Season 2 Episode 22

Stray Dogs

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 17, 2013 on ABC

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  • Falling from a diamond chandelier = Funny & Sad, Beautifully Done

    The last few episodes have really picked up their was real, then it was sincerely, laugh out loud funny. Not many can temper those waters so gracefully in a 20-minute time frame.
  • Best season finale ever!

    I just discovered this show. I've only seen the last 5 episodes but I am hooked. Yes, the season finale was sad but it was also quietly funny and heartfelt. it made me want to cry for everybody on the show, even Dalia. I've read several reviews on sites complaining about how sad the episode was but it also really made me want to see what happens next. How are Dallas and George going to come back from this? How are Tessa and George going to find their way back to each other? Questions I cannot wait to see answered.
  • Suburgatory's second season finale: Part Two

    Part Two: The second half-hour contained almost no humor. It was very serious. There was some humor in Lisa's plot, which I loved, and when Tessa was living in the bathroom, but other than that this was a serious episode. I have no idea what things will be like next season, but a season three episode will definately stand out from a season one or two episode. George and Dallas's break-up came completely out of nowhere and that, I hated. What I really liked is how this episode closed wth "Pleasant Nightmare", like the season premire did. If this show is back for a third season, it will be strange. The question is: Is strange good?
  • So sad

    Very interesting but sad episode... I feel so bad for Tessa, but more for fed up with this mother thing, she hasnt been never for Tessa, and now she is the good one? I love the goodbye with Ryan, I will miss him, he is so cute and I like that "old" Tessa is back!
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