Stump the Schwab

Monday 7:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Jul 01, 2004 In Season


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  • Sure, who wouldn't want to see the same person do the same thing all the time?

    There's this guy who works at the network. And he looks up all our stuff for us. Let's have him look and dress like a pubescent teen who doesn't clean his room. And let's have him answer trivia questions against people who have no way of knowing as much stuff as he does.

    It'll be as much fun as crushing ants with a hammer!

    Really. It says a lot that the idea of having its own in-house researcher be the one and only permamenent panelist on a trivia show didn't set off alarm bells in the ESPN concept department the minute this feat of stupidity was written down. Hello, 1950s quiz show scandals, anyone? Conflict of interest? Anybody?... Ah, it's no use.

    Since they will never displace him from the show, what on Earth is the point in the first place?

    Anything more boring and obnoxious than this might actually destroy space and time.