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Thursday 9:30 AM on Ion Television Premiered Sep 01, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Down by 75lbs still .

    Help me I lost 75lbs but still am ugly frumpy and my last hope in my battle with depression........
  • How fake, how silly and I paid for this stuff

    The show is the a epitome of stupidity. Where did they find Louise Roe, who's fake accent makes me want to vomit. Are they really telling people to wear a good bra? Who doesn't know that or are they really that stupid? I can't believe that this passes for entertainment. Can we have someone that speaks English and doesn't try to be something she isn't? Are we supposed to be learning something from this pablum? I bet this is will last one season. Cancel it now. Save the film. Louises's sidekick is also nauseating.
  • Help Can't Get This in My Area

    I am not a cable TV subscriber, but watch TV shows on ION, but not ION Life. I saw this show at my daughter's house in Northern Calif and she doesn't have cable either. Why can't I get this in a Metropolitan area like Las Vegas?
  • Help this moma to have new beginning


    I have been a fan for a while. I love what you all do to the clients, giving them a new look on life. I am suffering from empty nest at 62 years young. However, I need Style by Jury to help me. It is my turn now. Can you Please, Please, Please help me. I have a double chin now, teeth needs some work and I need a fresh outlook on life.

    Thanking you in advance,

  • USED to be HAPPY :( So impressed by your work that I would love to be a part of miracle !!!

    My name is Katie Kane, I was always a person you could approach until 5 years ago when I lost the majority of my teeth due to the loss of dental insurance... I have 5 grown kids, 4 boys and one daughter which three of my boys joined the army and over time I stop taking care of my self because of not being able to chew food losing weight from the stress. Over the years my children noticed that I've been so depressed. I have wrinkles that don't end and scaring due to a mountain bike accident!... 2 of my boys got married, one last year and his twin married this past September and I was so embarressed only because my self esteem is so bad I now don't like pictures taken of me! Bottom line I am on a very very low budget and can't afford to have my teeth done, my hair is shoulder length but need a style that contours my long face, and as far as dress code- I never pick out the right clothes.... I love to smile because I've been told my smile is my best feature. I feel as though my kids are embarressed of me because I know I am! I need help and want to be that confident person I used to be! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Katie
  • changed my life

    I want to thank you for your show, I have had a difficult life a broken marriage, illness that caused me to have to quit a job that I loved, a son with autism and two stepsons in my second marriage that are alcholics and drug addicts and have caused my husband and I an endless amount of problems. To top it all off my family do not like my new husband and have never offered us any support. I sank into deep depression and let myself go. I watched your program and realized that I had to fight back and take care of myself. I have now lost over 70 pounds and have worked with my medical center with counselling, quit smoking. I am now returning to the person I once was. I realized I still have a lot of life yet and I want to live it by being happy with myself I do have a lot of good things in my life too. Keep up the good work.
  • where are they now?

    They need to do a follow up show so we can see who is keeping up there new look and who went back to hell(o)that would be so great............
  • my favorite contestant on the show.... SAM

    Sam.. if I ever find you.... dinner is on me!! absolutely beautiful!!!
  • No ethnicity

    I also have looked at this show and wondered if any, other ethnic groups will ever be cast to be on the show. it would mix things up a bit, to see your SPECIALIST work on other ethnic people. We all need a lift to feel good about ourselves as well. no matter what race,creed,or color.
  • Why No Ethnicity

    I have watched this show on several occasions and noticed that other ethic groups are never represented on this show. Is there a reason for this? Do you all think black people, or mexicans, or even men have issues regarding there looks? Do they not deserve to be represented too?

    Think about it you may have more viewer if you appeal to everyone instead of just one ethnic group.

  • Amazing Eye Opening Show!

    I seriously would LOVE to be on this show! It completely transforms a person's outward appearance and probably their lives. Most people have no idea how they appear to others and even if they do, appearance isn't always top priority. This can impact every aspect of your life. How people perceive you shows in how they treat you. Hey, if you have confidence, more power to you, but don't be blind (: