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Stunts and Chaos

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Stunts and Chaos is a death-defying, action-packed stunt program that will satisfy even the most hardcore adrenaline junkie. Each episode highlights different extreme sports; the cameras are rolling as experienced extreme athletes try to outdo one another while astounding fans and onlookers. Stunts and Chaos also provides basic information about a variety of extreme pursuits, including BASE jumping and blood surfing (surfing in shark-infested waters). Other episodes feature extreme inventions such as personal jet packs, and include viewer-submitted home videos, many of which end in injury and disaster. Stunts and Chaos gives viewers no-holds-barred footage of unbelievable stunts and feats of extreme sports, and does not stop the cameras when the stunts end badly. These are real, dangerous stunts that carry concrete risk, even for the seasoned stunt professional. Those with less experience are strongly encouraged to live vicariously through the daredevils on screen, and not attempt any of the tricks shown on the program.

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