Studio DC: Almost Live

Season 1 Episode 1

Studio DC: Almost Live

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • What happened to the quality of acting from the actresses and actors?

    It's time to play the music. It's time to light the lights! It's time to do some better acting on Studio Dc tonight! Seeing the muppets again is a treat for any fan. Seeing them with the likes of Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus is a bit iffy. What'll happen when they run out of DC stars? How do we know this isn't just the start of some advertisment to make muppet fans watch disney? And above all, how on earth does Miley go from hating the Electric Mayhem to hitting on Animal? We need Jerry Juhl, Richard Hunt, Walt Disney, and Jim henson. The muppeteers barely got enough spotlight on their own and it's the same thing every time! Miss Piggy doesn't ONLY get jealous or cheat on Kermit! And Ashley Tisdale seemed REALLY out of character. If this is what happens when Disney is in charge of the muppets, then all I can say is, There went the Muppets Tonight!!!
  • I actually WAS toreble to watch this! And, it's just amazing.

    Well, I could tolerate with EVERY person there!

    What happenes is, Dylan and Cole announce what's gonna happen in the next half hour, but then.... CUT! TO Billy Ray Cyrus, who has a little song to sing. Enter Miley, who gets no band arrival... until the Electric Band comes, with such a good performance for pupputs! Next, comes the Suite Life cast, excluding Ashily and the mom (I can't think of the name!) They get a weird script from the Sweadish chef, and... ehh, Mosby had a better idea.

    The last two sketches feture Ashely and Kermit singing Bob To The Top, while Miss Piggy REALLY wants Kermit! And, the Jonas Brothers are visited by Miss Piggy, too, as being the long lost sister; Joan S. Jonas.

    Well, it's just a good one, with everyone torable, the storyline jammed pack with jokes and puns, you'd be wishing for more. I really have no complaintes for this, so basiclly, it's near perfect.

    I enjoyed nearly everything in this episode and now I can't wait for more. The episode starts with the only bad part, Miley is performing but finds out that when her back-up band can't make it, the Muppets fill in! What I didn't like is that I hate Miley and that it was very ovious she was lipsynching. The next part was the best of the episode, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody cast are writing an episode with the Muppets, but they're thinking about a silly episode with a dumb plot. So, the cast thinks of an episode that's better, and it was very hilarious. Mr. Moseby is going away to a hankerchief convention and has Kermit fill in for him, but when he is forced to do orders for London and Miss Piggy, the job is a lot harder than he thinks. Meanwhile, Gonzo replaces Arwin when he's out on a cruise vacation with his mother, but he causes mayhem with the air vent. Especially when Zack and Cody come in to help. The next part was also funny as well, Ashley Tisdale and Kermit do a performance of Bop to the Top from High School Musical as Miss Piggy looks for Zac Efron. With no luck, Miss Piggy steals the show and she and Ashley have a fight. The part when Kermit gets locked up and puns the songs in the movie made me laugh, even though I don't like HSM. The last part was funny too, Miss Piggy is upset that the Jonas Brothers don't have a sister, so she fills in saying she is their long-lost sister as she performed with the Jonas Brothers with mayhem of her own. The ending was also funny as well, Statler and Waldorf praise the show, and when a woman has a crush on them. They think they look like Zac Efron, LOL! This episode was just great and I can't wait for more.