language


Full Episode: Basic Black Live: Revisiting a "High-Tech" Lynching and The Politics of Language


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Recently, conservative pundits have characterized the mainstream media's treatment of Herman Cain as racist, even invoking the "high-tech lynching" image from the Thomas hearings. The left wing responded with charges of hypocrisy. Do black conservatives really receive different treatment in the media than black liberals? Are liberals no more post-racial than the conservatives, but more subtle about showing it? Our panel this week: Callie Crossley, Host of The Callie Crossley Show, 89.7 WGBH Radio; Kim McLarin, Assistant Professor of Writing, Literature, and Publishing, Emerson College; Phillip Martin, reporter, 89.7 WGBH Radio; Ulli K. Ryder, Visiting Professor at Brown and Lecturer in Africana Studies, Simmons College; and Lionel McPherson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University.moreless
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