Stump the Schwab

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Monday 7:30 PM Jul 23, 2004 on ESPN

Episode Recap

Round 1: Leading Off

A topic is given, with 20 hidden answers. Control goes around the horn first with the three players, and then The Schwab (Who is just playing this round for fun) . Each correct answer is worth one point. If somebody gives an answer not on the list, they give up, or they take too long, they are locked out for the remainder of the question. Three topics are played, and the player with the lowest score at the end is eliminated.


If two contestants are tied at the end of Round 1, Stuart asks a question which answer is a number. The closest to the correct answer goes on to Round 2. If they are tied, then another question is asked.

Round 2: Journey Men

The two contestants remaining are given the identity of a player who has played for various pro teams. The contestants have to put the teams he has played for in order.

Round 3: Who Am I?

The Schwab asks a contestant a clue about an athlete or sports figure. The first clue is worth 7 points, and each subsequent clue is one point less. The contestant can pass when he/she is read the clue. If the contestant answers the question incorrectly, he/she is eliminated from the round, and the other contestant is read all the remaining clues.

Bonus Round (The Big Deal): Topher Turner gets that once in a lifetime chance to Stump the Schwab. Four categories are displayed on a table. The first two questions in a category are worth one point, the next is worth 3 points, and the last is worth 5 points. Point totals for players are proudly displayed by point chips. Starting with the winner, the person chooses a category for the other one to answer. If correct, the person earns the point value for that question, but if wrong, he gets a strike. Three strikes and your out! Each person is allowed to pass one question to their opponent. If the player earns more points than the Scwhab after all questions have been exhausted, or the player makes the Schwab strike out, he wins the week's Grand Prize.
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