Season 2 Episode 8

Black Thai

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 2013 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Wolfe: (talking about the Werner's baby) I'm sorry, but there's no easy way say to this. Opus has the brain development of a six-month-old child.
      Jill: Are you absolutely sure?
      Mr. Wolfe: I'm afraid so.
      Noah: Pryce Cheney Pitkin?
      Mr. Wolfe: Is out, of course. I could suggest a facility that could house the boy. Some place with experience dealing with the special needs of the blindingly average.
      Noah: No, we couldn't do that.
      Jill: I'm not sure how we'll tell him.
      Mr. Wolfe: Sadly, I doubt he'll even understand.
      Noah: I don't care that he's not a genius. He's our beautiful boy and we love him.