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Studio Disney

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This show, started around two years ago. It had different stations, one in asia, one in UK and another one in Australia. Mainly, this show has 4 programs: all of them shows for kids each having its own thirty-minute time. The total time this show covers on the channel is 2 hours. For one station for the show, there are four presenters: in example, here in asia there is: Nikki, Michael, Azura and William. They kid around and play games. During the breaks, they hold games where children in their assigned sections could showcase their talents or join a game. The games are usually held through telephone. For me, as I kid myself, I really love this show because I can talk to them through e-mails and stuff. Once, they broadcasted a poem I sent them. Normally, I would recomend everybody to watch the show. It was from 9-11 in the morning. Sadly, it ended after around 200+ episodes. I remember that day when they announced they were gonna end. I was crying... literally. I guess a thousand more kids were. So, in honor for them, I love your show!!!moreless