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Style By Jury

Thursday 9:30 AM on Ion Television Premiered Sep 01, 2011 Between Seasons


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Style By Jury

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Style By Jury is Ion Television's makeover series which tries to help people make the best first impressions they can, with a unique twist. The contestants are brought in front of a jury of their peers and scrutinized, then they go to work with host Brian Turner over a week to take this feedback and give their style a major upgrade.

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AIRED ON 2/6/2007

Season 5 : Episode 116

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  • Help Can't Get This in My Area

    I am not a cable TV subscriber, but watch TV shows on ION, but not ION Life. I saw this show at my daughter's house in Northern Calif and she doesn't have cable either. Why can't I get this in a Metropolitan area like Las Vegas?
  • Help this moma to have new beginning


    I have been a fan for a while. I love what you all do to the clients, giving them a new look on life. I am suffering from empty nest at 62 years young. However, I need Style by Jury to help me. It is my turn now. Can you Please, Please, Please help me. I have a double chin now, teeth needs some work and I need a fresh outlook on life.

    Thanking you in advance,

  • USED to be HAPPY :( So impressed by your work that I would love to be a part of miracle !!!

    My name is Katie Kane, I was always a person you could approach until 5 years ago when I lost the majority of my teeth due to the loss of dental insurance... I have 5 grown kids, 4 boys and one daughter which three of my boys joined the army and over time I stop taking care of my self because of not being able to chew food losing weight from the stress. Over the years my children noticed that I've been so depressed. I have wrinkles that don't end and scaring due to a mountain bike accident!... 2 of my boys got married, one last year and his twin married this past September and I was so embarressed only because my self esteem is so bad I now don't like pictures taken of me! Bottom line I am on a very very low budget and can't afford to have my teeth done, my hair is shoulder length but need a style that contours my long face, and as far as dress code- I never pick out the right clothes.... I love to smile because I've been told my smile is my best feature. I feel as though my kids are embarressed of me because I know I am! I need help and want to be that confident person I used to be! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Katiemoreless
  • changed my life

    I want to thank you for your show, I have had a difficult life a broken marriage, illness that caused me to have to quit a job that I loved, a son with autism and two stepsons in my second marriage that are alcholics and drug addicts and have caused my husband and I an endless amount of problems. To top it all off my family do not like my new husband and have never offered us any support. I sank into deep depression and let myself go. I watched your program and realized that I had to fight back and take care of myself. I have now lost over 70 pounds and have worked with my medical center with counselling, quit smoking. I am now returning to the person I once was. I realized I still have a lot of life yet and I want to live it by being happy with myself I do have a lot of good things in my life too. Keep up the good work.moreless
  • where are they now?

    They need to do a follow up show so we can see who is keeping up there new look and who went back to hell(o)that would be so great............