Suddenly Susan - Season 3

NBC (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • A Day in the Life
    A Day in the Life
    Episode 23
    Needing to find Todd on his day off to correct a concert ticket mix-up, Susan tries to track him down, and random people give her glimpses into what kind of a person he is. After he fails to arrive at the concert, the gang receives some devastating news.
  • Bowled Over
    Bowled Over
    Episode 22
    Susan's plan to cheer up Vicki by having her join she and Zach at a Warren Zevon contert backfires; Jack bets a rival in a bowling match between The Gate and a competing paper
  • The First Picture Show
    Susan offers to buy a photo of Luis' at his first gallery show, not realizing how pricey it is; Todd disapproves of his sister dating Jack
  • In This Corner ... Susan Keane! (2)
    After the disastrous debate with Hollywood Hogan, Susan decides to fight back with a sleazy TV campaign. Meanwhile, Hogan infiltrates Susan's camp—by hitting on Vicki.
  • In This Corner ... Susan Keane! (1)
    Hollywood Hulk Hogan is a shoo-in for city supervisor after the sudden death of the incumbent—that is, until Susan weighs the option of squaring off with him. She has already attacked him in The Gate, and when he calls her out, she rises to the challenge, and the grudge match is on.moreless
  • Revenge of the Gophers
    A former classmate of Susan's reunites, and admits she's seeking revenge against Maddy; Luis is worried that Vicki isn't confronting her grief over Ben's death, while Jack is worried that he's already older than Ben was
  • The Song Remains Insane
    Todd hopes Susan dating a record producer will yield his big break into the music industry; Vicki stumbles onto Maddy and Luis' secret
  • Ben Rubenstein, Meet Joe Black
    Vicki's wracked with guilt after Ben dies during sex, but Todd and Susan hope to show it wasn't her fault; Maddy and Luis keep up their clandestine affair; Ed McMahon looks for a sweepstakes winner
  • Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut
    Seeing Jack with an old girlfriend at a journalism conference makes Susan flirt, hoping to make him jealous; Maddy, unable to drink or smoke, gets Luis to help her with her stress level; Todd and Vicki each have their own plans for The Gate office in Jack's absence
  • One Man's Intervention is Another Man's Tupperware Party
    The Gate staff stage an intervention for Maddy after she drinks heavily again; Todd's psyched to be the only guy at a Tupperware party; Vicki, who hopes to borrow it, helps Susan go car shopping
  • On a Clear Day You Can Hear Forever
    A near-accident caused by poor hearing makes Nana feel old; Jack starts engaging in dangerous sports; jealousy over Maddy's assistant prompts Luis and Vicki to hire one, but he doesn't provide much asistance at all; Todd becomes a street mime
  • Wedding-Bell Blues
    Wedding-Bell Blues
    Episode 12
    Susan smells a rat when Luis returns from a Las Vegas vacation with a Honduran wife; Vicki regrets being allowed to take Maddy's cancelled appointment with a famous stylist; Todd's first assignment as a youth mentor is with a 35-year-old man
  • Merry Ex-Mas
    Merry Ex-Mas
    Episode 11
    Susan hopes to repair her relationship with Jack, and seeks Luis' help; food allergies hamper Maddy's plan to wear an expensive dress once and return it; Todd's date with a cantor may ruin the filming of her Vicki has arranged
  • The Apartment Hunt
    The Apartment Hunt
    Episode 10
    Jack seems less than enthusiastic about searching for an apartment with Susan; Todd and Vicki do all they can to curry favor with Mrs. Fong, each hoping to be able to take Susan's old place; Luis agrees to photograph Maddy, but has trouble getting a good picture
  • The Thanksgiving Episode
    Susan attends Thanksgiving with Jack's family, where he stirs the waters with his plans for the future; Vicki and Ben serve a charity dinner to the homeless
  • Trash-Test Dummies
    Trash-Test Dummies
    Episode 8
    Looking forward to their first weekend away together, Jack and Susan get stuck babysitting for his scuzzy cousin's kids; Luis (and everybody else) hangs out at Susan's place, awaiting delivery of her new mattress
  • Seems Like Old Times
    Following a minor tremor The Gate staff rescue Lily, a survior of the 1906 earthquake, from a stuck elevator, and she shares the story of her adventure that day.
  • War Games
    War Games
    Episode 6
    A poor performance together at a friendly game night sends Jack and Susan to a therapist, where they discover they're not the only employees of The Gate in need of council; Nana and Luis are accosted by a robber
  • A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Susan's Party
    No one can figure out Susan's costume for her Halloween party, and she's livid when Jack misses it and seems to be lying as to why; Luis doesn't care for Todd's new girlfriend—a witch
  • Sleeping With the Enemy
    Susan has secrets exposed when Gate staffers attend her old junior high's Career Day; Todd looks for a good darts partner; Vicki discovers marriage has made her more attractive to men
  • Don't Tell
    Don't Tell
    Episode 3
    Susan concocts a story about sleeping with her dentist to throw Vicki off the truth; Todd and Maddy wager over an IQ test; Luis fetes five years at The Gate.
  • Feels Like the First Time
    Jack and Susan's first time together isn't what they'd hoped; Luis accidentally prevents Todd from living a childhood fantasy; Vicki's irked that Maddy never gave her a wedding present
  • Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Some of These Do It
    Weather interferes with Vicki and Ben's honeymoon, while Todd hampers Jack and Susan's love connection; Maddy tries to tempt Luis with sexy outfits