Studio DC: Almost Live

Sunday 8:00 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Aug 03, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • The Muppets hang out with some of the Disney Channel stars. They sing, dance, and perform comedy acts with them.

    This mini series totally rocks! It was kinda funny too! I would watch any of them at any time! I also loved that the Jonas Brothers were in it!!!!!! I love them soo soo much! I love Kermit the Frog! He is da bomb!! Anyone who missed this, i feel really sorry for you because it was awesome!! The Muppets RULE MY WORLD!!!!!! i wonder what they'll do for the next one? i wonder if they'll have different stars? I can't wait any longer! i hope the JONAS BROTHERS are on the next one too! They ROCK!! Go Jonas Brothers!!!! i love you guys!! i'm a HUGE JB fan!! #1