Studio DC: Almost Live

Sunday 8:00 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Aug 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • If you like Disney Stars, this one is a must watch. still love the Muppets? laugh your heart out with this. nothing beats a good laugh out loud while not so boring skits and performances like Studio DC: Almost Live.

    Nothing can change it. a good fusion of Disney stars and Muppets = good laughs, good sketches and good music all in one that can rival that of Nickelodeon's old comedy variety shows (Kenan and Kel, All That, etc.), for act 1, the Sprouse twins and their folk from Suite Life + Miley and the Jonas bros. equals good stuff, stuff you'll want to repeat again and again and again. (that is, if you recorded it). Like Ashley Tisdale VS Miss Piggy, Miley's performance with the Electric Mayhem, and The Twins commanding the rest of the show. for act 2, BFFs Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato + Jason Earles, David Hendrie, Jake Austin and Moises Arias double the power of the first act. Like Demi singing This Is Me with Beaker, Jake's magical spell for Gonzo, and the confusion of the skits on Jason and David. this time, Selena's in charge of the second act, which is a bonus. All in all, a good show that you wish that it'll be an everyweek series... now if only to bring back the other Disney Stars who left to do this too... XD
  • Any muppet fan would love to have them come back and do a new show after the failure of Muppets Tonight; but who'd have thought that some missing muppeteers and writers would make that BIG a difference???

    If you LOVE DC and it's top stars then this show is for you. If not and you just like the muppets, then this is NOT worth your time. The opening is some very unfunny and not cute song and it's only about a minute or two long! Not only that but there's terrible acting on the guest's part. Maybe Ashley's Fozzie crush is real, but it sure sounded fake! And how did MIley go from dreading the Electric Mayhem (I would LOVE to sing with them) to all of a sudden liking Animal? Not that there's anything worng with that, but it sounds fake as though thery're pushing it vs. their respective show characters. Joan S.???? Miss Piggy just seems too old (In a good way) for the Jonas Brothers. The only good parts are that it's got the muppets and the return of some old favorites. Janice and Dr. Teeth might not sound the same or be muppeteered quite as well, but as long as kids learn who some of the real masters of puppet comedy are, then this show MAY have as good a chance as Muppets Tonight. It's watching this where I feel saddened to say Richard Hunt, Jerry Juhl, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, and JIm Henson, we miss you!!!
  • The Muppets hang out with some of the Disney Channel stars. They sing, dance, and perform comedy acts with them.

    This mini series totally rocks! It was kinda funny too! I would watch any of them at any time! I also loved that the Jonas Brothers were in it!!!!!! I love them soo soo much! I love Kermit the Frog! He is da bomb!! Anyone who missed this, i feel really sorry for you because it was awesome!! The Muppets RULE MY WORLD!!!!!! i wonder what they'll do for the next one? i wonder if they'll have different stars? I can't wait any longer! i hope the JONAS BROTHERS are on the next one too! They ROCK!! Go Jonas Brothers!!!! i love you guys!! i'm a HUGE JB fan!! #1