Stupid, Stupid Man

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Stupid, Stupid Man

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This is an Australian show revolving around Carl Van Dyke a middle-aged editor of a men's magazine called COQ (which stands for Chaps Own Quarterly). Wishing he were working at a more respectable magazine, Carl must constantly arbitrate between his male staff who want to express their 'bloke-dom' and a world that is increasingly intolerant of 'laddish' culture. The show won an "Astra Award" in 2009 and has been nominated for three others as well as a Logie Award.

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Season 2 : Episode 8

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  • Not quite what the title suggests but still a pretty good show

    Stupid, Stupid Man centres on the lives of the four men on the editorial team and the women that work with them. Carl Van Dyke (Wayne Hope), is the neurotic Editor who dreams of working in big - time journalism. Nick Driscoll (Matthew Newton), is the Features Writer who is smart and very charming, but lazy and often sleazy. Dave Muir (Bob Franklin), is the self-doubting and listless Advice columnist. Tina Carmody (Sophie Katinis) is the smart and sexy Personal Assistant. Ross Hampton (Chris Leaney) is the shy Copy Boy who has aspirations but still lives with his mum. Anne Cassidy (Leah Vandenberg), is the stylish and successful Publisher who knows more about men she works with, than they know about themselves.

    The show is very character - based which is what 80% of the humour derives from as the plots are rarely entertaining enough. Although the characters are basically stereotypes; thankfully that actors are perfectly suited for their roles and play them so that they emerge as realistic characters.

    Similarities are bound to be made between this show and The Office as it deals with the 9 to 5, water cooler culture but as this is Australian it's a lot less fast - paced and the humour is a lot more down - to - earth and subtle. Even though it's based in a men's magazine with the title being "Coq", the show is surprisingly clean with only occasional sex and language. The acting is consistent but one could believe that the guest stars are often more interesting as the main actors get pretty routine after the first season. Matthew Newton and Chris Leaney suitably ham it up in their roles as Dave and Ross but everyone else keeps it low – key.

    The second season sees the show a lot more daring and self-assured but also sillier to keep up with the Pay - TV trends. Stupid, Stupid Man could be put - down in many ways thanks to its title but it is a very good show and even though it won't go down as a classic Australian series; it will be remembered as genuinely good watch.moreless