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Season 10 : Episode 4

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  • Image of Fear
    Image of Fear
    Episode 48
    After 20 years in exile in the United States, a royal family has hope that the monarchy will be able to return to power. But intrigue arises as someone tries to kill the queen. The prime suspect is her son, Prince Anthony, who was told that he must give up his wife if he returns to the throne.moreless
  • No Place to Run
    No Place to Run
    Episode 47
    The son of a prominent businessman is arrested for stealing a car. His father goes to great lengths to keep the matter private and out of the headlines. A reporter snaps their photo as they're leaving the courthouse, resulting in unwanted publicity. This is when the father starts getting blackmail threats.moreless
  • Music U.S.A.
    Music U.S.A.
    Episode 46
    A special musical presentation of Studio One hosted by Betty Furness starring Benny Goodman, Diahann Carroll, Johnny Green, Andre Previn, Sheb Wooley, Billy Barty, Red Mitchell and Shelly Manne.
  • The Lady Died at Midnight
    A convicted murderer vows that he will break out of prison and revenge himself on the people responsible for his capture. When he does escape, the police post a cordon around the home of his former girlfriend, who has married. But, despite their precautions, the girl is killed. A reporter learns that the dead girl's husband and the police chief have also been threatened.moreless
  • Bellingham
    Episode 44
    You wouldn't suspect that Bellingham is anything but what he appears to be, a conscientious and sensitive master in an English boys school. Actually he also leads another life entirely. He hates evil political leaders, and belongs to a group determined to eliminate them by assassination.
  • Birthday Present
    Birthday Present
    Episode 43
    A young British businessman, attempting to smuggle a watch he purchased as a gift for his wife into the country, is arrested by customs officials and sent to prison.
  • Tag-Along
    Episode 42
    Little Juan and his parents have moved to a new town to escape the prejudice they encountered as Mexicans. But things go badly in the new town too, reaching a climax when Juan and two teenage friends of his disappear while visiting a canyon outside town.
  • The Last Summer
    The Last Summer
    Episode 41
    A country boy is taken in by a scheming rich girl who is spending her vacation in the country.
  • A Delicate Affair
    A Delicate Affair
    Episode 40
    An insurance company tries to marry off a girl within a week. Failure means the girl gets one million dollars.
  • Man Under Glass
    Man Under Glass
    Episode 39
    Tension inside the television director's control booth mounts to a breaking point when the tv drama spills over into life and death reality.
  • The Undiscovered
    The Undiscovered
    Episode 38
    A medical researcher feels he has found an important discovery.
  • The Man Who Asked for a Funeral
    Leo is a hard-working young man who owns and operates a wholesale produce firm, and is very much in love with his pretty young wife Annabelle. He doesn't know that Annabelle has been seeing a clerk who works for him. The clerk, Frankie, plans to murder Leo and implicate Annabelle.
  • The Left-Handed Welcome

    Buck Slater, youthful singing sensation, makes a return visit to his small home town in he south, accompanied by a woman magazine writer named Shirley. Shirley wants to write the real Story of Buck as he was before he left for the big-time. Buck has a score to settle with the town and when a youngster is accused of a series of thefts, Buck offers to take the boy under his wing.

  • The Strong Man
    The Strong Man
    Episode 35
    Ben Royce prides himself on being a self-made man who has become the most powerful cattle baron in the West. He rules his family and his ranch with an iron hand, and there are many clashes between him and his foreman Jace Farrow. After a particularly bitter quarrel, Jace tells Royce that he is quitting to go into the cattle business on his own. Believing that Jace will fail on his own, Royce makes no attempt to stop him. As Jace prepares to leave, he asks Marcy Royce, Ben's daughter to go with him.moreless
  • Ticket to Tahiti
    Ticket to Tahiti
    Episode 34
    A widower's dreams of escaping his job and family with a trip to the South Seas fall through when his spoiled irresponsible son asks him for a large sum of money.
  • The Enemy Within
    The Enemy Within
    Episode 33
    An Air Force crew prepares for a rugged 2-week survival course and everyone is worried.
  • A Funny-Looking Kid
    A Funny-Looking Kid
    Episode 32
    In an attempt to help his shy son Frank to become more popular at school, Harry Breen suggest to Frank that he do some writing. The plot backfires when the boy embarks on a crusade to remedy juvenile delinquency. His article, naming parents as the real delinquents, appears in the local newspaper and overnight Frank becomes a national celebrity.moreless
  • Kurishiki Incident
    Kurishiki Incident
    Episode 31
    A GI kills a boy he thought was stealing government property and is court-martialed and acquitted of the crime. The boy's sister and Uncle confront him and he seeks to make amends.
  • The McTaggert Succession
    When their elder spinster sister Rosie becomes bedridden, the three McTaggart brothers, all bachelors, hire their 19-year-old niece Kathleen to help out with the household chores. All goes well until she falls in love and much to the alarm of her uncles contemplates marriage.
  • The Edge of Truth
    The Edge of Truth
    Episode 29
    A policeman apprehends the reckless driver of a vehicle when a little girl almost gets hit and finds himself being bribed by the driver, a wealthy playboy.
  • The Desperate Age
    The Desperate Age
    Episode 28
    It is puzzling to the family and office friends of Letty Greene that she has little interest in men and apparently no concern over the prospect that she may never marry. But Letty has been seeing a co-worker, Will Robbins, who is unhappily married. She tries not to face the future of this romance.moreless
  • Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris
    In this comedy, Mrs. Harris is a Cockney cleaning woman who's come to Paris with her life savings to buy an original designer gown. She proceeds to cause havock at a stuffy salon when a fashion model comes to her rescue. The model hides her behind a plant so she can watch a high fashion show.moreless
  • The Shadow of a Genius
    After years of hard work, Professor Theodore Koering, nuclear scientist has been awarded the Nobel Prize. Reporters sent to interview him are surprised at his apparant lack of interest in the honor accorded him, and baffled by his refusal to cooperate for pictures and stories. Their first lead develops when Kering forbids them to interview the widow of his former assistant.moreless
  • The Award Winner
    The Award Winner
    Episode 25
    A quiet and meek toy packaging designer becomes the center of attention when his book receives an award.
  • Tongues of Angels
    Tongues of Angels
    Episode 24
    A young man looking for work on a family farm indicates that he is deaf and dumb but in fact suffers from a severe stuttering problem.
  • A Dead Ringer
    A Dead Ringer
    Episode 23
    A businessman fed up with his invalid wife's tyrannical behavior finds a solution during a business trip. A man that looks exactly like him might be able to provide the alibi he needs to eliminate his wife.
  • The Fair-Haired Boy
    The Fair-Haired Boy
    Episode 22
    Although favorable results are soon realized with the art director and a young promising public relations man working as a team in a concerted effort to promote the company's films, an animosity develops when the older man is suspected of claiming his partner's ideas.
  • The Lonely Stage
    The Lonely Stage
    Episode 21
    One of the greatest ladies of theater, Harriet Brand decides to make a comeback but is hindered by her past indiscretions.
  • Tide of Corruption
    Tide of Corruption
    Episode 20
    A young Senate investigator, Edward Roberts, begins digging into the racket empire of Mr. Antony. Then Mr. Antony investigates Roberts' background and discovers that at one time Roberts' mother accepted help from a crooked politician. In an attempt to deter the investigation, Antony approaches Roberts with blackmail in mind.
  • Presence of the Enemy
    A religious widow fears that her beautiful and talented daughter may cause unrest and distrust in the small conservative Ohio community when she puts her love of art and career as a singer above the what the townspeople will think.
  • The Laughing Willow
    The Laughing Willow
    Episode 18
    Belinda is one of the popular bachelor girls called on when guest lists are made up for Washington, D.C. parties. But beneath her gaiety, Belinda fears a life of loneliness, for she has frightened away suitors by her eagerness to marry. Then her friend Bunny introduces Belinda to handsome Jack Marshall.moreless
  • Balance of Terror
    Balance of Terror
    Episode 17
    Harry Radcliff, a young British officer, sets out alone on a dangerous secret mission. He is to travel to Berlin and gain the confidence of Soviet agents by pretending to be traitor to England. But Radcliff finds himself in serious trouble when he misses an appointment with an important enemy contact. In desperation, he seeks aid from his friend Mike Fenby of the British Diplomatic Office in Berlin.moreless
  • Trial by Slander
    Trial by Slander
    Episode 16
    A schoolteacher gets in trouble, he's accused of having a romance in his educational dealings with his pupil. He gets trapped in a mess of circumstantial evidence and all Bent River is pretty heated up, including her boyfriend.
  • The Other Place
    The Other Place
    Episode 15
    A Canadian engineer working in England rescues a rich elderly gentleman who changes his life.
  • The Brotherhood of the Bell
    A high government official finds himself bound by his oath of membership to a secret and revolutionary fraternal order seeking complete domination of the world.
  • No Deadly Medicine (Part 2)
    Dr. Joseph Pearson and his young assistant clash over the circumstances of a premature birth and a cancer diagnosis.
  • No Deadly Medicine (Part 1)
    A conflict develops between Dr. Joseph Pearson and his young assistant, who attempts to introduce new methods in their pathology lab.
  • Escape Route
    Escape Route
    Episode 11
    A snobbish College Professor finds implicated in the killing of a Latin-American scholar. He finds himself hunted by a sinister ring of assassins.
  • Please Report Any Odd Characters
    An eccentric old man living at a boardinghouse begins concocting these stories and everyone becomes suspicious when young girls are found dead.
  • Twenty-Four Hours Til Dawn
    An important political prisoner is awaiting execution by the men who have overthrown his country's government. The night before he is to face the firing squad, he is given a choice, if he will give up fighting for his cause, he will be set free.
  • Rockingham Tea Set
  • The Bend in the Road
    An elderly but energetic minister retires and lives with his overly-attentive son and daughter-in-law.
  • Family Protection
  • The Deaf Heart
    The Deaf Heart
    Episode 7
    A girl has lost her hearing through an emotional disturbance. Her subconscious is probed by a team of psychologists who decide to try a daring experiment.
  • Man Under Glass
    Man Under Glass
    Episode 6
  • Act of Mercy
    Act of Mercy
    Episode 6
    A man lays in a coma for over a year as a result of an auto accident. His brother knowing the situation is hopeless, decides to end his existence.
  • Wings of a Dove
    Wings of a Dove
    Episode 5
  • The Morning Face
    The Morning Face
    Episode 5
    A teenage student traps his Latin teacher into a compromise on grades by implying that she has made "advances" at him. Appalled and frightened by the implication that she is an immoral teacher at a private school for boys, she enlists the help of another teacher to help her.
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    Circle of Guilt
    Circle of Guilt
    Episode 4
  • Mutiny on the Shark (Part 2)
    The crew pressured to a breaking point as the drama unfolds when the tension mounts under the Arctic Sea.
  • Rendezvous
    Episode 3
    A retired conductor of an American symphony orchestra and his young composer-protege arrive in France and reunite with a woman the older man knew many years before.
  • Mutiny on the Shark (Part 1)
    Commander Matt Donovan, the skipper of the newly commissioned atomic submarine "Shark" whose ruthless obsession for perfection leads him to expect his men to perform with the same cold precision as the incredible nuclear machine. Donovan has no patience with human frailty and he relentlessly drives his crew to be like himself. Donovan's two young officers Lt. Bill Meade and Lt. Joe Crane are assigned to be the dedicated men working for Donovan. Meade stands in awe of the "Iron Skipper" and dreams of commanding his own sub. Crane, a brilliant engineering officer is more worried about his expectant wife.moreless
  • First Prize for Murder
    At a Mystery Writers of America meeting, a government agent shows up, looking for a best selling author suspected of murder.
  • The Night America Trembled
    The landmark Halloween edition of Orson Welles' weekly radio show created a panic that swept the Nation as the classic tale of a Martian invasion was broadcast to more than 1 million households.
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