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Trying to contact the Schwab

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    How can I contact the Schwab?

    I was at the University at Hartford men's basketballgamehe attended on January 19, 2008. Being a New Yorker I was pleasantly surprised to seehim there and evidently supporting the Hartford Hawks men's team.

    I was sitting in the Albany section tohis left about 4 rows above him and didn't want to bother him, while he was relaxing.

    My son "Will Brown" coaches Albany and I was surprised to hearhim callWill by his first name when addressing a comment towards him fromhis seat. Beinghe's an apparent AE fan and are on first name basis with "Will", I wonder ifhe would mind sending Will's 5 year old son Jackson an autographed photo he can add to his collection of celebrities.

    I am sure thiswill never get tohim but being Will's dad and of course Jackson's grandfather I thought I'd give it a shot.

    I can be reached at wbrown3344@yahoo,com

    Sincerely - William J. Brown

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    his only post
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