Season 2 Episode 12

Body Talk

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 06, 2013 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Really Great Episode!

    This was a really great episode! Tessa was great. Her and Ryan's plot wasn't the funniest, but it really showed how much there is to Ryan and why Tessa loves him. Dallas and Dalia's plot was really interesting, though there were moments where they went too far with it. Dalia was hilarious though with her thinking that the girls were mean to her because she wasn't as tan as them. So funny!
  • I need a little more cynicism in my Suburgatory.

    Suburgatory used to be a glimpse into the ridiculous suburban world of Chatswin while we piggy-backed on George and Tessa's incredulity. Their straight-talking New York cynicism was essential to the show. But this season the writers are trying to transform George and Tessa into Stepford wives, without acknowledging how weird it is. For the last few episode's I've been waiting for the punchline, or at least a, 'we can still be ourselves while living in Chatswin' moment. But instead the writers just put George on the vapid Dallas train and now they keep putting Tessa in her place for her fairly legitimate views. First with the football players girlfriend's in "Chinese Chicken" and now with the show about Ryan's body. It was a shallow, stupid concept. But again, Tessa was in the wrong. Okay, fine, it's a metaphor for how stupid TV rates better than well thought . I don't know. I stopped watching. I like snarky Tessa who was ashamed of herself for kissing Ryan but just couldn't resist his abs. Tessa who talks about Ryan's big heart and apologizes for trying to create something of substance just makes me want to turn the channel.
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