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  • Season 3
    • Bloodsucking Bearded Robots
      Daybyday unfolds the awesomely epic tale of the soon-to-be legendary "Beardmaster." Bobbi's Bedroom comes to an end, or a new beginning ... Whatever it is, it's cool. Casey Tuttle finds his inner Kumatay warrior. In the triumphantly exciting conclusion of the "Search for the Golden Bling," MC Outdoorz and DJ Ponce battle Nemesis and discover their inner bling. Captain Gnar Gnar and The So Rad Man get tubed on the North Shore of Oahu and temporarily resurrect the sad existence of the wimpering waterless walrus. And finally, the Two Renegade Cops save the world with sensitivity and "hug it out" with the bloodsucking Nazi space robot otherwise known as the president of the United States. Whew!moreless
    • Stackin' Poodles
      Stackin' Poodles
      Episode 6
      MC Outdoorz narrowly escapes death by Anti-Bling. Tim Hutchins survives another fruit-boot stroll along the boardwalk. Lil' Darrell brings Kentucky flavor to west coast rap. Casey Tuttle shares his wealth of "Street Knowledge." Jovanaté joins forces with the Duffinator to escalate the stunt game to new levels. Bobbi foils a terrorist plot. Pistol-packing poodles pounce on Pele and prevent painful plight. In an epic battle against the Five Diamonds, the Two Renegade Cops lose a tooth and find a pickle.moreless
    • Open Sesame
      Open Sesame
      Episode 5
      MC Outdoorz and DJ Ponce beatbox their way into a secret cave. Casey and Trina do Hollywood. Ryan Flynn and his partner in rhythm crime T-Rock assault quiet neighborhoods with deadly dance moves. A poop inspector named Rupert battles an army of plundering ants. Go "Inside the Stupid Face" and learn intimate secrets about Tim Hutchins. Bobbi and the Betti's get artsy and paint provocative puns. A "Hobo in Space" gets harassed by a hyper-spastic decapitated angel demon. And last but never least the Two Renegade Cops use religious propaganda to narrowly escape death and painfully sad physical separation.moreless
    • I'm No Dummy
      I'm No Dummy
      Episode 4
      An Evil Genius gives MC Outdoorz a new perspective on boulder dashing, and we get an alarming sneak peek into the world of all-female headbutting. Jovanaté engages in a bone-breaking parkour duel while Daybyday's Dave and WIll practice reciting their ABCs and 123s. Animated old school skaters talk smack about blinged out groms with cardboard souls, and Bobbi gets a good laugh out of her "heiny." Go inside the Stupid Face and meet the twistedly talented mind of cartoon slave-driver ZZalgern0n and last but not least, the talented Dr. Mad Vibe (from the historically radical band Fishbone) bakes a cake for the Two Renegade Cops.moreless
    • Scorpion Soup
      Scorpion Soup
      Episode 3
      Exploding eagles, dual Madonna headsets, martian libraries, surf bikes, demonic girlfriends, plaque smackdowns, octopus attacks, time-traveling superheroes, accident-prone armadillos and last but not least Scorpion Soup (with braised peppercorns and coriander).
    • Weirdos!
      Episode 2
      MC Outdoorz begins the "Search for the Golden Bling" ... meanwhile: bros headbutt weirdos, two bums defy death in the LA River, Marf wows Bobbi with magic, and the Renegade Cops narrowly escape love and ... really awful sword wounds.
    • Blessed Be Thy Pig Fat
      Ryan Flynn explores suburban life as a deadbeat dad, and Tim Hutchins gets stood up on his rollerblading date. Bobbi's Bedroom gets a lesson in "talking awesome," and the Renegade Cops face decapitation. Daybyday peddle God-infested pork and fatback bibles. MC Outdoors pimps out his pimples and we celebrate the triumphant return of Captain Gnar Gnar and the So Rad Man as they battle the infamous "Rappin Mugga!"moreless
  • Season 2
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