Studio DC: Almost Live

Season 1 Episode 1

Studio DC: Almost Live

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • I actually WAS toreble to watch this! And, it's just amazing.

    Well, I could tolerate with EVERY person there!

    What happenes is, Dylan and Cole announce what's gonna happen in the next half hour, but then.... CUT! TO Billy Ray Cyrus, who has a little song to sing. Enter Miley, who gets no band arrival... until the Electric Band comes, with such a good performance for pupputs! Next, comes the Suite Life cast, excluding Ashily and the mom (I can't think of the name!) They get a weird script from the Sweadish chef, and... ehh, Mosby had a better idea.

    The last two sketches feture Ashely and Kermit singing Bob To The Top, while Miss Piggy REALLY wants Kermit! And, the Jonas Brothers are visited by Miss Piggy, too, as being the long lost sister; Joan S. Jonas.

    Well, it's just a good one, with everyone torable, the storyline jammed pack with jokes and puns, you'd be wishing for more. I really have no complaintes for this, so basiclly, it's near perfect.
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