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Wow, it's been a long time since I've written a review, about three months. Anyway, Suburgatory's third season finally premiered after season two ended last April. This episode was pretty depressing. Part two of last season's finale was too, but in a different way.

First off, I'm going to name some things that I disliked but was probably necessary. First of all, we don't get to see Alex at all. She runs off right away. Sure, maybe time has passed, but if so that was not made very clear, as is necessary. Secondly, there was a complete change of mood. And third, there is no reason at all for them to stay in Chatswin, but they still do!

But, once we get beyond that, the episode wasn't really that bad. It was not a very good episode, but it was a necessary one. Also, who in the world decided to change that title sequence?

Now let's look at each of the three main families that now make up the show:

George/Tessa: The main characters. They find a dog and, even though it's not very nice at first, they grow to love it (kind of like in the episode of The Middle that was on right before it). They realize that Chatswin was a mistake, and want to move back into the city. They don't. They decide to stay in Chatswin, but not be like the Chatswinians (or whatever you would call them). This wasn't so great. But, what I did love is what Lisa pointed out to Tessa, how she runs off too. Character development! Tessa is like her mom (huge gasp)! Other than that though, this kind of sucked. (And Lisa dissed SUNY Purchase, which is one of the two top colleges I'm thinking about!) Also, the moment at the end with the dog was so sweet, especially when you have a dog.

Dallas/Dalia: The complete other end of the spectrum. Dallas wasn't too bad in this episode, but Dalia was pretty awful. The whole twerking and everything about it was the dumbest plot perhaps that this show has ever done, and there were some pretty dumb plots last season. I have confidence though that Dalia will improve during the upcoming episodes and become once again the Dalia that we both hate and love.

Sheila/Fred/Lisa: The much-desired, good-old-fashioned humor. Thank God for the Shays in this episode. Sheila's insanity, Fred calmness about it, and poor Lisa whose parents do not seem to care about her made this episode as great as it was, even though it wasn't. Sheila's tranq gun shooting made the episode, and Lisa's lying-odor was also very funny (and also very random. Yes, this is Suburgatory!) The contrast of characters in this family just makes this show so great. Although, Ryan is missed. The Shays need their loveable, popular, dumb-ass. Maybe when Enlisted gets canceled he can get kicked out of college? Probably not. Well, at least we have the rest of Chatswin to rely on for the complete and utter dumbness we Suburgatory fans oh-so desperately crave.

Overall, not the greatest episode. But, I do have at least somewhat high hopes for the rest of season three.


Fred, where's my tranq gun?

Fred: It's called empty nest syndrome.
Lisa: Right...except the nest isn't technically empty.

Sheila: I am a licensed real estate agent, I do what I please.


What are your thoughts on "No Me Gusta, Mami"? What are your thoughts/hopes for the rest of season three?

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Jan 18, 2014
The layers attempting to twerk were awkwardly funny.
Jan 18, 2014
Jan 16, 2014
Great work here. I just promoted it to the homepage!

I did have to change your main image. Please check out this how-to post on how to make those to prevent staff from changing them.
Jan 16, 2014
I don't like the new titles.
Episode was a bit short on humor, but I suppose the fact that they are restructuring the show (because of cast members leaving etc.) it was necessary.
Lisa was MVP of the episode for me.

Thanks for the review
Jan 16, 2014
I agree there wasn't a lot of 'fun' in this episode, although the Shays did make things lighter once in a while. I am glad they finally adressed Tessa is running from things as well.

I especially liked the ending and although I am almost sick of the song 'royals', it fit very well. It was kind of a reset, but not quite. I am however curious what they will do after season 3 since Tessa and Lisa are supposed to go to college, not sure how that will work. Oh and contrary to what you said, I did like Dalia's twerking class. So even if this was obviously only an introductory episode that set things up for the rest of the season, it wasn't horrible. I'd go with a 6/10

PS: Thank you so much for this review, I really miss that on tv.com!
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