Stump the Schwab

Monday 7:30 PM on ESPN Premiered Jul 01, 2004 In Season


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  • Contestants vie to beat the Sultan of Sports Trivia, the Schwab, as Stuart Scott hosts.

    "Stump the Schwab" is a fantastic show for the same reason any trivia show is: the questions. After all, no matter what gimmick you try to throw onto a trivia show, it always comes down to the quality of the questions. The questions on "Stump the Schwab" are well-written, fair, and show a wide variety of subjects within the sporting world. That having been said, the gimmick used in the show works. The Schwab is an absolutely dominant figure in sports trivia, and just like in anything else, it is fun to watch the greaest perform. This is a fun way to waste a half-an-hour and a great conversation piece to watch with friends.