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  • Top Shows - Quirky, plastic yet quite aware of it

    Updated except recent ep, S1 again (11-14)
  • Great show!

    My husband and I love this show. Its funny, the cast is great and feels like a breath of fresh air from every other show. Very original.
  • Great role model!

    I think this show is very important for young girls. Tessa is aery believable character with a bit of tongue and cheek. Nice to see a strong, young female :). I love to poke fun at the burbs as much as the next person , but it goes a bit too far sometimes.

  • Please .....

    someone tell Allie Grant [Lisa Shay] to stop over-acting ..... an over the top facial expression is not necessary everytime she's on screen .... I realize that she has lost a bunch of weight so perhaps her teeth are now too big for her mouth .... but seriously .... tone down the facial expressions .... please.

    And have Dalia in every episode .... she's the best.
  • Not understood...

    I read these comments, and I believe a lot of you don't understand satire. Sending up society by the use of the sublime is hard to pull off consistently. The show doesn't always hit the mark perfectly, but it's better than other silliness like The Neighbors.

    This characters in this show are so out of Dalia's role is so silly, her dialogues and the way she talks. what\s up with that? I find the show sometimes silly to watch.. I wonder why people find it so entertaining?? I prefer to watch "THE MIDDLE" which is closer to reality and the average family unlike the porcelain people in Chatswin!!
  • I wish more people watched.

    This is such a hilariously- witty show. Awesome writing! Incredible actors!
  • starting from 2-12

    so, how stupid is george going to be, before he can be a bit smat again? and if anyone believe that she is anywhere under 25 is a jerk

  • Once a good show; it has now slipped badly

    Cheryl Hines is totally wasted here. She is so talented, pretty and funny, and they have dressed her up like a crazy person with the personality of a halfwit and very second-rate jokes. What a waste!

    Watching Cheryl Hines in this ridiculous role is symbolic of the whole show in a way: an amusing set up, a talented cast and endearing characters -- all of which have slowly morphed into . . . into I don't know what! Something cringe-worthy and not funny.

    Jane Levy is awesome though, full stop.
  • Loved it!

    What a great episode! I do wish they would utilize Cheryl Hines more, but I think she's hilarious as Dallas, and plays well of George. I work at DISH and had my coworkers over to watch "T-Ball and Sympathy", and they all really enjoyed it, too. When I watch in a group like that, I tend to miss a few things, so I'm going to re-watch it tonight after work. My DISH Hopper recorded everything that aired during primetime last night on the four major networks, so it'll be waiting on my DVR when I get home!
  • A Family Favorite!!

    We love to laugh with this show. Thanks for all the crazy off the wall things you do each week. The cast is great. Crazy Lisa and Sheila Shay are appreciated and Tessa finally got to act in the wisdom tooth episode and did an awesome job. The family favorite is Cheryl but my favorite is Noah. Everyone adds something special to the show. Thanks for the laughs!
  • Funny

    The reason i'm giving it a 9 is because while yes its a funny show but i don't see how this beats Big Bang Theory
  • MORE Allie Grant!!!

    Absolutely brilliant show!! Im very fussy about tv and although the main character is 20yrs younger than me, I LOVE it and cant wait for the following weeks episode. Allie Grant is by far the funniest character of the show and she is a fantastic comedy actor. Her facial expressions and the way she carries herself are PRICELESS! Please let there be more of her character Lisa and then a future show where she is the lead!!
  • Great show

    Original. Great cast. But it does get alittle weird every once in awhile.

    We love this show! Original, expertly cast, smart, repeat..........
  • Alicia Silverstone needs to go

    Alicia Silverstone needs to go. Her character is nails-on-the-chalkboard annoying and she is an awful actress. She peaked 17 years ago.
  • I love it

    I'm EXTREMLY picky about the shows I watch. But this one won me over hard. I like almost everythng about it. I have a problem with the best friend Lisa who looks like she is seeing the devil but other than that, this is television gold, hope it will stay with us for a long time to come.
  • Surprisingly Great

    This show gets more hilarious with each episode. It's fresh and unique. This is the way satire needs to be done, with lots of comedy, and it keeps the drama to small doses with not so many crazy and ridiculous plot twists (like Desperate Housewives for example). If you don't love the 1st episode keep going, trust me, it gets better and better and finds its stride. I'm glad I discovered it. You fall in love with the characters more with each episode and none of them are one dimensional. Will definitely be watching S2.
  • amazing

    this show was so much better then i thought it would be its funny and bright...
  • Waste of Time

    Can't believe I sat and watched this show. It is such a bore this show, no logic, no sense, not funny, no engaging characters..nothing really. Would be surprised if this show lasted for longer than one season.
  • Very refreshing and very funny

    Okay, in all fairness, I was about to award the full 10 points, but that wouldn't be fair to the other great shows out there, so I settled for 8,5. In the comedy genre, it's certainly worth a 9 though.

    I don't remember exactly why I started watching this show, but I am so glad I did! Jane Levy is extremely funny and Cheryl Hines... can't go wrong there.

    I wondered how on earth Suburgatory would continue to entertain me after the first - rather sterotypical- episode, because I was sure the characters would be too flat for further interesting stories. Let me assure you, they are not. I don't know how the writers manage it, but it's still quirky (not in a 'new girl' kinda way) en original. I like this show a lot. I just hope they don't drag it out, because I do believe the concept is limited. Overdoing it would ruin the show, honestly.

    One tip: if you did not like episode 1, seriously try episode 2 because it is very funny. Penguins and all.
  • I'd love anything with Cheryl Hines in it, but Suburgatory has won me over on its own merits.


    Suburgatory is a fledgling series based around the differences between city and suburban life. While that doesn't sound like the most interesting premise, Suburgatory really is a fantastic show.

    A lot of this is due to the efforts of the writers, with the pace of conversations kept quick, and the characterization clearly thought out.

    The cast defiantly does its bit as well, with the relationship between parents and their children being a major feature of the show. Because of this the banter between the main character Tessa and her father George (played by Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto) is a main feature of the show, and rightly so! Add to this the antics of mother daughter duo Dallas and Dalia (played by Cheryl Hines and Carly Chaikin) and you have all the ingredients for a genuinely funny, entertaining comedy which I see as having a bright future ahead of it.

  • Funny show


    They do a great job with distorting the suburbs. It's funny at some parts , while some is more cheesy. It's mainly about a Teenage girl and her Father move from New York City to the Suburbs. I enjoy watching this show every week and never miss a episode.

  • It's Mean Girls, but at the same time...not?


    I have to be honest, this show flew well under the radar for me. That being said, I turned on the pilot last night and watched the series straight through. I laughed from miniskirts to mom jeans.

    On the surface, Suburgatory is a carbon copy of the Queen Bees and Wannabes/Mean Girls franchise. That's the first thing I thought when I heard the narrative of our red-headed hero, Tessa. Thankfully, the show is much more than that.

    The story follows a single father who has raised his daughter under the bright lights of the Big Apple. He quickly realizes that he is in over his head when he finds a box of condoms in his daughters dresser drawer and shortly thereafter, Tessa is smack dab in the middle of Suburgatory. Don't worry, that's the first minute of the show :P

    When you get into it, Suburgatory is simply about living in suburbia and the culture shock that goes along with it. It is as much about Tessa's interaction with her dad and at school as it is about her fathers interactions with the community. There is nothing wholly original about this series. It seems like a mash-up of several different comedies and it's still too early to know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. For now, I am along for the ride and loving every minute of it.

  • It's like they put Daria into Mean Girls. Where can the show possibly take these characters after the Pilot?


    Where can this show possibly go? We've just seen it all. We're not supposed to want Tessa to change into a burbs girl, but the town isn't going to change to support her more realistic teenage attitude. So where is her character development going? Probably not far - if anything the town is going to make her more rebellious. The dad is a single stud and all the plastic moms want to take a ride; are we actually going to see that? Please, no. End of that storyline. Is Tessa going tomake friends with the homely neighbor girl so they can be non-plastic outcasts together? Notexactly original.

    Our lead girl is trying to be Emma Stone in Easy A and the whole scenario feels like they put Daria into Mean Girls. It's cliche and not funny; two failures for Comedy Wednesday.

  • This is a great show. There's more that meets the eye when it comes to Suburgatory.


    Marketing-wise, this show can do better.

    However, this show is funny, clever, and has wonderful characters and original least, it's seen through the eyes of a new character.

    The first episode could have been done but the second episode has saved it. Suburgatory is more than just a seasoned New Yorker getting a culture shock in a suburb but it's really about the closer relationship between a daughter and her father.

    The episode are quite funny though I have yet to laugh out loud.

    Also, the musical score fits the show completely.

    Though, this show has yet to catch the attention like Modern Family (which is probably the same reason why The Middle, Cougar Town, and Happy Endings are still around), they are trying to make this show a great one that still stands out and for that, I commend them for that.

    Is this show my favorite? It has a chance but right now, it's nice watching the first few episodes and you should check it out yourself as well.

  • If u got stuck on mean girls .. then tune this in.


    Alright clearly the plot is just as many teenage moves into new neighborhood and bumps into plastics.. but more famous of course the mean girls.... not to count the 2nd part.

    So sum girl gets caught with condoms, being responsible and its being punished? by taking her to a bored, plastic, gossiped town? well sucks to be her.

    Obviously my predictions are, she is gonna hate the plastic/popular girls, gonna make friends with the non popular or ugly or fat or the left out and then she is gonna try to make life hard to the plastics and then shes gonna become one of them and turn her back on her friends....

  • Fun show...slightly better than most sit coms.


    Nothing here worth raving about, but yes it was fun to watch for the most part. People who were fond of 'Ugly Betty' should enjoy this one, it featured the same level and type of humor as that now defunct show. I think I detected a hint of 'Desperate Housewives' in the overall style and tone of 'Suburgatory' also. You can make your occasional bathroom break or raid the refrigerator without thinking you've missed anything important. 'Suburgatory' is just slightly above the type of network sitcom that I've come to think of as white noise, and I admit I'll be surprised if this show lasts more than one season.