Season 1 Episode 17

Independence Day

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Mar 14, 2012 on ABC

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  • Independence day

    I like this episode, it was quite fun. It was a nice touch to sort of start the story arc of George's ex and to get Tessa's early reaction to her mother. This might provide good material for future seasons. Dalia continues to be vapid as usual and its funny but I kind of think they missed a chance for her to show that she is human after all with that txt at the end. I think she should have had a brief moment of humanity not just straight off robot after she passed her mom's face for the hug.

    Finally, and before I say this I gotta point out that I'm black and I love it when sistas get screen time but, did anyone find it strange that ALL of Dallas' Sorority sisters were black? I am not complaining, God no, I'm just intrigued. What school did she go to and why did it look like all her old college friends were black yet in her adult phase she has none, or atleast none we know of as yet?
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